Phottix Aion wireless timer and shutter release now shipping

Phottix Aion wireless timer and shutter release

Phottix Aion wireless timer and shutter release is now shipping. Here are the specs:

  • Timer and Long Exposure Functions
  • Shutter Release Functions
  • Wired or wireless operations
  • 2.4 GHz frequency
  • 60m range
  • Back-lit LCD
  • AAA batteries
  • Available for Canon, Nikon, Sony and Olympus cameras.
  • Price: $99.50
Timer Functions
  • Self, interval and long exposure timers
  • Number of frames setting
  • Auto-bracketed timer setting for HDR photos
Shutter functions
  • Two-stage shutter button for AF and shutter release
  • Instant, continuous 5 shot, 2 second delay and bulb shutter release mode.

Until December 25th, 2011 you can get 5% off on Phottix products - use discount code 5offxmas at check out.

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  • Paul H.

    While Phottix has had a positive impact on the industry (so far) with some niche products and competitive-to-lower pricing (for the most part), I don’t know who their market is for this shutter release. Being as spendy as it is, don’t they know there are many 2.4ghz options out there that can do nearly as much for much less? The timer function is cool, but most who need this employ the cheaper, wired remotes anyways.

    A hundred bucks is about fifty too much, I think.

    • craig

      The two stage: for autofocus and shutter is cool. And, it is different that others that are available.

  • Camaman

    When’s the $29,99 version hitting eBay?

  • Jeff

    I wouldn’t mind picking one up but their site isn’t secure and these days only an idiot would put their personal info and cc info over the net unencrypted. I checked and they don’t seem to offer ssl with a signed and verified cert, too bad as it seems like a nice unit.

    • Jeff

      Looks like Amazon has them via Ace though. Might have to try one out.

  • Anthony

    Phottix *is* the cheap eBay seller. I have one of the older models and it does what I need. Seems like they have a handful of products that do the same thing, would be nice to see a comparison matrix or something. Plato / Cleon / Strato / Aion / etc

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