Hasselblad Lunar mirrorless camera to be rereleased next month


AP reports that Hasselblad is on schedule to release their Lunar mirrorless interchageable lens system camera in April, 2013. The camera is basically a glorified Sony NEX-7 (which soon will be replaced) that was developed in a new design centre in Italy. Here are the camera's basic specifications:

  • 24.3MP APS-C sensor inside
  • 25 AF points
  • ISO range: 100 to 16000
  • 10 fps
  • Shutter release time lag: 0.02 second
  • 3 in. LCD
  • OLED viewfinder
  • The grip is made out of real wood. The company used carbon fiber, titanium, leather and gold to build this camera.
  • Italian design
  • Sony E and A mounts compatible
  • Price : around EUR 5,000 (around $6,500)
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  • Charly

    Who will buy this Monster?

    The price is very unrealistic…….

    unless those who buy this camera wants to show it as a jewel to hold or take it to the neck like a necklace as …….

    € 5000 for an APS-C!

    Are you mad?

    If I had € 5,000 to burn, I should buy the body of a digital Leica …… !

    Bah! Oh tempora oh mores!

    • Johnny Q

      “If I had € 5,000 to burn, I should buy the body of a digital Leica …… !”
      Then you’re not much different from future Hasselblad Luna owners.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        Haha, so true 😉

      • rangefinder

        As always, those who say do not know. And those who know wont say.

        • Zivko Radovic

          Sure. I guess you are the one ‘in the know’, aren’t you?

    • I really thought that Hasselblad will scratch this project, but they didn’t. They should have at least used the upcoming Nex-7n, not the two years old Nex-7.

      • Karol Wojdyna

        They must have done some market researches that showed there’s enough pimps willing to buy it to make the whole project profitable.

    • Trotalibre

      “O tempora o mores”. It’s latin.

      • bjrichus

        A true corruption of the times. It is so sad to see Hassy go through with this. I suppose there will be a number of buyers for these things, but the question is “Why?”

        The answer to my question?

        It has nothing to do with photography, but profit for the owners of the venerable trade name “Hasselblad”.

  • Hater

    When do the giant discounts start?

  • who would buy this Sony redone camera? at 6500, when I can buy the same Sony NEX 7 camera for 998 on amazon…Hassle..your are 100% a joke!

  • TMP

    i shot with a 501c/m for 10 yrs and LOVED that camera, in fact I still own it. Sad to see such a storied name go down this path.

  • 100% Pure Bullshit

  • Calibrator

    Now in four exciting flavours! Collect them all!

  • Vladik

    Still Eww!

  • Vladik

    Camera for Lady Gaga!

    • Drazen B.

      Not even for her…

  • alvin

    mmh..we , the usual “italians” and the external appearance… … ahah… 😀

    • babola

      One girl says to another…
      Girl 1: “Just met this guy, I think he’s an Italian”.
      Girl 2: “How do you know?”
      Girl1: Well, he looks good but doesn’t work.

  • Charly

    II say “If I had € 5,000 to burn ” ……..But for sure I haven’t this money to spend in one camera and I written a conditional word….. is very illogic….

    just right, cirtap cirtap .

    I am already happy to use my RICOH GXR with 2 M modules and my Sigma SD14, SD15 and DP1….. with his excellent images !


    • Roscoe Patterson

      English, dude…English.

  • Charly

    to Trotalibre

    Yes, latin…. and you understood for ?

    • Trotalibre

      What you wrote is not latin, it’s “O” not “Oh”

  • george

    At that price they can hand make them to order. If they only make and sell 3, there will be plenty of profit margin. If they only make 99 of them, they will be worth 10 times the buy in price in 1 year (look at leica limited M’s).

  • Grev

    Stay away from the game, Hassy, you were classy though, now you seem like an expensive prostitute.

  • beavis

    Hasselblad – cameras for Russian pimps.

    I think this company desperately needs CEO change.

  • I wonder how this camera will look ‘elegant’ and ‘sophisticated’ with every regular Sony lens attached to it.

    • Zograf

      Sony lens for sure will beautify it..

  • Ghacon

    It it looks anything like the above then it’s ‘DOA’.

  • Marco Santa Cruz


  • Merwin

    I predict that this will be the first camera in history that never has a single copy sold to a retail customer.

  • Al

    OMG, I totally forgot about this fiasco – it was the joke of Photokina ’12

  • Hasselblad has only one way to go the 503 CW D , full frame with liveview and Zeiss lenses

  • CJ

    Italian cars is most desirable, Italian designed camera? Not much !

    If this camera is any good, it would be just another me-too product. If IQ is not outstanding (which I don’t believe it would), the bulk of the mess is certainly not desirable compare to Leica’s size.

    • frog

      There were great Italian cameras in the past, some were rivals to Leica in size and function even a 1/2 frame 35 by Ducati (yea the motorcycle maker) that was miniaturized to 2/3 size;. This is not a reflection of them though. It is scary ugly and who knows what. I guess it is just sad knowing the history and function of Hasselblad cameras.

  • Blu

    I think it’s absolutely beautiful. I would like to have one. I can’t wait to see the full frame DSLT. It’s 2013, we’re in a different time now. Go Hasselblad!

  • Nobody Special

    Hasselblad had a start in the right direction with their X-Pan – which likely would have been awesome in digital. They lost their way – Ventizz Capital Fund IV, LP, a private equity investor advised by Swiss- and Germany based Ventizz Capital Partners AG.

    Anyone who thinks these ‘new owners’ have a clue has been smoking to much ‘wacky-tobaccee’. This is all about Hasselblad being ‘purchased’ by a group of heavily-wealthy greedy types that will want a return on their investment.

    Of course they don’t have clue that the way they’re doing it more than likely won’t work. IF they come out with a rangefinder type similar to the X-Pan, then they may have a chance.

    In the meantime the name will will live on with the excellent new and many used market Hasselblad V system cameras, or the H system wheteher that will be anough to keep them going is the biggest question.

  • Roscoe

    Somebody at hasty be smokin crack

  • Mike


  • newoldmate

    Some ugly shit right there. What kind of moron pays 6 times more for an NEX-7 that looks like it was pimped by an indian taxi driver?! I bet the marketing tard that came up with this got a nice big bonus.

  • Kim Kartrashian

    Ooh! A blinged-out Sony for the Dumb Ass set with too much $ and sh*t for brains.

  • From what I heard Hasselblad had a well functioning digital department up until a change in ownership about 10 years ago. The new owners somehow decided that this digital development thing was to costly and the profit debatable so the department was closed. Bad move…very bad move. Who knows where Hasselblad and indeed the whole medium format market had been today if the owners had focused on photography instead of making money. No one will ever know I guess.

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