New Sigma products to be announced on January 10th, 2012

Sigma has a banner on their website promising new products being unveiled on January 10th, 2012, which is also the first day of the PMA/CES 2012 show in Las Vegas.

In a recent interview, Sigma Japan mentioned that in their future products they will concentrate on:

  • Expanding the DP-series line-up of cameras
  • SD-series cameras with APS-C sensors
  • Mirrorless camera lenses
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  • Thomas

    I badly hope for a DP with 23mm lens and SD1 sensor! oh my gosh!

    • Jan

      where’s the 50-150 os hsm announced last year?

  • 23mm would be like 35mm yes ? well for me , I hope a dp2 Something with the larger sensor of the sd1 buT STILL a 41mm equivalent
    add to that larger buffer , a larger wheel with more markings between 2 and 5 meters , an access to more squarish image ratios,and a better LCD and you ve got a very competitive street camera


    • Oh yes, competitive… square format + zone-focusing is really hitting it off for street photography these days 😛

      • Anon

        have you ever even attempted street photography? I bet you’re out there with a DSLR and a 300mm lens. lol.

        • Anon

          actually, I take that back. I bet you’re not out there at all. I’ve seen SO many comments by you on this site. and I don’t even come here this often! get a life!

  • Seiman

    Hope this will consider the new Sigma DP series cameras, adding OIS and a larger aperture function which (F/2.0 above).
    Always Foveon X3 CMOS high signal to noise performance is very bad,
    This two selling points can make up for what X3 CMOS defects.

    • Actually Foveon X3 SNR is not as bad as people think it is. The main problem is people don’t know how to compare two cameras correctly…

  • Huggs

    Hopefully, it will be more than just lenses being displayed. An updated DP would be great.

  • Rover

    It could be some of the 3, or all of these:
    1. New fast wide lenses like the rumored 24 & 35;
    2. New stabilized superteles (300 / 500);
    3. Some totally new lenses for mirrorless cameras (and I’m hoping for more than another 18-200 ).

  • JB

    Before announcing any new products, Sigma should read the reviews of their previous products on B&H or any camera retailing website. A few mechanical details to be worked out.

  • It’s almost an year since they promised to release the APS telephoto Sigma 50-150mm 2.8 OS…any more news?

    • +1
      I am still waiting for the new 50-150mm f/2.8 OS. Do we have to wait another year?

    • Edward RNLMC retired

      Oke guys i just bought 10th of december the 120-300 os and was thinking about you are here talking about to compleet 50-150F2:8 OS or even 24-120 F2:8 OS EX DG APO HSM
      and happy Hollidays too you all on this globe.
      i think i was lucky payed 1999 euro´s same day price went up 200 at

  • Enrico

    I want that f***ing 50-150 2.8 OS argh!!

    • lorenzino

      + 1

  • Mike

    Sigma has a habit of releasing things long after they’ve been announced (SD-15 for ex.). They have great ideas, long waits, and poor QC. It’s worth the premium for OEM brands.

    • Sam

      I believed continuously that, Sigma has several type matters to be possible to do:

      1. The giving up and Fujitsu cooperate the research phantom processor!
      Because this team’s research speed is extremely slow; Moreover the nowadays flowed the ARM microprocessor which the telephone, the plate computer used already extremely to be quick, may purchase or body making to order.
      Has exposed, actually flows the installment and the digital camera all is the computer variety, only is the use which defines different, but the coincidence place, the picture likely processor is not the ARM processor adds on other essences/outside to set at the specific use chip composition.
      Therefore, I really cannot see to continue to persist develops voluntarily phantom processor reason.

      2. The formula compilation should outside sentence
      the outside many to be skilled in compiles the machine formula the big small and medium-sized enterprise, the institute, even individual.
      But Sigma and Fujitsu in this aspect, regardless of the development speed, the machine performance, manoeuvring all are extremely weak, lays out the picture, all must use the RAW files software adjustment only then to have the ideal effect.

      3. Just like the mechanical module, outside the outer covering design production
      sentences 1, 2 says, very many enterprises all have make this kind of matter.

      In brief, the centralized resources, studied devotionally improve X3 CMOS and the lens do not have are wrong.

      • Gibberish Aficionado

        Excellent point!

      • Sebastian

        I like it!
        makes as much sense as many of the usual posts, but intellectually much more stimulating.

      • stanky

        …”now I ask you ladies and gentlemen who could argue with that?”

  • Harold Ellis

    hottest technology…..


    wait for it……


    Quality Control!

  • It will be at least 1 new lens, use photoshop to brighten the banner 😉 Surprise!

  • Nathan

    Sigma announces it when they can’t build it, doesn’t build it when it can, and then prices it at 7900 so you won’t buy it when they do build it. This is what they do when faced with stiff competition. The SD1 is roughly equivalent to the D7000 at 5x the cost and without the low light capabilities.
    Don’t build more SD series cameras. It’s a waste of time. They’re making themselves look silly and incompetent the more of them they build.

    • NathanSucks

      Nathan obviously is = a douchebag. He has never touched and used the SD1 but already making comparisons with the NikonD7000. If you have used both of them, i guarantee you will not say what he says.

      • Harold Ellis

        well it sure is closer to D7000 minus performance then to D700. with all disadvantages of crop sensor.
        look at amazon how (those available) sigma product ends. bundled at 1/3 price or less

  • Carlos

    Oh, wow. If they’d present a high-ISO DP without the shitty banding issues of the Foveon chip, that’ll be great, superb.

    Sigma, please fix the DP foveon for high ISO!!! I hate to take pix @ ISO100 -2.5 !!

    The camera is nice at all other areas, well, it could be faster, though.

    • Thomas

      weird, my DP2 works fine up to ISO200 and ISO400 is still usable.
      Its the perfect, shiny-weather-camera. For low-light you should use another one.

      For me, that works.

  • should be interesting waiting for 200-600 f.5.6 zoom

  • Sigma 35mm F1.4 EX DG HSM… please!


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