The upcoming “premium” Fuji X mirrorless camera will not have a m4/3 sensor

According ot the latest tweet from FujiGuys, the upcoming FujiFilm X mirrorless camera will not have a m4/3 sensor (Fuji is part of the m4/3 group). They descried the X series as a "premium camera".

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  • Bart B

    So, they will use the new Nikon 1″ sensor … 🙂

    • Lol please god no!

      • Harold Ellis

        yea, fix your premium focus on your premium x100 you premium guys

  • I still think the Fuji X mirrorless will have an M (Leica) mount.

    • Hopefully the price tag is not too premium.

      • fants

        I wouldn’t hope too hard!

        • Feica

          Is this “Feica” movement going to diminish Leica, or boost Fuji? Or both? Directly comparing the muddied low-end to the lofty high-end at first seemed very bizarre….

          But now-a-days, it seems like the “Feica” (Fake-ah?) is alive and kicking — and better yet — could be very accessible!

          Full-frame mirrorless?
          DX-size mirrorless?
          Slightly Plump 4/3rds mirrorless?

    • Then APS-H sensor, perhaps. Like the M8?

    • Nico

      I really hope so !!!

    • Ronan

      Yupp M mount makes sense. It’s not patented anymore, theirs a HUGEEEEE selection of glass behind it, from $300 lenses to $15,000 lenses.

      People that own M glass has shown a distinct ‘want’ for a camera like that, even more if its base on the X100 look&feel (and of course specs).

      Anyone that doesn’t believe that, ether is clueless in Marketing 101, or simply doesn’t hang out in the Leica/M-Mount crowd.

      • Feica


  • RaVax

    I can not even imagine the success an F-mount full frame mirrorless camera would have.
    They had strong relationship with Nikon at the time they produced the S1/2/3 pro series. Could it be they renewed it?

    • Don’t forget the S5

      Let’s hope it’s a nikon F mount….i’d buy this camera straight away!

      • If they adopt F mount, the lens will have to be pretty far away from the body and the lens would be quite big. I don’t think that is going to happen. Because Fuji is a lens company too, I think they will have their own AF mount, and with a lot of luck we might get an adapter for M lenses.

        • Feica

          True, but they could grow the market together. Fuji focusing on its cameras right now, and Nikon wanting to pump out its glass to a new category of consumer.

          I doubt it would happen though.

          • Sahaja

            If it is a mirrorless camera it certainly won’t be F-mount – though someone will surely make an adapter.

            Fuji have produced some very fine lenses of their own. I expect they will for this camera too.

      • u_atom

        I need Fujinon lens. Because he made the great lens.
        And he should do Fuji mount for himself. Not F mount

        • jdsl

          This looks like a good camera to carry when climbing Mt. Fuji 🙂

    • Matt

      I try not to respond too much to comments on here because most are idiotic, but this strikes a new level of stupidity. An F-mount full frame mirrorless? It would not be a succes at all, it would be a major failure.
      A mirrorless camera is small, it sacrifices the mirror to decrease the size. Due to the focal flange distance of the F-mount, which is made for SLRs, the distance would have to remain the same as SLRs, thus making the camera very much the same size as an F-mount DSLR, but without the prism. You’d have the worst of both worlds, and none of the positives.

      • RaVax

        > I try not to respond too much to comments on here because most are idiotic


        >, but this strikes a new level of stupidity. An F-mount full frame mirrorless?
        > It would not be a succes at all, it would be a major failure.

        Sure, in your mind, others may think differently…

        > A mirrorless camera is small

        This is a NOT a postulate for me. Especially because
        we are dealing with thickness, not “size” in 3D. It’s a 1D constrain.

        > thus making the camera very much the same size as an F-mount DSLR

        Again, YES, in thickness.

        > but without the prism

        You’re starting to see the light :-).
        No pentaprism,, no mirror box, Imagine if they could seal the whole camera with some sort of high perf. glass, if not even a lens, making possible to work on thickness .

        > You’d have the worst of both worlds, and none of the positives

        This is partially correct. If you’re talking about pros then yes, it may represent something unusable. EVF and PRO is an incompatible combination. But what about the rest of the world?

        I appreciated you comments! Hope to start some “constructive fire” with this reply 🙂

        • Sahaja

          But Fuji make lenses for Hasselblad, high-end video, etc. – which are every bit as good as Nikkor lenses.

          If this is a “premium camera” why would they want their customers to give their money to Nikon for the lenses?

          Whatever you say F-mount also doesn’t make much sense for a mirrorless camera.

        • Anon

          Nah, an F-mount mirrorless camera is idiotic. There would be so much unused space in between the lens and sensor, and the lenses are still huge. It completely ruins the entire concept of mirrorless cameras, which feature both short focal flange distances, and smaller lenses (because of the shorter ffd’s). You might as well just use your D700 in live view mode. It would save a bit of weight and size but not a very considerable amount.

          Most importantly, Nikon F-mount lenses have no way of working with a rangefinder if that is the system fuji is thinking about. Even if AF-S lenses can tell the camera where they are focused to (which I’m not sure if they can), the F-mount accepts lenses back to 1977, and if the mount is made correctly, it can fit lenses back to 1959. Obviously not electronic enough to tell the camera where the focus is. A rangefinder F-mount camera would never work.

          M-mount lenses already have a good analog way of communicating with a rangefinder, and it’s a system that many camera companies have built on. There are cheap lenses available, and Fuji could introduce some more to get the ball rolling.

    • pooh

      There’s one thing in the world you should learn, it’s called flange distance.

      Should it be of F-mount, the camera could be mirrorless, but there’s one thing guaranteed here is that it’s gonna be bulky. It has to be bulky.

  • @RaVax…I wholly agree. A FF F mount mirrorless would sky-rocket Nikon to the top of the pecking order, leaving everyone in the dust. I can only hope that’s the case, and if it is I hope that it’s priced decently in the 1700-2000 range.

  • Carlos R B

    that was pretty obvious, wasn’t it?

  • I am not expecting M mount. Definately a proprietary mount with AF. Possibly M compatible to a degree though. Possibly APS-C BSI EXR CMOS like in the X100.

  • broxibear

    Damn…I was hoping they’d enter micro 4/3 and add to the choice of bodies and lenses.
    P.S. “premium” is code for stupidly expensive lol.
    “I still think the Fuji X mirrorless will have an M (Leica) mount.” would Leica give the go ahead for that though considering the new Fuji could be a baby M9…I guess it would increase sales of Leica lenses ?

    • Ke

      would Leica give the go ahead for that though considering the new Fuji could be a baby M9

      They wouldn’t need to, anyone can make & use the M mount.

  • Tom

    Would Fuji benefit if they made a FF F mount camera? They wouldn’t need produce any lenses. They would would tack on extra cost to the camera body due to losses in profit from selling their own lenses. The camera would have to be around $2000-2500 though, otherwise any higher your approaching the D700 or D800 territory.

    • BornOptimist

      It’s not gona be a F-mount. Makes no sense on a mirrorless (too long register distance). M-mount makes more sense, but neigther this is probable. First there are no AF, and a completely new design from Fuji will almost 100% certainly have AF. So the best bet will be a new range of lenses from Fuji.
      Price – As Broxibear says, “premium” is an alibi for expensive – think 3-4k easily.

  • jerl

    I don’t see why they would make a FF mirrorless camera with an F mount. The F mount is designed for to have clearance for a swinging mirror, and dictates the minimum distance to any lens elements, and would leave out the possibility of a compact lens/camera system.

    Likewise, I don’t see Fuji making a MF camera- they are too technology oriented and consumer oriented, and are too focused on adding features to make a camera without autofocus.

    But I could see them making a small enough camera to support F and M (among others) adapters. That would indeed be very interesting, especially if the rumor about better than all existing FF sensors is really true (which I doubt but am willing to be proven wrong).

    • Nico

      +1 about F-mount…

      FF with M-mount would be so great !!! But I think it’ll be a dedicated mount and adapter ring to use other mount (Like Sony with Nex…)

  • if it is “premium cameras” , then i think there would be at least 2 cameras to be released.
    an interchangeable upgrade to x100 and x-s1.
    in speaking of the lens, i think it would be safe to create proprietary lenses. maybe a kitlens and 50 and maybe a bunch of adapter. X)

  • Robert Falconer

    I expect it will be a pumped up X100 with an APS-C or H sensor, interchangeable lenses and a proprietary mount (definitely won’t be Nikon F or anyone else).

    And this is all a very good thing.

  • I’m really hoping for FF rangefinder. Whatever lens mount would be, I trust Fuji.

  • ISMOF.

    Or maybe it’ll use an EF mount! This could be Canon’s compromise to not having to risk failure by making their own mirror-less bodies, but allowing for increased lens sales with little risk besides to the rebel series.
    Obviously this won’t happen, but it wouldn’t be too terrible of an idea.

  • Rangefinder FTW.


    I so badly want an AF rangefinder with an FF sensor and M mount. That wood be so awesome!

    No need for a viewfinder though, the LCD on the back is much better.

    • pooh

      AF? LCD only? Calling that rangefinder?

      And did you say M-mount with AF? You are not referring to the SUPER BULKY Contax RX solution here right?

      Kids today.

      • Dhu

        You’re dumb. A rangefinder is a design style.

        • Ke

          No, it’s not.

      • Sahaja

        Instead of an optical rangefinder you could put an electronic or laser rangefinder in an autofocus camera and I guess it would still be a “rangefinder” camera.

    • pooh

      If that’s sarcasm, it’s not executed very well…

      • Rangefinder FTW.

        The X100 is a rangefinder right?

        • Anon

          LOL no. Do some research, kid.

          • Rangefinder FTW.

            Hang on aren’t you only 18.

            Lol funny.

            So anyway, what’s a rangefinder then?

        • mirrorless

          Rangefinders have rangefinder focusing mechanism.. so Fuji x100 is not a rangefinder camera. But it is shaped like a rangefinder camera and looks good.

  • Camaman

    MF mirrorless!
    To replace their current film cameras… 🙂

    • pooh

      I love the two Klasseses so much. Will kill if they ever let them die.

  • Ful

    Not to mention the everlasting problem of mirror design: the impossibility to produce top quality ultrawide lenses without a retro focus element. Wide lenses on the M system are what they are just for that. OK it’ll be possible to produce new lenses protruding inside the body, but that ‘ll be stupid anyway – more weight, more size, and, most important, no way you can mount any lens except F mount (F mount, with Leica R, has one of the longest flange distances out there). F mount is for Nikon’s DSLRs (and similar, such as the mentioned Kodak and Fuji’s). Period.

  • Neely Fallon

    Contax G mount on a full frame or near full frame sensor.

    The Contax name went back to Zeiss fairly recently. The Contax G lenses were / are very good and the G2 a good starting point for developing a digital AF Rangefinder

    Think Fuji Contax and there is your premium X.

    • Anon

      The G2 was/is my favorite 35mm camera. A digital version would be perfect (since you’d actually know when you missed focus! LOL) I don’t think it’s going to happen, unless Zeiss sells the Contax name to someone else since they sure as hell don’t want to do it. But yes, that would be lovely.

      • Neely Fallon

        Kyocera, had the licensing rights to the Contax brand. The rights went back to Zeiss which potentially means Contax could get licensed to someone like Fuji again. Zeiss does not appear to want to be a camera company but be primarily an optics company. Cosina is not likely to manufacturer a digital RF. But Fuji could easily scale up the X100 and advance RF digital photography over Leica with its OF/EV system, a M mount and the same sensor size in the M8/M8.2 but with a new technology. We’d all love to see FF so as not to deal with sensor crops when using legacy glass. That said a digital Contax G system that had a decent manual focus override under Fuji would rock!

  • Sahaja

    What mount did the Fuji TX1 (aka Hasselblad XPan) use?

  • Mark

    This is good news. I like my GF-1, but to hell with m4/3. I hope Fuji makes a mount of their own.

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