Adobe Photoshop for iPad

Today at Photoshop World 2011 Adobe demoed its latest concept: Photoshop for the iPadPhotographyBay captured this quick video presentation. There were some talk in the past about Adobe Lightroom version for the iPad (see here and here). Adobe currently has a PS Express app for the iPad.



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  • Jon

    My immediate response is, “What took them so long?”.

    Maybe this was more difficult than I believe, but it seems that Adobe has been very cautious in rolling out a “real” PS product for touch screen devices.

    • WoutK89

      It has to be cross platform, so yes it takes longer. You dont want to make a PS touch that works on only 1 platform thus giving them a sales advantage.

      • Global


        Get a stylus. No graphic artist will use their chubby finger.

  • ZDP-189

    Photoshop is very resource hungry and sometimes only just about fast enough on a fast PC. I’m not keen on the idea of doing it on a tablet. What an iPad would be best for is showcasing a portfolio.

    • Global

      Actually, Photoshop 5, 6, or 7 could be adapted quite easily and run just fine. Let’s not pretend that Lite versions cant be easily be crafted from the bones of the original master works themselves. Pro features can be added as the App developments.

      I think the real trouble Adobe is having is that Photoshop is so complicated and hacked together (albeit very elegantly) that rewriting it could only be a pain.

      By the way, I noticed that iPad2 has a very nice drawing App that is only Black and White unfortunately — but with beautifully flowing brush marks. I haven’t seen that App for Android. Does anyone know if Android has such a beautiful flowing drawing App such as Apples? Can’t wait for Honeycomb.


    How would one edit the original files, when it has to go into iTunes to get compressed again… So is there any point for an iPad verison of PS or Lightroom?

    • Global

      I’ll wait for the Android version and for these tablets to have far larger memories. The 64MB limit itself makes working on one an annoyance at best.

      I just hope that WACOM makes one one day — preferably one that takes Compact Flash memory, not MicroSD/SD cards. High quality Compact Flash is very responsive. One specially designed top to bottom for graphic Apps.

      If WACOM would make Samsung Galaxy II/Xoom-esque tabs, or just modify them, I’d buy one immediately just to support the development market.

  • I would like some Lightroom Lite. Basically take iPad with me on a shoot, do some basic adjustments to show the client. (Mostly as a novelty). When I get back, sync those photos back to my desktop with all the adjustments I made.

  • Erik

    Lightroom. Lightroom. Lightroom. 🙂

  • pats

    Photoshop without a good stylus is pretty much useless. How can you cut a good matte or draw a good circle or ANYTHING with your finger.

  • wow..this is great news for us designer..we can now use photoshop in iPad..great!

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