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"You cannot believe what’s about to come down the photographic pike. Trust me: If you’re in the market for a small camera with astonishing photographic results, hold off for a few weeks."

The article appeared online after the Sony RX100 was announced.

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  • jarda

    Thinner and improved? Apple should take example from Nokia, they have always made best phone cameras. And the best is never thin.

    • Henri108

      It’s true, I just have the nokia lumia 800 and the camera is amazing! A lot better then the one of my stupid iphone4 i used to have…

  • high end and olympus in one sentence lol

    the corporate “last stock owners friendly” corporate BS talk is really funny

  • What What could David Pogue be talking about? The Sigma DP2 Merrill? The Leica mirrorless camera? Perhaps there was a delay and it’s really the Sony RX100?

    Personally, I wish it would be something professional from Lytro….

    • Harold Ellis

      i dont think that sigma have enough moneys paying David so much moneys he would said it with straight face

    • slight letdown

      I was curious about what camera he was talking about and read the comments. He replied to someone’s guess that it was indeed the RX100.

  • I used to have such respect for Rollei

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