Fujifilm X10 US price: $599.95

The US price for the Fuji X10 camera was initially set at $699. Today Adorama corrected the price and started taking pre-orders again at $599.95.

The Canadian price will be $599.99 CAD. Shipping will start in November, 2011. UK price is £499.99, the price in Germany is 529 EUR.

The official Fujifilm X10 sample images can be found here.

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  • disco

    any high ISO samples?

  • Paul

    This is looking better and better.
    Forget the Nikon 1 series.

  • Jessy Plames

    Thank goodness they didn’t lose their minds and go with $699. I wonder if Adorama’s pre-orders at the higher price were low nudging Fuji to adjust the price?

    $599 is still kind of high, and I’d rather have the X-S1 if I’m settling for a smaller than APC sensor. Gonna be looking at the samples and reviews very carefully. I’m quite happy with my Nex-5N, but there is room in my bag for a more silent and discreet camera.

  • Peter

    Like i said a month ago and nobody listened… the 699 was adoramas price which was a 100 $ more than the speculated price just to be safe if the price turns out to be higher… that wasn’t fujis official price!

    The 599 $ was the spectulated official price, next time stick to it PR.

    • MK

      still not convinced that it is better than LX5… wont be convinced until i see high iso samples of something other than boats in black and white and macro flowers/food. for $250 less you get smaller cam, 24mm and excellent lens, but no viewfinder and smaller sensor. not sure if it worth it at this point.

      is lx5 usable at iso 800?

  • Fred

    Quite annoying to see how much cheaper cameras and equipment are in the US then in Europe 🙁

    • hiplnsdrftr

      Is it your taxes, tariffs and duties?

      I also read something online that European consumers are just willing to pay more?

  • Camaman

    WOW looks like EU doesn’t get screwed this time with the price!!

    • Scott

      True. 529 Euros is about $715 U.S. Dollars. At least as of Friday the 7th!

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