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Samsung NX100 spotted in the wild?

This is reportedly a picture of the new Samsung NX100 that was captured during a commercial shot: Source

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Rumor: Sony A560 was shown at the Sony Expo Wonder 2010 in Jakarta

I received a tip that the new Sony A560 camera was shown on the Sony Expo Wonder 2010 (Jakarta, July 30). I will have some pictures soon.

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Canon 60D listing shows up on DXO

Canon 60D appeared on a DXO listing today:

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Canon EVIL concept

This Canon EVIL camera concept was designed by Idan Shechter of DigitalPhotographyWriter. This rendering is just an artist’s view of the camera and is not linked to Canon in any way. The latest comments from Canon indicated that they are still not ready to completely drop the mirror and are trying to create a “small SLR” camera.

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Four new Sony cameras rumored: A33, A55, A560, A580

Details about four new APS-C based cameras from Sony have surfaced online: A55 16MP 10FPS EVF-1.44M 1.1X magnification 95% AVCHD full HD A33 14MP 7FPS EVF-1.44M 1.1X magnification 95% AVCHD full HD A560 14MP 7FPS MF recording AVCHD full HD A580 16MP 7FPS MF recording AVCHD full HD Announcement is expected in August, in stock […]

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Samsung: new Wi-Fi camera and a pocket camcorder

This picture from yesterday was indeed of Samsung’s new pocket camcorder – the HMX-E10 which is now officially announced.

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The Impossible Project will bring the color back to Polaroid cameras

Tomorrow the Impossible Project is expected to announce a new color instant film for Polaroid SX 70 cameras (price: £34). Earlier this year the company announced their black and white PX 600 Silver Shade Instant film. Via AP

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Panasonic makes a 3D move

Panasonic officially announced their 3D camcorder HDC-SDT750. It will cost $1400 and it will be available in October. Panasonic also announced plans for interchangeable 3D lens for Micro Four Thirds which should be available by the end of the year:

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