Fuji X-Pro1 will start shipping on February 18th in Japan, price still not confirmed

Fujifilm Japan officially announced the release date of the X-Pro1 mirrorless camera for the Japanese market: February 18th, 2012. New sample images taken with all three lenses have been uploaded to the X-Pro1 microsite.

Several online stores around the world have listed various prices for the new X-Pro1 products, but Fuji has not yet made an official statement. I already mentioned that the US MSRP will be very close (if not identical) to the already leaked prices on Amazon:

Price for other countries will be slightly higher.

Two new X-Pro1 videos from the Fuji guys:

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  • 007

    Very nice and attractive product.

    Poorly priced.

    • tony wilson

      it ain’t for you..
      plenty a plastic canon and nikon and pink olympus for you fella.
      leave the good stuff to the people that have money and want a state of the art bit of quality technology : )

      behold the konica hexar rangefinder,the leica m8 3/4,the digital contax g2,the minolta cle d1..
      all wrapped up and waiting for me.

      • 007

        Price is relative to its value.

        Ever heard of the nex 7?

        X-pro1 is for dreaming suckers.

    • RonBo

      007…so you are the Supreme Knowledgemaster of the Universe I assume. How would you possibly know the VALUE of the camera. Please…take a break and keep buying your junk, and don’t call enthusiasts and advanced photographers suckers. You’re the sucker. RJ

  • kida

    nice to see a mid Feb release. Hopefully that means hands on reviews of the production model will come sooner.

    also i think you posted the wrong vids…those are from earlier this month. You meant to post the focal plane shutter and aperture demo vids right?

    • oh yea, I just took the first two videos from the link posted on Twitter by the Fuji guys, fixed

  • I agree. It’s overpriced for what it does this late in the digital game. Also, has anyone noticed that photos of people (i.e. skin tones) are oddly missing from the micro site, not to mention just about every other website on the internet.

  • Is that me or the sensor has plenty of smearing and the colors are somewhat ‘plasticy’? I can’t get rid of strange feeling when looking at those images.

  • broxibear

    £1429.00 for the body in the UK
    £549.00 for the 35mm f1.4 R Fujinon
    £549.00 for the 18mm f2 R Fujinon
    £599.00 for the 60mm f2.4 R Macro Fujinon

  • Marko

    The flash sync speed is really disappointing ! Just 1/125.

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