Apple Aperture coming to the iPad?

Based on the latest patent application from Apple (20110119609), it seems that Aperture might be coming to the iPad:

Methods, systems, and apparatus for managing elements in a user interface for a software application executing on a computer system include displaying a user interface having separate elements including at least an image browser element for viewing preview thumbnails of available images, an image viewer element for accessing a selected image and a Heads-Up Display (HUD) element that displays metadata for the selected image; receiving user input requesting that the HUD element be moved from a current location in the user interface to a destination location in the user interface; and modifying the displayed user interface by moving the HUD element to the destination location and selectively altering a size or location or both of one or both of the image browser element and the image viewer element to accommodate display of the HUD element at the destination location in the user interface.

Adobe is also working on releasing Photoshop and Lightroom versions for the iPad.

Via Patentlyapple

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  • My first reaction is ‘great’, because my wife has just forced me to buy an iPad 2. But then, I’d have to select and sync the images, and deal with the low processing power of the iPad to do hardcore processing.

    • Eric

      Surely they’ll make it so that you can import photos using the camera connection kit and export them in some way that won’t require syncing. Cloud perhaps? Either way, after playing with Garage band on the iPad I can’t wait to see what they can do with Aperture. I would love to have a 14″ iPad to use for photo editing (assuming Aperture is as good as I hope it will be). It could bring some of the old “hands on” tasks I used to enjoy in the dark room back into photography for me.

  • Maybe that will be the “killer app” that Apple needs to convince me why would I need an Ipad.

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