Major Canon DSLR and lens price increase coming tomorrow (UPDATED)

Update: I think there was a misunderstanding in the information I received - there is no Canon price increase coming tomorrow, just that some of the rebates are expiring and Canon (just like Nikon) is starting to enforce their MAP pricing, which will lead to a price increase.

Starting November 1st, 2012 (tomorrow) Canon will increase their prices for DSLRs and lenses in the US, for example:

If you were planning on buying some new Canon gear, you have few hours left before the new prices kick in. Check also the existing instant rebates:

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  • Chris

    pretty misleading title…they aren’t raising prices, the instant rebates are coming to an end and items are returning to their retail price. That of course assumes that stores actually return them to that.

    Also, Canon will likely have a new round of bundle rebates for the Black Friday/Xmas window

  • Miq

    Is not misleading, but is not clear, the 5D Mrk II has a retail price now of $2099 and has a discount of -$400 and according to BH the promotion is going to last util 24/Nov so if the price increase to $2199 the discount is going to continue but with an increase of $100 (to my understanding) we will see tomorrow

    • I could have misunderstood the email I received. I did not realize it was about the rebates expiring. The email I got from B&H was labeled “Major Canon Dslr & lens price increase by tommorow act quick”.

  • Joe Bear

    For some reason, and understandably so, the Nikon/Photorumors guy really is belligerent against anything Canon. If rebates expire, just say the rebates expire instead of waving a flag and saying MAJOR price increases. Same thing with the DXO Mark crap, just stop feeling the need to overcompensate and harp on how Nikon is better than Canon and such. They’re both great brands, so please stop spinning stories and give us the facts without all the connotations and tinges of hate and comparisons. I occasionally check back here now and then, but come on, each post you have on Canon (i.e. last post about the 5d mk iii firmware upgrade to uncompressed hdmi) includes unnecessary slights and veiled remarks. I like the news you provide, just cool it on the bias. Thanks, from a reader who hopes for better from you.

  • beavis

    Good luck Canon! You will need it…
    Panasonic with GH3, Blackmagic and Sony is looking forward for your overpriced “C” cameras and Nikon with D600, D800 and D4 for your expensive photo equipment…

  • Nishi Drew

    Thanks Canon, I just made up my mind to buy a used 5DmkII, I have too many lenses to switch, they’re mostly sigma lenses in Canon mount though…

    • Pablo Ricasso

      This news will be sure to cure their slump in profits!
      Nishi, I suppose you would have some trouble selling used Sigma that was made for Canon. And from a Canon hater who is wary of Sigma, A used 5D2 is probably the best choice you could make if you are aren’t switching. The two models that cut above it don’t do so by enough of a margin to be worth the price and it is worlds better than any cropped camera they have produced. It will take a long, long time before the camera is worth less than a thousand bucks, so there is little risk in your choice.
      Most of your Sigma lenses will be at their worst in the corners, but the pixel pitch is enough that they will have to be REALLY bad before you notice much and the centers will seem vastly improved. Another thing about the Sigmas is that the colors they render >>>on a good day<<< is somewhat like that of an old Nikon lens. On a bad day they act like a Tamron does on a bad day. If you sometimes prefer the colors of your Sigma lenses you might consider switching to any other brand. However, as time passes the difference in colors of the newest lenses will likely continue to narrow. While I find the colors of many old Canon lenses to be undesirable, particularly in combination with the sensor, I note that the colors are all over the board, varying from lens to lens. This is not as much the case with Nikon, Sigma, or most other brands I am familiar with. My favorite Sigma is the 100-300f4. They make good macro lenses.

  • jg

    Samy’s in SoCal has the 5DII body for $1799 if you buy a Pixma Pro-1 printer with it. $200 is markdown and $200 is an AMEX gift card. Prices are good until November 7th.

  • Banksie

    The value of the yen is still a big issue for all Japanese manufacturers. It’s not easy to maintain profitability.

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