Specifications of the new Ricoh Digital GR camera


Ricoh GR4

Update: additional specifications are available here.

The signs for a new Ricoh GR camera has been out for few months: Ricoh has recently filed patents for several new lenses designed for APS-C cameras and the GR Digital IV has been listed as discontinued for a while. Here are the latest specifications of the soon to be released new Ricoh Digital GR compact digital camera with a fixed 28mm f/2.8 lens and 16MP APS-C sensor (Google translation):

  • The name of the new camera is GR and not GRV.
  • 16 MP sensor APS-C size. The same sensor is used in the K-5II DSLR camera.
  • New 28mm f/2.8 GR lens without any type of image stabilization.
  • AF speed is much faster than the Nikon Coolpix A, slightly inferior to the X100S.
  • The new GR will have almost the same size as Ricoh GR1, body size has been scaled up slightly from the GR Digital IV, it is lighter than Coolpix A.
  • New Fn button has been added.
  • Announcement in late April, release in mid-May.
  • Price around $1000.

Via digicame-info

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  • sasa208

    This is promising to be a nice camera. But 1000$ is way to much. Unlike the Merrill camera’s which have an incredible Foveon sensor, this wil just have a normal Bayer type sensor. A 500 dollar price tag seems better.

    • Funny

      • sasa208

        not really

        • casuabon

          The additional $500 will pay for the privilege of not having to deal with the DPM’s AF speed, user interface, slick-brick body, or proprietary raw software. A bargain, I’d say.

          • RzingHeart

            Agree. I will add the long storage time(11s for each photo when using a very fast card), slow burst rate, unusable jpg file and mediocre high iso performance. DPM is a great and unique camera. You get unbelievable image quality at the cost of degradation in other aspects.

          • sasa208

            U never used a DPM. The AF speed is fine, the user interface is great, the body is slick indeed and yes, the raw software sucks. A bargain it is for sure.

          • LMAO. Comparing a 75mm equivalent to a 28mm camera

          • TK

            sorry but i have to add: dp1m is 28mm equivalent…

          • TK

            Sorry but I would like to say that the DP1M is 28mm equivalent…

    • Same sensor as in the $1199 Pentax K-5 II body, so how do you figure $500 with a lens?

      • It will also be the smallest camera with an APS-C sensor that can fit in you pants pocket. Even the 2 year old GRD 4 is selling for $600.

        • intergalactic_turkey

          Currently it says lighter than Coolpix A, but not smaller.

          • Who made that comparison ? A Ricoh GR1s/v easily fits in jeans pocket and it has a grip.

      • sasa208

        The Pentax k5 body is roughly 650 bucks. Indeed, without a lens but it is a dslr, this is a compact with a fixed lens. 600 would still be a good price I think, but not a 1000.

        • What’s the price of the Sigma DP3 ? $1000
          What’s the price of the Nikon A ? $1100
          What’s the price of the Leica X2 ? $2000

          If it’s too expensive don’t buy it but why don’t you wait for the official price to be released first.

          • sasa208

            The Nikon A and LeicaX2 have ridiculous prices.
            For Sigma see my earlier comment.
            But you are right, first wait and see.

    • fjfjjj

      I agree. The Foveon sensor lacks credibility. Also, plain old Bayer sensors used in PhaseONE etc. are just silly poopy!

  • Awesome

  • In about 5 minutes there will complaints of…. “Why doesn’t it have a 40mm lens”, “Why doesn’t it have a viewfinder”, “Why doesn’t it have an articulating screen”… BLAH, BLAH, BLAH

    • Anon

      Uh, yeah. The original film GR had a nice little viewfinder and was still tiny enough to fit in your pocket. With a fixed lens, it makes sense to offer an OVF with data overlay like the X20.

      With a 28mm equiv lens, the DOF equivelancy to FF on APS-C will be very close, meaning we finally have a digital GR worthy of the name. Too bad they didn’t go all the way and give us the OVF.

      • You really know nothing about the camera do you ? There is no space in a camera this small for a viewfinder. I own a Ricoh GR1s(film) and the viewfinder is so small it’s just about useless.

  • OB

    Ricoh GR1 117mm x 61mm x 26,5mm (Grip: 34mm)

    Nikon Coolpix A Height: 2.6in. (64.3mm) Width: 4.4in. (111mm) Depth: 1.6in. (40.3mm)

  • Is that lens 28mm, or 28mm at 35mm equivalence?

  • I’ve been shooting with the Nikon “A” for a couple of weeks and I’ve been calling it a GRD on steroids. A couple things I prefer to the Ricoh interface, a couple of things I’d rather have the Ricoh approach to. If the new Ricoh is better on balance, wonderful! And if its not, the Nikon is already…. wonderful!

    I think about the $1000 price point seems to be about right for a good APS sensor camera like this and its just slightly lower than the Nikon.

    This seems like a no-lose proposition. The Nikon is already out there and is great. So we either get something better or we’re stuck with great! Nice choices…

    • Anon

      I was thinking the same. Nikon really beat Ricoh to the punch here and may have trumped them with no AA filter.

      I was hoping Ricoh would pull out all the stops and give us the GR viewfinder and no AA but I guess not this time. Still, should be a pocket rocket!

      • Tim

        I would be very surprised should Ricoh release the camera with an AA filter. As far as I know every APS-C camera they have released so far has been without filter. There probably won’t be a built in viewfinder though. An updated clip on perhaps?

  • pavel

    no IS? no buy 🙁

    • So…….you didn’t own any camera before IS came out ?

  • Very FAST, small and light. A bit smaller than Coolpix A. I’ve tried already.
    The name is GR.

  • Mark Sperry

    I hope they also bring back the GR21! That was, is a camera I’ve always lusted after.

    • xc1427

      maybe an extra lens will be provided to give a 21mm fov as they always did before. I know it is chunky. But it is a solution.

  • aekn

    So, only Canon (with the G1 X) has managed to fit a (near) APS sized sensor into a reasonably compact body with a sensible zoom? Why am I the only one who sees this as the real way to go?

    • xc1427

      because a combo like NEX + pancake zoom can beat G1X. It is the same size if not smaller. It delivers much better image quality. And you can change lenses of course.

      • madmax

        But a lot of people don´t like interchangeable lenses. Also, they don´t want to be worried about dusty sensors. This is the point.

        I´d also like to see more high end zoom compacts with brighter lenses and decent wide angle reach.

      • aekn

        Look at the images produced from the G1 X. They rival the 5DII with a 24-105L lens. You can’t say that about the NEX. The built-in zoom lens of the G1 X is of exceptional quality. If I want to change lenses, I’ll get a DSLR with a viewfinder, with no hesitation.

  • What happened to GR ENGINE? Will be there a new GR engine ? or uses pentax technology?

  • Carlos

    Several lens patents and in the end the same as always..i sure hope those other focal lenghts see the light of day on a ricoh camera someday…

  • Johnny No Cash Da 3rd

    Very happy to see this…been waiting a long time. 🙂

  • looks good.. i just bought a omd and 14mm… i guess i’ll just have to wait when this comes out and resell. this was the camera i originally wanted for street, but i thought it was supposed to be released in sept.. i guess coolpix A made ricoh speed things up a bit. I think the price won’t stay at $1000 though, maybe settle around 800-900

  • You had me at Ricoh.

  • hj823

    Just sent in my GRD III for repair. Will be keeping it for a long long time.

  • Aaron Choi

    i thought the price was 800$..(from the before rumor annoucement) hmm.. i was just about to buy x100s but i guess i would have to wait just a bit to see.

  • Marc

    There was a short promotional video on the pentax youtube channel today. Prematurely apparently, they put it on private.

    • Did anybody downloaded it? Or took screenshots?

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