This is the Fuji X-S1 camera

In addition to announcing their plans for a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, Fujifilm also added another bridge camera to their X line-up. The only known specs so far are:

  • 2/3″ EXR CMOS sensor
  • fixed 26x zoom lens (f/2.8 - 5.6)
  • 1440k pixels EVF
  • 62mm filter size
  • the camera will obviously have video, since it has stereo mics on the front

Here are the first leaked X-S1 images:

Images via DSLR-forum

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  • Eugene

    It looks plastic for me. And the lens looks like it has ‘barrel distortion’.

    • Eduardnic

      I guess it is a prototype model, the final product will get better…

      • Bernd

        Let’s hope so… the faux-leather pattern is different on each of the body panels which makes it look like a toy cam, one you can win for two bucks at a fair.

    • od

      its not final production so wait…

  • z

    Seriously, how hard is it to put your “not so optical” viewfinder to top left corner?

    With this quite amazing specs, it will sell like hot cakes.

    I would understand if this is panny that has perfect GH2 with not so perfect placements. But this coming from x100 maker?….

    • Bernd

      They (very obviously) wanted it to look like an SLR in disguise.
      Panasonic once made an SLR with the VF in the top left corner, the DMC-L1 – the fact that it was a one-off only probably says enough of how succesful it was. So to make ik look like an SLR, the VF had to go where it is…

  • Very exciting. Is this an F mount camera? I can’t help but think they got a little carried away with vulcanite though. Where did we see all the specs?

    • Eduardnic

      F-mount? It has a fixed 26x zoom lens (f/2.8 – 5.6)!! No interchangeable lens!!

  • We’ll see.

  • Eduardnic

    If it stays under US$1000 it would be awesome!

  • Sky

    hm… looks weird. They should really get some new designers for this camera….

  • Camaman

    Looks kinda weird . Surface is to faux leather and that lens reminds me of… beer… :-/
    Specs sound nice! Especially the EVF!
    MY guess 800-900$ 🙂

  • what’s up with bogus design? did not they understand why people loved x series? why this?

    • fred

      Cause it’s another classic form factor. This one, the cheap bang-around student SLR with surprisingly good image quality.

  • Arno

    ISO, AE & AF buttons are on the left of the rear panel… That’s not a camera for me.

  • james

    To me, this looks very cookie-cutter. One of the great things about the X-100 is that it stands alone, a distinct product. Take the branding off those pictures and you’d be hard pressed to tell the X-S1 apart from anything else. Perhaps the X-100 set the bar too high, expectation wise. I have no use whatsoever for a Fuji X-100 and I think that the non-interchangeable nature of the lens is a real killer *BUT* I still really really want one. that draw is totally missing form this new product, unless there’s technical magic going on under tha hood that I’ve been too lazy to look up

  • Now that’s a funny looking camera! 😀

  • steevytee

    Yet another bridger from Fuji using the same sensor as a compact. First we had the S200 from the excellent F200, then the HS20 from the F500/550, now the X-S1 from the X10.
    Tried all the previous ones and the bridge versions never seem to have the same image quality as the compact. May be a different design team who don’t quite get it right. Like the X10 with an EXR sensor the same size as the S100 this could be a real winner – but ever since the F200 I have been disappointed with EXR cameras like the S200, F70, F80, F300, F550 and Hs20. At least the insane scramble for more and more megapixels seems to have been halted and hopefully the useless EVF of the HS10 and HS20 has been replaced. Both the body and 26x zoom seems to be a modified version of the body and 30x zoom on those cameras but having been caught out in the past I reserve judgement for now.

    Could be a ‘real’ superzoom from Fuji at last – let’s hope so.

    As for mirrorless – a micro 4/3 (Fuji is signed up to micro 4/3) G1 lookalike with an EXR sensor would be just great (I have both a Panasonic G1 and a Fuji F200 – both excellent in their own way) and plug into the existing lens collection but I doubt it will ever happen. Since the S1,2,3,5 DSLRs with the Nikon F mount Fuji have tended to go their own way. Probably come up with yet another lens mount – as if we needed one – but I guess Fuji will aim to make money out of the lenses.

    • Bernd

      You’ll never get a superzoom that has the same image quality as camera’s with a short(er) zoom range. Superzoom lenses always degrade the image quality to some extend, as they’re much more complicated to build at an affordable price.

      • steevytee

        Bernd you are correct – a sign of how camera design has got worse in the cause of marketing. With the S6500 the IQ is a pretty good match for the F30/F31 which shares the same 6MP sensor. A penalty you pay for a lens which zooms to almost 700mm – which you have absolutely no use for. The S6500 zoom reached only to 300mm. Why oh why when Fuji have been so sensible and limited the zoom range of the X10 to preserve IQ do they have to chance screwing it up with a zoom range to 700mm?
        Question is will it sell more cameras – I guess it will as most won’t know the difference when they post on facebook!

  • xatnep

    what is so funny about the design?
    it looks like any model of the canon rebels xD

    • NanDub

      The lens barrel looks really like a beer barrel rather than lens barrel… I don’t understand why they have to put curvature on it, just doesn’t look right…

      • Art K.

        more ergonomic I guess.. just that look gets people talking, as we are now. U gotta stand out somehow…

  • FMJ

    my guess would be a bit more expensive than the HS20, like $500-600

    how are they going to sell this with a $900-$1k price tag? no way…..

  • KnaP

    is it me or the fujifilm logo on top is different? did they change their logo, again?

  • spam

    It looks like a slightly enlarged HS20, which it probably is. The body design and materials look the same and that’s good because the HS20 has the best ergonomics of all superzoommodels by a wide maragin. Dont look good? It certainly feels good in the hand, and to mee that’s much more important. Anyway, many product shots look too bright and at least the HS20 is much darker in real life.

    What I’m a bit “nervous” about is that Fuji has made it as large as the S100fs, their last 2/3″ superzoommodel which was as big as an entry level dSLR with an 18-200 lens. They also need to get a real multitasking OS as the HS20 is frustratingly slow and force you to wait a lot.

  • looks cheap like made in china dont like it

  • oldcameraman

    Put on it tiltable LCD (like nikon d5000, sony nex7), square (1:1) aspect ratio in RAW and it will be THE new big thing (a true mini-hassie or mini-rollei with wideangle and superzoom, kind integrated flash ….). It should be what myself and a lot of people are waiting for a lot of time ….

  • jarda

    Looks like the S9500 which I had and hated. I’m so much happier with Pentax SLR now! Not only the IQ, but also the nadling. It driven me mad I couldn’tstanf that fuji ultrazoom.

  • i think if it has great filter size like as s200exrit wilii be better thanit.
    fuji shoud know that s series is more acceptable & likly than hs series.if it be as like as s200 as the shape & have the 500$ mony the fuji company earn the great money for this.

  • kuay

    15 or 20 X superzoom should be more than enough. Bigger sensor should be better than the smaller one. Who knows?

  • geno

    I guess this will be a great camera, perfect to those who are wanting for long zoom range(similar to bridge cameras) combined with a larger senor. Bridge cameras are okay, really versatile cameras, but they tend to be less admirable when the ISO reaches 800 or maybe even 400. But now, the upcoming release of the xs1 is exciting as this one can possibly show that it has great potentials as the larger sensor plus the exr technology can be able to produce good image quality even at higher sensitivity setting. But I guess, there is something left to be desired and that would be the design. This camera looks as if it was designed years ago. The S100fs and the HS20 look better and real front liners, saying that their performances are no slouch considering the features equipped to them. I hope that there would be some changes in the design as this one is yet to be released and it is not final. The styling and structure should follow the X100’s or X10’s as this one is another offering coming from the X series. It maybe a different camera offering a longer zoom but I guess it should have at least few looks which quite resembles its siblings. The two X models look tough but not an old oak tree.

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