Canon updates

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  • Vlad

    Maybe some of these disasters will make Corporations consider moving plants to more developed countries, instead of 3rd world dumps!

    • Charcoal

      Hurricane Katrina – How long did it take the world ‘greatest’ and ‘most developed’ country to clean up that mess?

    • Sky

      They should consider geography too, not just level of development.

      So hurricane-area of US&A is out of question, so does majority of Japan, part of china, india, and so on.

      In theory Central/Western Europe could work, northern parts of US, some deep parts of China (although these would sux due to logistics).

      There’s quite a lot of places in the world which are relatively calm from any natural disasters. But noone will move their factories there. It’s not worth the money – when in a year you can pay asian people some tiny part of what you would in Europe or US, and when transport of supplies is none of an issue than you can afford loosing a factory from time to time, I guess.

  • Kid

    Really, they could have chosen better location in the country but I suppose the price offered by farmers that were so eager to sell their land got better of them. Local people call the area a floodplain for a reason.

  • q23

    they are not loosing anything…actualy they are making a profit out of this the INSURANCE is paying the price

  • John

    Paul D also got his hands on the 1D X & has an interesting hands on report here:

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