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PhotoRumors is moving to a new server

If you can read this post, you have reached the new dedicated server. I do not expect any interruptions during the transfer, since I will leave the old server online for few days until all ISP propagate the DNS changes and update their routers. I have prepared several new posts and will publish them online […]

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Sony AF LA-EA1 adapter and new NEX firmware

Few days ago Sony released a new firmware for their NEX line of products. Initially, I did not pay attention to any of the details, until I saw this post on PetaPixel: with the LA-EA1 adapter, Sony NEX cameras can now autofocus with A-mount lenses and the AF process can take anywhere from 2 to […]

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Sony viewfinder patent shows new camera design

Patent Application 20100259666 from Sony is about a transmissive liquid crystal panel that could be implemented in the optical finder and can provide superimposed indication of various parameters, such as AF area: The patent includes also diagrams of what appears to be a Sony camera body:

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PL lens adapter for Canon cameras

With the growing interest of filmmakers for DSLR based equipment, Zunow announced a new adapter that will allow you to use a Canon camera with PL (Arri) mount lenses. The company is planing to create also adapters for Zeiss, Red and Leica in the future. Some more details from the manufacturer:

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Canon Cross Media Station

Canon displayed their Cross Media Station prototype on the Canon Expo in Paris today – this gadget will let you wirelessly transfer images and video by just placing your camera on top of it and will also inductively charge your battery at the same time:

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Is Canon planning to produce their 4k camera?

Update: AP posted a clarification that Canon does not have plans to produce this camera. AP made a statement today that “Canon plans to launch a camera capable of shooting still images at a frame rate exceeding 60 shots per second”. They were talking about the Canon 4k camera, that was shown as a concept […]

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Panasonic GF2 will not have the 16.05MP sensor from GH2

DSLR magazine published an interview with executives from Panasonic and they confirmed that the replacement of the Panasonic GF1 will not have the new 16.05MP sensor from the latest Panasonic GH2 camera. About the GH2 16.05MP sensor (from Panasonic’s website): “The newly developed 16.05-megapixel multi-aspect Live MOS sensor adopts the high speed digital νMaicovicon. In addition to […]

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Pentax 645D now officially coming to the US

The medium format Pentax 645D camera will now officially be coming to America (as previously reported). The Pentax 645D body  will cost $9,995.95 and the Pentax-D FA 645 55mm F2.8 lens will sell for $1,199.95. Both will start shipping in December of 2010. Only limited number of stores will be carrying this camera – see the full press release […]

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