First image of the Samsung NX300 mirrorless camera?

I received this blurry image of what appears to be the new Samsung NX300 mirrorless camera which already briefly appeared on the company's website a month ago. The NX300 will be the replacement of  the NX210 model. For reference: the back of the camera looks different then the current NX1000 and NX210:

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  • Renato S.

    Wow. The video recording button seems to be in the same problematic place as the Sony NEX – 7.

    • Given the blurry image the camera doesn’t look bat. Is that an articulated screen I see on the NX300? The video button appears to be up and behind that hump so it shouldn’t be bumped. I don’t have a problem with it on the NX200, there is generally enough space to rest your thumb without hitting it.

    • Sky

      This whole thing looks like direct copy od NEX 5 series.
      God… Samsung is just beyond horrible. Not only they shamelessly copy Apple, but now Sony? Thank god I don’t have anything from them. I’d feel like a fool supporting company doing things like that. (that said: I don’t have iPhone either nor NEX)

      • How is it a direct copy of NEX series? Samsung has been making mirrorless longer than Sony. I don’t think the NEX 5 has an ISO hotshoe, a mode dial, or as many direct manual controls? The shape is not even similar.

      • tem

        Sky is a fool right now. Samsung, Blackberry, Palm, Kyocera, etc. were making smartphones before Apple even knew what one was. Apple is the ultimate copier of products. They do make them look cuter for girl appeal though by having translucent candy colors and lil soft shaded icons and such.

        Sony was one of the first digital camera companies. Everyone followed their lead in this market, not only Samsung. grow up Sky.

  • legoland

    if it has a new sensor, then it’s a sure buy. otherwise I’ll keep my nx 1000.

  • Instead of trying to be like Japanese Sony by releasing too many bodies wish they released top notch lenses like their own Korean Samyang. If the lenses have anything to claim, people will not care about the bodies… see Leica for example.

    • Zaph

      100% agreed geno! Some of those original models they prototyped had real guts and looked like they would have been great products. Instead of having faith in their own abilities, they do a direct copy of the NEX series.

  • 직업이라쓰고Read시대감각

    hey, finally found real source ^^;;

    Good Luck

  • ausserirdischegesund

    NEX Gangnam style!

    • yugi

      NEX appeared after Samsung NX, AFAIK

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