32MP full frame Sony a920 DSLR camera in August?

I received some information that Sony will be announcing a new full frame a920 DSLR camera in August. Some of the specs are 32MP, 7 fps and dual Bionz image processing.

The full frame Sony a850 and a900 DSLRs are already discontinued (or soon to be discontinued) and if Sony plans to continue their full frame offering, a new model released this summer makes sense.

Sony is also expected to release the a77 DSLR on July 7, 2011.

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  • Harold Ellis

    what i heard it is close, but no way 7fps.
    32Mpix and date is sure

  • Will this be a full mirror DSLR or a pellicle design like the α77?

  • Samon

    Now imagine that Sensor on a mirrorless tiny camera! I would instantly buy that!

    • Johnny

      You would not be able to afford that unless your real name is Steve Jobs or any other of the top 500 SEO’s.

  • James

    I would buy it if it has a pentaprism like the Sony A900. I was not impressed with the LCD viewfinder of the A55 I tried. The viewfinder image was significantly inferior to the Sony A900’s viewfinder. I know the new A77 is going to have a superior OLED viewfinder, but there is something to behold with a large bright pentaprism viewfinder that a digital screen cannot recreate. Sony please give us OVF options in your Full Frame range.

  • Tom

    So if they still developing Full Frame, Nikon should release their new Full Frame sooner.

  • Can’t wait to have more concrete rumours!! 32MP might be a bit too much, unless it’s used in the flagships 😀

  • lynn

    sony better release a full frame (any full frame) before nikon releases successors to the D700/D3s (going to be D800/D4?). The sony a900 is over 3 years old technology, it is a joke to stick with sony systems if they keep this up. I and many many people will jump ship to nikon/canon!

    • Alo


      Why would you jump ship? Generally speaking you buy into a system for the glass not the body. Besides noise at higher ISOs what complaint can you honestly through at the a900? I have used the a900 for editorial work for the last year and a half and I have to tell you, this thing produces great images. There are other working professionals who use it as well namely Thomas Grant, Brian Smith and Mathew Jordan Smith to name a few and their work is stellar. So i am a little confused when you seem to indicate its jump ship time.

      • It doesn’t matter what some Tom, Brian or Mat uses… or if a pencil writes just as well as a pen. Just because something’s adequate for some it doesn’t mean it meets other people’s requirements.

    • ken elliott

      Odd that you would come to this conclusion. I’m a Nikon shooter with plenty of pro glass. But I’ve considered adding an A900 or A850. I get get one for roughly US$6000 less than the Nikon D3x. While I like the Nikon output better, for landscape work I can buy the Sony and a few lenses for less than the Nikon body alone. Both have the same sensor foundation, with a few differences. Right now only Sony and Nikon have a 24MP FF sensor, so it’s no a case where anyone has move the bar very far. But if you’re looking for trendy new features, none of the high MP cameras have that stuff.

      • But if you’re looking for trendy new features, none of the high MP cameras have that stuff.

        Like video? 🙂

  • Hopefully Sony and Nikon can keep this symbiotic relationship going for some time. It would free up Nikon to do what they do best, (bodies/glass) and let Sony do what they do so well, (sensors).

    Does anybody know how Sony fared during/after the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear incidents?

  • Joel

    Why do they want to put so many pixels on such a tiny sensor? You’re already seeing the effects of too many pixels (ie: 5DmkII and bright lenses) so why go on? If you need that many pixels, buy or rent a camera that can render them properly (Med Format).

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