New Hasselblad H4X body coming soon

Captureintegration got the scoop on a new H4X body that briefly appeared on Hasselblad's website:

"The H4X provides a fantastic successor or upgrade to your H1 or H2/H2F body and supports all H System lenses, most third party backs*, and even features a film back option. The H4X also provides a technological bridge to our faithful H1 and H2/H2F customers enabling them to take advantage of all the features that photographers have come to expect from a Hasselblad H4 series camera, including Hasselblad’s world-acclaimed True Focus technology, which allows you to concentrate completely on creativity without worrying about focus mechanics, and the ability to use the HVD 90x viewfinder optimized for the 36×48mm format."

Google confirms the listing - you can see the cached website here:

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  • Mak

    Makes sense, the fixed back solution was I think, not the best one. Their cameras really shouldn’t need to be upgraded like $2.5K pro SLRs. They should be purchases that last a decade or so.

    • Matt

      I have no clue what you are talking about. All H series Hasselblads have interchangeable backs, never a fixed back.

      • Mark

        Not true. H3Ds and H4Ds so far have fixed backs.

        • Matt

          Most certainly not. Where have you heard this? They don’t take film backs, however.

        • Uh you can take the backs off, the backs aren’t very useful with other cameras (like technical or view) the CFV backs are but the H backs are better almost always used with H series bodies and lenses. Traditionally they are considered fixed in that they are useless without the body I think.

  • sadajksdh

    thanks hassy, but not needed anymore. We already upgraded it to Phase One

  • Alex

    Film back is great 🙂 Back to the future

    • regular

      film back were already available with the previous H bodies.
      And film is nice, you should try.

      • Alex

        i do mostly film these days.. less digi 😉 so i know film is great

      • But these bodies and lenses are just way too huge for small 645 film frames…

        • Alex

          and plastic covers 🙁

  • “X” is now officially the most overused and overrated character in camera names.

  • hiplnsdrftr

    Amazingly ugly cameras…

    • James Klinik

      Yeah, cause you buy them for their looks, right?

  • sgts

    Hasselblads prices are disgusting and an affront to photographys democratic ethos. I dont care how foundation grants they give either.

    • Mark

      That sounds like Leica. Hassys are expensive because they are almost exclusivlely used for advertising, and probably primarily purchased by rental houses and studios. I don’t think a cheap Hasselblad would do much for a democratic ethos. They would SUCK for documentary photography.

      The only medium format digital that might be worthwhile for what you’re describing might be the Pentax 645D, but I still wouldnt’ recommend it.

  • Camaman

    So what are the specs?
    And what is this 90x viewfinder?

    • Camaman

      Oh, and price?

  • Moth Flopwell

    ….Where did I leave that $40,000 laying about?

  • i would have to sell the house to afford all the goodies

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