PMA announcements are over, Panasonic and Pentax are next

2010 PMA show is over (see detailed report here). A lot of point and shoot cameras were released and almost nothing in the DSLR area. The stars of show, in my opinion, were the "three S":

What's next? Panasonic and Pentax:

Panasonic is expected to announce two new Lumix cameras around March 7-10, 2010:

No specs are available at that point.

Pentax is expected to announce their medium format 645D camera during the CP+ Camera and Imaging Show in Japan (March 11th-14th, 2010). This is how the teaser looks today (it is set to gradually show more details of the camera):

I did not include Olympus with their latest Fourt Thirds countdown on that list, because they removed their website ( The countdown was set to expire on February 28th, 2010 and is probably about a new website rather than a new product.

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  • Mister Le

    645 d can’t wait should be good.

    • SZRimaging


      Making me think hard about investing more in Nikon gear….

  • Eric

    What a seriously awful PMA. Exactly one interesting camera was released (TL500) and Sigma had a few interesting lenses…and that’s it.

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