Fuji X-Pro1 frame lines do automatically adjust for XF zoom lenses

If you were wondering how the new 18-555 XF zoom lens will work with the Fuji X-Pro1 frame lines, check this video demo from dpreview:

This new feature was added with the latest X-Pro1 firmware update.

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  • Ben

    Pretty nifty…..

    • Je ne comprends pas

      Than the Leica better?Fuji’s hybrid viewfinder mixed electronic images.
      Whether pure OVF lack of dynamic auxiliary lines?Fuji to make up for this shortcoming….

    • JE NE comprends PAS

      Can always work in optical viewfinder mode! Really good!

      Henceforth,I never like to switch to the electronic mode.

  • Je ne comprends pas

    Want to know when the zoom, The 18mm \ 35mm \ 60mm three viewfinder lens also automatically switched yet? Like Leica?

  • Avi

    18-555mm lens?!?!?!?! WOW thats quite a range

  • Mark

    Fuji frikkin rules. They have moved from boring DSLRs to complete badass awesomeness in such a short time. Hopefully the X-series will go full frame and they continue with this viewfinder for a long time.

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