Better translation of the interviews with camera manufacturers about their future products

Here is a better translation of the key points from the interviews with several camera manufacturers about their future plans (thanks Erik):


  • Working on a new mirrorless camera that is very “Olympus-like”, but not PEN.
  • The viewfinder is the key.
  • E-5 replacement is in the works.


  • Does a mirrorless camera really need exchangeable lenses?
  • Can we make a compact or DSLR that can beat the mirrorless cameras? (they believe they have it)
  • Higher sensitivity rather than high resolution (probably refers to quality over megapixels)


  • Expanding the DP-series line-up of cameras
  • SD-series cameras will use APS-C sensors
  • Mirrorless camera lenses in the works


  • Smaller E-mount lenses coming
  • One hundred mega pixels not a strange thing soon
  • Everyone will use electronic shutters


  • Replacements for D3 and D700 coming
  • Specialize on High sensitivity, High resolution and high speed
  • Compact camera focused on how you use it to fight the smart-phone camera usage


  • We will win with high-end cameras like the X100 and X10
  • Much faster autofocus and entry-level camera is coming
  • A mirrorless that beats full-frame cameras


  • Once you have tasted high-resolution you can’t go back
  • 100% viewfinders for low-end cameras too
  • Mirrorless for full-frame and 645


  • Sensor unit that can use Pentax lenses
  • GR digital with zoom lens
  • Compact made for black/white photography
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  • JS

    Dear Mr Fujifilm,
    I would prefer to read “A full-frame mirrorless that beats other full-frame cameras”


    • Craig

      You mean: a Full frame mirrorless camera, with interchangeable lenses, that beats other full frame cameras.

      • John

        …and beat the price of other FF

    • z

      Hahaha.. Yea, because my phone beats Contax FF on ISO performance already. What an ambiguous remarks. Size matters and PR guys wants you to think otherwise.

      It would be perfectly alright if Fuji actually announce APS-C mirrorless. Anything bellow would be full of shit on Fuji.

      • Erik

        The Fujifilm interview title says the new mirrorless camera will use an ASP-C sensor that will beat full-frame.

  • Paul

    “Specialize on High sensitivity, High resolution and high speed”

    Does this mean D4, D800x, D800h/s?

    • Erik

      It says that was his answer in keywords to the question “How will your upcoming DSLR cameras evolve?”. Cameras above mid-range will become more specialized, for example to better meet the needs of press photographers etc.

      The Nikon interview title says keywords for D700 follower will be more megapixels and high-resolution. D3 follower will be high-sensitivity and high-speed.

  • Nikky

    Actually, since I’ve been so frustrated with the D800 specs…. I think I will simply get a D700 used and for less, and spend the rest on a mirrorless compact, as a second camera and for video. So I can use the D700 with telezoom or normal prime and keep a wide-angle zoom on the compact. So it doesn’t matter so much that it’s only APS-C. Thinking of Samsung NX200. Not so bad. From this perspective though, the statement of Fujifilm sounds interesting, concerning full-frame (equiv.) mirrorless.

    • Relax!
      Maybe we will get a new Full Frame mid-level camera equipped with the 12mp Full Frame sensor and D7000-like controls, named D9000.
      However, it is much more possible that will be Canon, that will introduce the under 1000 Euro full frame camera.

  • paf

    I like Canon’s statement on compact cameras. Am I the minority when I say I don’t need interchangeable compact lenses — instead one good fast focusing, good ISO, wide (21mm -105mm in 35mm eq) cam? I have the ELPH 300 and I love it — just need slightly better high ISO IQ, RAW and an adapter to go below 24mm.

    Rock on — I am anxious to see how the promises turn out!

    • WT21

      Then get the X10. That already checks all your boxes. If you think you’re going to get a APS-C fixed lens camera with a 2x-100+mm zoom that is as small than an X10, then you are living in a dream land.

    • I just need a small compact camera RAW-enabled.
      Even 24-70mm equivalent zoom range would be fine.
      Aperture priority would be a bonus.

      Who’s gonna be the first manufacturer to offer me that?

      Until then, I’ll keep my D40 camera with 35mm f/1.8 DX, for a small setup.

  • Rich in TX

    I want a medium format digital that costs less than an arm and a leg

  • MilaEvajoo


  • It looks like the problem in 2012 will be making just one choice.

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