Sony to offer firmware update v1.03 for A65 and A77, lubrication for NEX-5N

The new firmware for the A65 and A77 SLT cameras will probably be released in mid-October, 2011. Firmware version 1.03 was already spotted in a recent Sony event in Thailand (see picture above).

Sony claimed that the NEX-5N clicking sound during video recording is caused by a mechanical part of the shutter that "clicks" during sudden movements of the camera. Sony will offer free lubrication to current NEX-5N owners. There will be no firmware fix for this problem.

Via Focus-numerique

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  • ffeeppo

    Different parts of Sony have told us (either directly or via 3rd party):
    1. Send camera in for fix
    2. Fix is just lubrication
    3. Firmware fix coming soon
    Which is it Sony? Could we have a definitive statement please.

    Personally, I find the 5N an impressive prospect, but I’m holding off until there is some clarity on this issue – I don’t think I’m alone in that. The message is clear.

  • Faparazzi

    It’s nice that sony offers lubrication for customers who have already gotten scr**d in the a**..

    • CJ


  • WT21

    NEX 5n == lub/clicking issue
    NEX 7 == sensor looks weaker than the 5n

    Still no truly great AF lens options.

    Think I’ll hold off still for a while on NEX — especially with the Fuji teasers.

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