More images of the Fujifilm X-E1 mirrorless camera

Few more images of the Fujifilm X-E1 mirrorless camera courtesy of digicame-info:

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  • Images don’t show here…

    • Now yes… great looks, this silver version. Maybe slightly more compact than the X-Pro1?

      • mythbuster

        A lot smaller, as you can easily see comparing relative sizes of mount and hot shoe. For me, good news.

  • outkasted

    Omg…So sweeet!

  • ger

    would buy if add IBIS + swivel LCD

    • Paul

      While IBIS would be great let’s first speed up the AF system.

    • shooter


  • Aquaboi

    This is my next camera. Bye Nikon.

    • fjfjjj

      Enjoy the crappy handling.

      • E

        ?? Why would you say that? U havent handled it have u?? As an owner of an xpro1,x100,gw690ii,canonf1,canon tlb, canon 7d,nikonf100,nikonf5,d80,d90,d700 and d800…. Handling is in the eye, or the hands, of the beholder…. My fav cam of all of these is my x100.

        • fjfjjj

          I’ve handled the X-Pro1. Looks similar enough.

          I am the owner of an RB67, RZ67, Mamiya 7, 501C/M, M6, M7, IQ180, a Speed Graphic, and a Diana. So what?

          • I am the owner of an RB67, RZ67, Sinar f2, Sinar p2 and an old 80Kg full metal 13x18cm large format camera on stand, and I will love sooooo much to have the XE-1 in my hands ;D what ever the handling !!!

  • BdV

    Gosh, looks like quality, once more.

  • Paul Jay

    I have the X100 and its a great camera, but the autofocus lag is ridiculous on this pricepoint.

  • CS

    Can someone overlay on XP1 in PS using mount to gauge dimensions? I am at work…

  • Whoosh

    It seems as though this model and the upcoming NEX-6 are aimed right at each other.

  • Mark

    So, lets add some Nice and light zoomlenses and Would sell my Mft 9-18, 14-150 and 75-300.
    But for now 330g for a 18-55 Looks Rather heavy…

  • Briliant so far…love the x100, and this would be a perfect compliment to the other…some nice glass. and Bob’s your uncle! To be realistic though, camera looks great, both in silver and black, but how will the EFV work? Autofocus? Manual focus? Focus peaking, is this the one I’ve been waiting for? Is it going to have the same image quality of the X100/XPro1? Let’s see, but I would pay a $1000. for this, IF its right.

  • I like a lot of things on this camera, but somethings that Mr Fuji keep from the x100 & the xpro1 that i will call “bad taste” or “mistake”…The first one come from the x100: it’s the metal grey shiny sparkle finish! Damn i’m not Paris Hilton, Fuji give me a real metal grey finish please! I sell my grey X100 for the Black limited one because of this!
    The second “mistake” come from the xpro1…You hess it, it’s the fuk#in Grip THAT YOU CANNOT REMOVE! I don’t like this rubber grip that don’t match with the simili-leather finish, i don’t like his shape & i don’t like the fact that you cannot remove it!
    Damn mr Fuji, you doin’ great GREAT work, but please listen a little bit more to your costumers.

    • pooh

      That paint tries to mimic the nickle-plated chrome of the old time, of which the process had been banned in many countries in recent years for environmental reasons. Nothing wrong with that I guess, trying to be “retro” as possible.

      You can remove the grip, however it’s somehow not reversible. Refer to the videos at the end of the page:

      • everbokeh

        Thanxs for the non-grip xpro-1, you make my day man 😉

  • etr brony

    looks great hope this one can focus

    • Ozbaz

      The autofocus is not that bad on the xpro1. I don’t own it but I have played with one and yes it is a bit slower then say the omd or a dslr but not crippling. It would be nicer if it were faster but it is easy to live with

      • Ronan

        A bit slower? The darn thing can’t focus for shit when it gets darker. Fuji dropped the ball completely with the x-pro1 AF.

        OM-D completely beats it, and then some.

        • Ronan…do you even own the camera??? I do. The XPro1 has slow AF…yes, this is well documented. However, it focuses as well in the dark as many other cameras…just slower. More importantly, when it does achieve focus it is bang on…assuming you know what you are doing.

  • camerahell
    • atapee

      It’s tiny, x100 sized, very nice indeed, thank you

  • It looks like X100 and XP1 hooked up for a night of unholy love and this camera is child of.

  • Wonder if it will take XP1 battery or X100 battery. My guess is NP95 battery and comes with a new charger since a few places show NP95 battery charger as discontinued on web.

  • artk

    I wonder how detailed that EVF will be? better be good to justify the – cheaper – absence of an optical one. Otherwise a great, classy line-up, bravo Fuji!

  • DimaK

    yes looks great, but after my experience with the XPro1’s unusibility, Fuji will not get a pre-order from me. AF and EVF must work at least as well as the OMD to get my money. X”Pro”1 is for a “pro” who shoots still subjects only at this point.

  • blackrx

    So glad they implement the automatic eye sensor. Hopefully, there will be more pixel in their EVF so that focusing will be a lot easier! I sold away my Panny GX-1 with LVF2 and the Nokton 25mm F0.95 for this camera! I am aiming for the x100 replacement! Why is there no news of it?!?!

  • X100

    It looks so much like the X100, which I think is great! Don’t mind the lack of OVF since I hardly use it anyway, anymore.

    • blackrx

      I still think HVF is the best innovation that any camera manufacturer can come up with. Sadly, Fuji didn’t fully utilized that potential. Hopefully, they will do that on their Higher end X-pro series and “X-200”! Still gunning on the replacement!! Where are the news?!?!

  • focus peaking please?

  • Ozbaz

    The thing that bugged me about the xpro1 was the slow refresh rate on the evf. The autofocus was good enough for me but that evf lag was irritating. Great images though. I hope this new body fixes the evf lag.

  • mythbuster

    Anybody knows it has a diopter correction? I can´t see it. For me, very important. I´m afraid they want to sell a limited number of correction lenses as with XPro 1 instead…

    • mythbuster

      Reply to myself: it has one in the left side of the eyecup… 😉

  • Alan Watson

    I have been stalling on a selection of a stand bye camera to use my M lenses. It looks like my only wait now is the release of this camera.

  • bidou
    • bidou

      woops, too late

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