First image of the upcoming Samyang 24mm f/3.5 tilt-shift lens

Samyang 24mm f/3.5 tilt-shift lens

This is the first image of the upcoming Samyang 24mm f/3.5 tilt-shift lens courtesy of LensTip. Few months ago Samyang confirmed on Facebook that they will be releasing a new 24mm tilt-shift lens. No other information is available at that point, but my guess is that this lens will be officially announced at the 2012 Photokina show in 3 weeks.

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  • Donji Hogfan

    May the tilt and shift axes be independent

  • Craig

    That is an absolutely terrible photo.

    • Ralph

      Hmm, hope it wasn’t taken with a sample of the lens. Be kind of nice if they made a lens that wasnt already available instead of an also-ran. Why not make a 17TS, which Nikon apparently aren’t able to make, a patent appears the best Nikon can do.

      • “Be kind of nice if they made a lens that wasnt already available instead of an also-ran.”

        It’s the “value” alternative. My only issue with it is how long Canon and Nikon will take to recognise Samyang as a potential threat. I have a bad feeling that they never will acknowledge Samyang’s existence although the latter has made lenses that are just as good, if not better, plainly because they don’t do AF lenses. Imagine that… Samyang will be the real Zeiss in the DSLR world…

        • I doubt Samyang will ever be a threat to anyone. Their quality is in the lowest tier, but they’re happy there so it works for them and the people that buy their equipment.

          • Mike


            I love the internet, it lets idiots of all walks of life pretend to be experts.

            Please do elaborate, armchair expert, I’d love to see all your 100% crops, and real world examples of all Samyang’s lenses being terrible.

            I’d love to see it. Maybe it helps you sleep at night peddling ignorance like crack to an addict.

            Show me some facts, so I don’t have to throw away your jealous misery as just that… sour grapez.

          • Samyang on the lowest tier??
            They are probably one of the best lens producers in the world.
            Their lenses have both AWESOME build and picture quality.
            They only lack AF.
            If you ever tried a 14mm f/2.8 by Samsyang you will see how it blows away all the other (and more expensive) ultrawideangle lenses.

          • D400

            The Samyang 8mm fish is supposed to better than the nikon, not to mention being a third of the price

          • ken

            fools and their money are soon parted.

            samyang lenses are the best value on the market.

        • Not Surprised

          You’ve got to be kidding, “the low-value alternative”. Look, even a low-value alternative can take some difference.

          Be a 20mm — be a 28mm — be a 30mm. For cripes sake, be a 22mm. Do you need to be a 24mm?

          By the way, is it even possible to make a Zoom tilt-shift? Would be pretty interesting if there was such a thing, maybe 20-30/2.8 Tilt-Shift Zoom… cool.

          • Yeah you can have a zoom tilt-shift… in fact, you can do it now. Look in to how tilt-shift works…

      • Forgot to add one more thing…

        “Why not make a 17TS, which Nikon apparently aren’t able to make, a patent appears the best Nikon can do.”

        “Aren’t able to make” is a strong statement. Looking at what even brandnew companies like Samyang are doing, I highly doubt the lack of a PC-E 17mm on the shelves has anything to do with Nikon’s know-how. They probably just don’t want to admit that Canon’s one-of-a-kind lens is also really cool. Same goes for Canon and Nikon not trying to match various Sigma lenses that are popular.

        • Frank

          Brand new company? I have Samyang lenses made in the ’80s, they weren’t branded Samyang, but you’ll notice a lot of the new ones aren’t either.

          • You’re probably talking about Vivitar… not sure what really happened there with the names being mixed up and all now but the recent “Samyang” lenses are of a completely different league from what Vivitar ever had in the past.

      • Mike

        They obviously don’t think there is a compelling enough market for it.

        Just because 3% of all hobbiests might buy one, doesn’t mean it’s sensical for Nikon to devote the time (and limited resources) for new lens development to it.

        • Not Surprised


          And this is the REAL reason that camera companies copy each other left and right as well — they acquire the sales data (maybe by barcode) — and determine that its “profitable” to make a 70-300 lens, lets say — or a 24mm tilt-shirt — but that its NOT “profitable” to make a 17mm or an 80-400.

          So next thing you know, the market is flooded with x-300mm and 24mm lenses and there are no 74mm or 400mm to be found. The irony is that BUCKING the trend and innovating is what makes a company great. Not copying.

          Lame copy cat mentalities 9 times out of 10 support that 1 stupid or innovative thing that some exec that was a good idea and had to convince others about.

        • Ralph

          Yeah… Well you could say the same thing about the fast 400, 500, 600 and 800. I don’t see any reason to have the 500 and the 600, just the 600 will do.

          Anyway, I was just throwing stones at Nikon coz I’d really like a 17mm. I already have the 24 and 45 PC-E., they are great. Be better if tilt and shift worked independently though.

  • Hells to the yeah!! Finally, I sold my 24mm PC-E around a year ago hoping for this lens. If it’s as good as the 85 and the 35 they offer I will be great. If the price is under $1000 I’ll take it.

    • Ol’B

      Why would you sell the Nikon version of this lens in order to buy a 3rd party version?

      • Many good reasons:

        1. PC-E are manual focus lenses to begin with. There’s hardly anything to lose.

        2. Even “stop-down metering” is not a problem for lenses of this type because when using a wild tilt-shift, you’re likely shooting something slow and boring anyway 🙂

        3. Samyang’s lenses have been just as good, if not better than, what Nikon (and Canon) has delivered. E.g. take a look at how sharp their 14mm f/2.8 is… basically destroys anything Canon and Nikon has, wide open!

        4. Massive cost savings

        • I have not used any Samyang lenses, but I’ve heard nothing but good feedback from people who use them.

    • Surely your comment is a joke. In terms of image quality Samyang are well behind Sigma, let alone anything Nikon can produce. Why would you sell the best wide Tilt/Shift lens available for Nikon a year ago waiting for a low grade 3rd party product? I would suggest if you haven’t missed the Nikon 24mm then you won’t be needing this one either….

      • fgh

        It’s silly to say Samyang are well behind Sigma or Nikon. Their 35mm and 85mm are both exceptional lenses. If you have to justify your overpaying for your lenses by making stuff up that’s fine. But really, awesome lenses, awesome build.

        • lol. Couldn’t agree less. I’ve been all over their offerings – they’re fine on a budget, but that’s where it ends.

          • Petia

            I beg to disagree. I own the 85 f/1.4 and it’s exceptional, when you happen to focus correctly (which is the difficult bit with moving subjects, since it’s MF and has razor thin depth of field (at f/1.4, which is basically the aperture you’ll want to use — otherwise there’s little point in buying this lens).
            I’ve shot truly great portraits with this lens, and you could count the smallest eyelashes, if that’s your favorite sport.

          • ken

            maybe you just suck at manual focus?

      • Nikon Shooter

        You appear to know very little about 3rd party products. Doing a little bit of research before making bold statements never hurt anyone.

      • I agree with what fgh and Nikon Shooter has said.

        It’s bad advertising for your work/website too.

        • lol. Oh dear, sorry, you clearly have the last word on photography and lens choice oh wise one. Don’t make me laugh.

          • Yes… out of the two of us, I _am_ the wise one because I don’t try to push my reasoning through name-calling.

            Even more bad publicity for your work.

          • Reilly Diefenbach

            You’re a pretty good photographer, Russ, although not as good as you and your amanuensis tashley think you are. You’re out on a limb and sawing hard on this one.

      • befocus

        samyang lenses are on par with top of the line Nikon lenses, with the difference of the price that is 1/3

        sigma is junk compared to samyang

        • That’s total BS man. I can’t believe the hyperbole from you boys.

      • Jorge

        Sigma? Quality? OMG. Sigma, (like Tamron) is total crapola. Crap. before I purchased my Nikon 85mm F1.4 I had a Samyang 85 F1.4 and it was a fantastic lens. Sharp as a tack, clear, great contrast. I’ve yet to shoot with a sigma or tamron that has any value. Total crapola. And if you own one: I apologize if I offend you — I did not intend to do so — But I call them, as I see them.

  • cool !!
    hope they will build a 17mm TS too !

  • Aaron

    Sold my zooms a few months back in preparation for the transition to landscapes with the D800….Ill be picking this up if its under 1000 dollars as well, which looking at their pricing schedule is likely in my book…

    • I would wait to see some image comparisons first, Samyang are not known for stunning IQ by any stretch of the imagination…

      • aurèle

        Considering the price of their lens, Samyang produce some good lens.

      • Doesn’t sound like you know what “image quality” means.

        Let me help you out with your homework. See the reviews below:

        Hope you know how to read them…

        • It’s very simple – my standards are clearly higher than yours. And I don’t need websites to tell me anything about a lens – I suggest you pick one up and try it instead of blindly telling the world how marvellous you think Samyang is. But then again I’m guessing I hurt your feelings because you bought one and couldn’t afford anything else. You should have saved your money.

          • Nathan

            Why attack someone’s wealth or character because you disagree with them?

            I don’t understand…

        • I think you need to revisit what you think are excellent reviews. The 85 scores 2 for optical quality. These are not good lenses. The 14mm that the guy further up said “destroyed” Canon and Nikon has so much distortion it’s literally off the chart. You guys REALLY need to pick up a pro lens – if these were truly credible offerings the top pros would be using them. I guarantee they are not. Why you’re trying to pretend that these are better than the Nikon equivalents is beyond me, but your comments are just not credible 🙂

          • Sotir

            genotypewriter is just a teenager reading internet reviews and proving how ignorant he is. He probably doesn’t even have a dSLR. Wannabe photographer. The Samyang 14mm f/2.8 is one of the worst wide angle lenses ever. I have it. I swapped 3 lenses and none of them is up to standard. At least they are no good on APS-C and worse on FF, but they might make a good iphone lens accessory. The 85mm f/1.4 is OK-ish though.. Sick of hearing people talk about how good or bad something is but never even owning the product.

          • Sotir

            The TAMRON 24-70 f/2,8 VR was also recommended by trolls in these forums(canon section). I was almost convinced it might be “OK” so I purchased it and after swapping 2 of them, i promised myself i’d never ever buy Tamron again. It is not good enough for pro work! I find it funny, but also irritating when trolls put up reviews of lenses without providing sample images, simply making up their decision on some reviews they have read and giving misleading information to other people. That Tamron i’m talking about has even more distortion than this Samyang and you can’t get rid of the vignette at f/11 and there is no possible way to stop the flare… I guess the only way to have an idea of what you should expect from a camera or lens is to buy it… The ever growing number of “reviewers” is a plague, don’t get caught up in it.

        • I’m sorry Nathan. When someone tells me I don’t know what I’m talking about in the way that Mr know it all BS does here, I’m going to reply in the same vein. It’s not me that needs to learn to read.

  • arturo sanchez

    I like it because it seems that it does not have electronic iris,then the Nikon F-mount lens version will be suitable for Canon via adaptor also.But at least would be nice to have a button for preview and focus purposes (open the iris automatically).
    The build construction seems to be as good as the other Samyang lenses.
    But with this terrible photo is impossible to know if the lens has two separate axis.
    The only thing that worries me about this “cheap” tilt and shift lens is the image quality.But even the Nikkor 24 PC-E is the shit.The perfect 24 tilt and shift lens is the Canon 24 TS-E II

    • “But at least would be nice to have a button for preview and focus purposes (open the iris automatically).”

      That’s bad technique…

      • arturo sanchez

        Yes but life is hard by itself lol

  • Timo

    That’s the best news on this rumors since the announcement of the D800 + D4!
    Nikon seems increasingly just care for the numbers of pieces sold as the recent product introductions reveal. All the more specialized products have to stand in line for long or get abandoned (like it seemingly happens with the D300s successor)
    There are so many lenses being desired from the more “serious” shooters for good reasons, like an update of Nikon’s PC-E line plus a 17mm PC-E, the often discussed 80-400 successor, the patented 135/1.8, the likewise patented 16-35/2.8, a 24-70/2.8 with VR and internal zoom etc. etc.
    Now that Samyang has the balls to get into the tilt-shift league I wish them well and wish us, that they really create an as-good or even better lens IQ than the Nikon.

    For those who do not want to dish out the cash for a Nikon 14/2.8 or a Zeiss 15/2.8 the Samyang 14/2.8 is a pretty good alternative at least from stopped down to f 4.0. So chances are, that they are doing a good 24 TS too. Let us see.

    • “I wish them well and wish us, that they really create an as-good or even better lens IQ than the Nikon.”

      Well that’s not that difficult not is it? 🙂 Nikon’s offerings in the TS department has been fairly sub-par throughout, even with their recent PC-E offerings. Beating Canon would be the task…

      • Rather than spouting what you don’t know about Nikon’s lenses I suggest you learn some better technique in your own images first first. I’ve just been through your Flickr Stream – try focussing accurately and not blowing highlights for starters – drop me a line for some tips.

        • Mike M

          Russ maybe you should spend less time bashing Samyang lenses and the work of others and more time doing something useful. I swear this is about your 10th comment and all the ones I’ve seen have been insulting or inflammatory or both.

  • Andy

    There is rumoured to be a new Schneider w/a T/S lens being launched at Photokina, but it will cost more than the Nikon or Canon equivalents. If only Zeiss would introduce a set of T/S lenses 🙁

    • arturo sanchez


  • Winter007
    • Mat

      Boom, Thank you winter007.

      • The Nikon beats both when it comes to auto-focus. This is a stupid comparison. How many fails will you get with a frame manually focussed at f/1.4 on anything other than a dead dog?

        • umesh

          By that reasoning zeiss and leica are absolute trash as are all old manual lenses. I wonder if old timers could actually get any sharp image in their lifetime. These manual lenses are not for sports or for people who don’t trust their eyes nor are they for lazy and impatient people. these are for people who want to do it all themselves and do it better than machine. In short for photographers.

        • ken

          your mental gymnastics are only slightly less impressive than your ability to pedal backwards… 😉

    • EnoughBSAlready

      Numbers DO lie. The trouble with these “reviews” is, they convince some armchair experts and they in turn propagate their “knowledge” through the internet. Nothing worse than that for a sound market, until the purchasers actually use the “magnificent” products.
      DxO and Photozone are about as pointless as it gets, those nerds have obviously never taken a photo themselves, or they just don’t care.

      • Absolutely. And the Nikon 35mm 1.4G is a case in point. The rendering on that lens and bokeh are just staggering. Being infinitely sharp wide open isn’t the be all and end all of a lens, there are so much more to a lens than that – people who swallow numbers from forums and clearly don’t get out much are just showing vast amounts of ignorance here. And I also don’t believe these DxO numbers – there is no way that Samyang 35mm outresolves the Nikon 35 1.4G at f/8 across the frame. No way. I’ve had both in my hands, whether anyone on here believes it or not, and there is NO comparison in build quality, sealing, IQ, rendering, bokeh or otherwise. There’s a reason why the Samyang lens is priced the way it is, it’s because it’s not worth any premium – is there some sort of belief that Samyang are merely undercutting the price from the likes of Nikon, Canon or Zeiss but they are somehow producing an equivalent product? Time for some of you to get real and take off those rose-tinted specs. At least Samyang know their price point – look at Sigma – they have tried to force the market price of their products upwards for years and the market doesn’t buy; lens after lens, body after body they get such massively discounted because they rarely if ever compete where it counts. Yet, there’s a reason why Nikon and Zeiss lenses even as second hand used products hold their price or even increase in value; it’s all about IQ and build and having a compelling product.

        • umesh

          I guess maybe your copy of samyang performed so badly because you weren’t clicking a picture of a dead dog!

  • Moulin

    I also have owned both Nikon and samyang 35mm f/1.4 and I can confirm that the resolution of the Sam is absolutely fantastic down to the very edge of frame even at f/1.4. I’ve never seen anything like this in all my life. Really better than the Nikon at any aperture.
    The bokeh though seems to be slightly better for the Nikon. Overall I decided to keep the Sam and sold the Nikkor. (I am a D800 user).
    CAs are definitely better on the Sam.

  • Eric

    As a professional who shoots both Canon and Nokon, and who is familiar with some Samyang lenses, and a lot of what’s been written about them in the trade press, I ipfind if funny all theses folks who claim Samyang lenses are better optically than Nokon and Canin lenses.

    Yes, sometimes in some ways they have a few statistics that are better than any particular Nikon or Canon. For example the Samyang 85mm 1.4 is slightly better wide open than Nikon’s or Canon’s equivalents. But stop them down a bit, and the Samyang lags. Even a speed freak like me love to shoot wide open, bit hardly all the time, I’ll take the Nokon over the Samyang for better overall performance.

    The real question is, are you willing to pay $1,000 or more for AF, electronic compatibility, and better overall performance? For some of us, the answer is most decidedly yes.

  • Eric

    Please excuse the iPad’s tendency to think it can spell better than me. 😉

  • Sergey

    Would be great if samyang could produce more TS lenses, at least such as 17 or 18 mm for interiors similar to Canon ts-e 17mm. I’m architectural photographer, but I shoot on Nikon, so Canon’s product not only too expencive, but also unavailable for using with my system. And I’m not the only one who want to own cheap 17 mm TS lens for Nikon – thats for sure.

  • Julian

    I had a look at the Nikkor PCE lenses at their last expo – and whilst I can see that these are awesome lenses – their prices are also pretty awesome. For me a PCE lens will be for experimentation – and the Nikon price tag was just too high for that. If this Samyand tilt shift is reasonably sharp – I’ll almost certainly give it a go.

  • Mr_Splinter

    To the person wishing for Zeiss t/s lenses, they are already available. A company called Hartblei does a range of t/s lenses using Zeiss optics called ‘Super-rotators’. Interestingly Zeiss has officially sanctioned the partnership.

    Regarding nikon’s branded t/s lenses, i have recently read a number of pieces discussing poor performance of the 24mm on the d800 body. It seems that the extremities of the lens’ image circle are unusably soft for a sensor of that resolution, ie – shift is rendered useless with this lens/body combination. Can anyone here display some of their own samples from this combo to dispel this?

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