Fuji X-Pro1 firmware update v1.01 released for camera and lenses

As previously reported, Fujifilm released firmware update v1.01 for the X-Pro1 mirrorless camera and lenses. Here is the list of changes:

  1. Reduction of chattering noise from iris of lenses in shooting mode.
  2. Improvement of phenomenon that parallax compensation does not work under condition of manual focus with OVF bright frame mode.
  3. Improvement of phenomenon that OVF quality as low visibility due to too bright OVF under the condition of power save mode during pressing the shutter button halfway.
  4. Improvement of phenomenon that delete function does not work after viewing continues shooting mode images.

Important: you must also update also the lens firmware for every single X-Pro1 lens that you own. Update the body firmware first, then the lenses. All firmware updates can found here.

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  • Michael Switzer

    Anyone having problems updating lens firmware from their Mac?

    • eric

      nope. Just drag the dat file to the FRESHLY formatted memory card(iformat mine using disk utility). Hold DISP button while turning the camera on.

      Rinse and repeat for the lens firmware updates as well:)

      hope this helps.

      • Michael Switzer

        Thanks Eric, but I’d already done that several times as well as downloading the 35mm lens update 3 times. I kept getting a message on the back of the camera that the firmware update was not found and turn off camera. So after posting my original question I called fuji directly. I was told that I wasn’t the first with this problem and they would e-mail me the update which they did and bingo everything went as planned. With all updates installed no more clacking and I believe faster more accurate focusing in OVF. Also I haven’t received the 60mm lens yet but the Fuji guy says the update will probably be installed when it is released.

    • no problem here – updated the body and the 18+35mm lenses from a iMac without any issues

  • Michael Switzer

    Just received my 60mm Macro. Same problem. Camera would not recognize the update downloaded from the Fuji website and transferred to an SD card. Fuji customer support emailed me the update which worked fine. Somewhat less focus searching in macro low light situations but I haven’t had a chance to do serious tests. So far outstanding IQ. But when will Adobe release a Raw conversion. Please Adobe we really, really need it.

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