Leaf entry-level Aptus-II 5 digital back now official

UPDATES: link to datasheet and camera compatability. The new product is now also on Leaf's website:


This was reported as a rumor few days ago, now it's official:

"The Aptus II 5 sports a 48x36mm sensor, and offers an ISO range of 25-400. It is available in four mounts, allowing the back to be used with Hasselblad H and V cameras, Contax 645 and Mamiya/Phase One's 645 bodies. The entry-level back retails at £5995 +VAT."


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  • NikonRocks

    I still see that the PhotoRumors admin still hasn’t posted anything about the new Nikon D3s. Figures. Get it together.

    • Dude, I am the admin of NikonRumors.com, I brought the Nikon D3s rumor to you 🙂
      Phortorumors.com is suppose to captures all other rumors that are not Nikon or Leica related- I have separate sites for them. Just look at the top menu – do you see any similarities with NikonRumors?


      • NikonRocks

        IDK.. Interstate….

  • John

    It really would be a nice thing to mention the pixel count on these rumors / news.

  • Lyr

    So it was as expected the Dalsa 22Mp sensor, already used in Mamiya Zd, Phase One P25, P25+ and so many other ones. Good idea, best quality/price ratio, especially since it’s research investment at Dalsa must have been dampened a long time ago 😉

  • fmertz

    “Entry Level”!
    You just gotta love the arrogant rich.
    Entry level for whom? A lesser Saudi Prince? A former billionaire who now sadly only has millions? Someone who can only afford the cheapest Rolls?
    I look forward to the day these companies go bankrupt as a result of their greed and arrogance. And that day is coming.

    • a little knowledge

      “Entry level for whom?” The answer is pro photographers. The ones who could amortize a $9000 investment but not the $20,000 – $40,000 these once cost. Looks like a good move to me.

      • Fabio27

        Pity it’s a bit late. For that money one can buy a Canon 5DII, and have money for a few lenses, including some tilt-shift lenses that can do things no Mamiya lens at the moment can do. Or a couple of Sony A850s and lenses. And I think the small studio productivity would not be inferior.

    • Adam

      swt, emo much? Or someone is sad they cant own a Medium Format.

      Here’s the deal, medium format is not for everyone and its for a small market. And as how APS-C will forever beat 4/3rds and how FF will forever beat APS-C, a Medium Format will forever beat FF regardless of the megapixels and all of this is due to the sensor size.

      If you cant have it, instead of whining about its price, just ignore it. Works for me all these years.

  • fmertz

    Why is it that amateur photographers think professional photographers earn gobs of money? The best and most expensive equipment is almost always in the hands of rich amateurs. The pros can’t afford it.

    • Lyr

      I’d say otherwise: a pro knows what he needs, knows how much money he can make with, so a pro choose the optimum equipment according to that. The amateur just wanna have as much as possible, without any rentability in mind.

      On another note: I’ve noticed that they don’t propose the deal with the Phase One DF and 80mm 2.8 leaf shutter lens at a nice price. Sad.

    • Adam

      erm not really, I know many pros and they are rich enough to own these equipments.

  • Chris

    Sounds like a great deal to me!

    I believe some people seem to forget that a lot of photographers who have been in the business for many years, especially studio-based, already have complete medium format systems – Hasselblad V’s, Fuji GX680’s, etc. They already have the money invested, with lenses, bodies, etc. These are already paid for.

    The ability to buy a digital back for such a low price will make most consider twice about switching over to 35mm … a lot of it is comfort level with their current/previous systems, the fact that the lenses are STELLAR, and takes into consideration things such as DOF and sharpness (don’t forget there is probably no AA filter to kill the clarity). If you’ve ever shot with a digital back before (I currently use a P21 with both a Mamiya 67 II D and a Fuji GX680), even a 16MP back has mind blowing resolution and a completely different look to anything else.

    That’s the target market – they want to prevent these pro’s who have been around awhile to jumping to a 35mm format. Great idea and great price!

    • Adam

      yup, I definitely agree with what you say.

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