First rumored Sony NEX-7n mirrorless camera specifications


Those are the first rumored specifications for the upcoming Sony NEX-7n mirrorless camera:

  • New 24 MP APS-C sensor with 1/2 stop improvement and increased dynamic range
  • 3.8 million dot EVF
  • Touchscreen
  • Hybrid Contrast and Phase Detection AF
  • Tri Navi design reviewed
  • Improved focus peaking with choice of colors
  • Wi-Fi
  • No built-in GPS
  • Same size and form factor of the current NEX-7 but with a minor design changes
  • Announcement will probably be in early April, released in May

The Sony NEX-7 was announced in August, 2011 and currently sells with a $200 instant savings.

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  • Starfires

    Sounds very attractive, not to mention comprehensive, offering the touch-screen and EVF on the same camera, not sure why they left this useful feature off the NEX6?

    A higher-reolution EVF sounds especially promising, I’m not a fan of those out today, even the best of them look very grainy. Carry on like this, add some modular grips and DSLRs really won’t be neccessary.

    • Nawksi

      Their graininess may be due to implementation by that particular manufacturer, especially in low light. I think Sony’s NEX-7 has an excellent EVF, but I suppose this will be lightyears ahead.

      • Starfires

        I have to admit to only trying it out in fluorescent lit trade shows and camera shops. There it looks really bad, though no doubt useful and a lot better under natural lighting. Sony drew a lot of flak for the EVF in the A99, maybe this will be better competition for OVFs.

        What’s even more exciting for me is such an EVF featuring on other mirrorless cameras, like the m4/3 I use. I expect ones equal to the best OVFs are still a few generations away, but each step brings us closer to that inevitable move.

        • Nawksi

          I think Sony’s NEX-7 EVF is noisy because it uses a fast refresh rate, and this is a deliberate choice by Sony. The only way to increase EVF sensitivity is to increase the sensor gain (ISO), or slow down the refresh rate so that they can use a lower ISO as well. However, then you’d complain about motion blur.

          Anyway, I have an OVF on my Fuji X- cameras to avoid all of this!

  • Nawksi

    That EVF is going to look ridonkadonk.

  • Marc

    No built-in GPS now that’s a feature. Sadly my fridge also has it.

    • Aaron


  • newoldmate

    Having researched Sony NEX cameras recently and deciding on an NEX-6 purchase soon, i think sony will improve on the 7 by quite a bit more. Despite the lower MP, the 6 is considered superior to the 7 in almost every way, so i think the new 7 will need more then a few improvements if it is to clearly out class the previous 7 and the new 6. If these specs are true though, then it might be a sign of a full frame NEX.

  • digipix

    Hope it works better with M glass than 7 did. If it does, I might consider it. And add the GPS with option to turn it off.

    As for viewfinder, increase the refresh and brightness. Resolution is fine already. But I will not refuse finer EV either.

    AF confirm mode would be nice for MF glass as well.

    Better dynamic range is always welcomed.

  • arado

    Before there built an electric shutter (like Nikon), there is no need to think about this new “creation”!

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