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Fujifilm X-E1 explained

The Fuji Guys published several videos on how the new X-E1 mirrorless camera (body: $999, kit: $1399) compares to the X-Pro1, X100 and other models – worth watching if you are considering buying the camera:

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Hoocap’s 2-in-1 lens hood and lens cap solution

Hoocap has a new product that combines a lens hood and a lens cap into one clever device. The pictured Hoocap is for the Sony NEX 16mm lens, but the company is developing also similar products for Leica, Canon and Nikon lenses. The Hoocap is available on eBay for $49 (currently only for Canon lenses).

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Kenko Tokina’s new macro ring flash KSR-EF10 Soluis

Kenko Tokina announced a new macro ring flash KSR-EF10 Soluis. The price in Japan is set to ¥18,300 (around $230).

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Rumors: Canon’s 46MP camera will be a 1 series EOS

The rumored 46.1MP Canon DSLR will most likely be a 1 series body (similar to the 1D X and 1D C): In an update to the high MP info, we’re told [thanks] that a camera will eventually appear in a 1D X derived body, in the same way as the 1D C. The information said that the actual designation was not known, […]

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What else is new? [Weekend Digest], the online photo gallery of images captured with Zeiss optics, announced its annual photography contest for 2012. The prize will be provided by Carl Zeiss – the winner of this contest will be given the option of selecting one of the following lenses: Distagon 2.8/25 ZF.2 Distagon 2/28 ZE or ZF.2 Distagon 2/35 ZE […]

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Olympus E-6 could be a m4/3 and 4/3 hybrid camera

Last month Olympus made an official statement that they are working on a new pro body for Four Thirds lenses that will replace the current E-5 (still priced at $1,699.00!). In a recent interview with ImagingResources, Haruo Ogawa (President Olympus Imaging Division) confirmed that the company is working on several different ideas for a E-5 successor, including a Micro Four Thirds […]

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World’s first: Metz Mecablitz 52 AF-1 flash with touchscreen

One product got unnoticed during the Photokina 2012 show – the new 52 AF-1 touchscreen flash from Metz (a world’s first). The flash unit will come in Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic, Leica and Sony versions. The estimated price is around €250. Full specs and features can be found in the press release:

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Sony now owns almost 12% of Olympus

The deal between Sony and Olympus is now official. Olympus will issue 34,387,900 common shares (11.46%) to Sony. Both companies will work together not only on future medical products, but will also collaborate in the camera business – Olympus will share lens and mirror technology with Sony, while Sony will supply sensors to Olympus:

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