Rumor: all black Fuji X100 coming in early 2012

Black Fuji X100 mockup

At the beginning of 2012, Fujifilm is expected t0 release a new “all black” limited edition X100 camera. Included in the package will be a black gift box, black lens hood and adaptor ring plus a matching black leather case. The black limited edition Fuji X100 may not be available for sale in all markets (similar to this X100 limited edition camera).

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  • sexy

    • fred

      Will this one focus when I turn the ring?

  • Nice.

    Now we want the same look in February for the X200 with M-mount 🙂

  • vam

    Great, I’m just about to order the silver X100. I have to be strong to resist the dark side’s temptation.

  • Im surprised this wasnt an option from the start. But either way that is one sexy beast of a camera.

  • JG10

    where’s ilc

  • hiplnsdrftr

    Kinda too late. As already stated, should have been an option from the start. Or introduced as a regular production item.

    As a limited special edition it will likely be expensive and impossible to purchase at B&H photo here in NYC.

  • frelwa

    People may mistake it for a X10. Will the “X200” be black too?

  • Tony

    It looks plasticky on the top.

    • hiplnsdrftr

      Its a mockup and clearly states that its a mockup.

      So if the rumor is true, then the actual black X100 will likely look somewhat different than this mockup.

      Mockups are not necessarily accurate.

  • Nigel Tufnel

    Meh. It looks OK, but I prefer the contrast of the silver to the black. Would rather they fix the focusing (manual and auto), firmware, etc. before expending any resources on cosmetics.

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