Fijifilm Finepix X roadmap

The Brazilian website ztop published this Fijifilm Finepix X roadmap. The new Fuji X mirrorless interchangeable lens camera is listed for February, 2012. Not clear if this is the announcement or release date.

Prototypes of the new camera are expected to be shown at the 2012 CES show in January.

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  • TaoTeJared

    Fuji is making a run for it with the X-line. Amazingly no one else is even entering the race.

    I love the X100 – really want to try the X10 and to find a reason not to get one. The all-in-one X-S1 is not my style – Still have my Nikon for that but they are really coming out with some great products in a good niche.

    • really want to try the X10 and to find a reason not to get one.

      How about the tiny sensor that’s only 16% of the size of the X100 sensor?

      • Mark

        Big deal, it’s not an X100. It’s the X10, it’s got a small sensor they’re not trying to fool anyone, that’s why it costs half the money.

        I think Fuji is specifically targeting markets that are being taken up by other brands right now. X100: Leica. X10: Canikon G12/P7000. The great thing about targeting Leica’s market is if you do it right, like they did with the X100, all those people who can’t afford Leica’s ridiculous mark-up will be interested. I tend to think they are FAR more photo enthusiasts who aren’t super wealthy than just rich people who want Leica because it’s Leica. Unfortuately for Leica, the only people who can afford their cameras are, I suspect, not the ones who would use them to their fullest potential.

        Unfortately for Fuji, fighting an established brand like Canon is going to be harder, even though I do think the X10 is a nicer camera than the G12.

        • Just saying it’s not difficult to find reasons not to get a camera like the x10 because of the small sensor.

          Sure it’s a nicer camera than a G12 but we’re talking about competition at the bottom of the food chain. Regardless of who ends up winning, they’re still going to be point and shoots.

  • Jessy Plames

    Hmm, since it lists the X10 as Oct 2011 which is when it was released (at least in Japan), the feb date is looking like a release as well. Jan for X-S1 seems fast since they were only showing prototypes and a vague first quarter 2012 release. People only use quarter releases when they expect to release at the end of said quarter, like March.

  • Camaman

    At this point and looking at that roadmap it is hard to see what the “X” line actually is.
    I all those cameras are the exact opposites of each other…

    Is Fuji just phasing out their old prosumer and superzoom lines with this “special” new “X” line?
    What is the common denominator of the “X” line

    • “X” is the new black…

      Nikon D3X
      Fuji X100
      Canon 1D X
      Hasselblad H4X
      Samsung NX
      Panasonic GX1
      Sony N..E.. oh well you get the point! 🙂

      • EnPassant

        So true. Even Olympus have the XZ-1. Though they might be “X-terminated” if their scandalous affairs are as bad as they seem.
        Let’s hope the cameramakers have more imagination in the construction of their cameras than giving them names. Just like Steve Jobs who prefered using (one of his hundred!) black poloshirts.

    • fred

      Fujifilm remembers that some people want a real camera that’s not an SLR. This has been true through generations of rollfilm cameras with manual controls, and has been somehow forgotten by most manufacturers in the age of digital gadgets. What the Fujifilm “X” cameras have in common is that they follow successful and well-worn design paths. Simple as that.

      • TaoTeJared

        +1 It’s amazing how the advanced “compact” as completely disappeared.

  • The question now is whether the interchangeable lens camera will be based on the X100 or the X10. I’d be willing to bet most readers of this blog would vote for the former 🙂

    • EnPassant

      Considering Fujifilms own claim it will be comparable to a fullframe camera the sensor should be at least APS-C, maybe even bigger. (APS-H?) The interesting question is if it will be able to support Leica M lenses via an adapter and have offset microlenses on the sensor to support wideangels? Especially if it have a bigger than APS-C-sensor. Also Leica is expected to show a new camera for interchangeable lenses next year that may not be a Leica M, but something more modern, maybe with a new mount and new af-lenses, but possibility to use both M- and R-lenses via adapter. Final assembly and adjustement will propably be made in Germany so they can put “Made in Germany” on the camera. But who will make the maine parts of that camera? Maybe Fujifilm and Leica have something in common?

  • Mark

    I’m glad SOMEBODY has filled this niche. It was slo blaringly obvious that there was a market of people who wanted traditional cameras in a digital form, and couldn’t pay Leica prices for them. Didn’t Fuji announce that they sold like 70,000 X100s worldwide? And Leica announced that they’ve only sold 30,000 M9s? I mean that’s a lot for the M9 certainly but what if the m9 was priced reasonably and not just for the Luxury market? Everybody who bought an X10o presumably would be interested in in the M9, and it seems to me they would have made a lot more money.

    Then again, Leica is making record profits…so what do I know….

    • Everybody who bought an X10o presumably would be interested in in the M9

      Not me; I appreciate AF, live view and a modern viewfinder. Surely I can’t be the only one 🙂

    • hexx

      “Everybody who bought an X10o presumably would be interested in in the M9”

      Count me in, I’m not a pro so couldn’t justify the cost of M9 even if I had money for it (which I don’t). I just got tired of dragging my dSLR around with me everywhere and wanted dSLR IQ in a small package and Leica is way too expensive for me.

      Having a small cam with good IQ is a huge plus for me. Beautiful example from last weekend:

      I went with my friend to take some night shots around o2 arena area in london.
      I took my snapR35 bag, inside Fuji x100, cable release and Gorillapod.
      He took his Nikon D7000, 3 lenses, camera bag, tripod in the tripod bag.
      By the time he was all set and ready to take some shots I’ve done already 20. As he pressed shutter for the first time a security guard came and asked him to leave that it’s not allowed to take photographs there because of security cameras and so on.

  • bs.lim

    Hi! welcome for the new Fuji M10 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera February 2012.

  • Hey, I’m all for it.

  • Camaman

    If other manufacturers start making cameras similar in design function and style to Leica Leicas profits and sales will definitely diminish… Like they did way before.

    30000 M9’s just goes to prove some people want that style THAT much, but be sure they will pay less if they had other options.

  • wonder if it will be nikon lens compaqtible with like the fuji dslrs were.

    • hexx

      that’s interesting point

    • Mark

      The only reason they used Nikon lenses before was because Fuji was using Nikon bodies to house their sensors. So no, you can count on their next X offering not being a Nikon hybrid body.

      Why would you want that anyway? Fuji is making their own smaller lenses, let them do what they do.

  • preston

    Why would people want that? Um, because I already have Nikon lenses.

  • bu

    Any word if the system is compatible to any existing mount? Canon, Nikon or 4/3?

    Initially I thought they might have some compatibility with Nikon, because of their previous DSLR models for the F-mount, and there were some rumors that the X100 might be compatible to Nikons iTTL. But I think the flash system of the x100 isn’t compatible to any system?!

  • Ali

    Interesting. What are the chances Contax G lenses can be used on the Fuji, by means of adapter?

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