Canon teaser in France, new rumored EOS 7D Mark II specs

Canon  camera teaser

Canon France published the above teaser on their Facebook page with the text “Soon, we will share information that will change the way you look at the world”. The new product (obviously some kind of a camera) will most likely be announced during the 2013 CES show in early January.

Here is a new set of specs for the upcoming Canon EOS 7D Mark II camera (slightly different from the previous rumors):

  • 21MP sensor
  • 10 fps
  • Dual Digic 5 or 6 processor
  • ISO range: 100-25600
  • February announcement, April 2013 shipment
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  • Hiffle

    From the picture, it appears it will be a) a camera with an articulated screen, b) movie features (slow-mo?) or very fast frame rates, c) very good low-light performance, and d) a very small (d5100-size) body. Might be a mirrorless, or a vey small dslr.

    • “From the picture, it appears…”

      Also from the picture I predict there’ll be threesomes involved…

    • FG

      Don’t talk bullsh*ts – it will be new Canon’s line of DSLR lytro cameras.

  • Xoden

    Cute girl

  • Puffle

    I think it is more of a camcorder than a dslr. look at the way her hand is. i dont knw abt you but i dont hold my dslr like tht ever…

  • Xoden

    The way she holds her hand is more suitable for self-shot with something like MV800.

  • John

    who cares about any new Canon camera… seriously, 10 years ago yes,

    but not anymore

    • riches

      someone does really have a clue about the camera business! hire him!

  • s. p

    The best thing about Canon is color banding at all ISOs.

  • alex

    the shape on that white paper behind him does look like a lytro, but i’d rather see new type of camcorders, with wide angle lenses

  • pointshooter

    I guess it’s a hairdryer. 🙂

  • scott800

    you hold a DSLR like that when it has a “twist” screen

  • NRA Advocate

    Canon’s are all crap. Everyone with half a brain knows this.

    Long live Nikon!

  • no, it must be something else. A bigger better lytro? the poster on the back of the teaser would be pretty similar. And the way she’s holding the “camera” too.
    “change the look at the world”, a simple camera couldn’t just change the way we do it, that would need something pretty revolutionary and completely different from other cameras.
    So my take on this? A canon lightfield with video capabilities and a pretty high lightray count (read:megapixels in lightfield photography), making it capable of taking actual usable images.

  • John Baxter

    Who cares my 5D Mark II is the one for my wedding photography in central coast

  • Dave

    The barstool has legs, the new camera will have a built in tripod.

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