Sony full frame NEX mirrorless camera rumors intensify

For years many readers have been asking for a compact mirrorless full frame camera and it seems that finally Sony is getting ready to release one. This is not a big surprise after what the company was able to do with the RX1 in terms of camera size and image quality. Here is the recap of the rumored Sony full frame NEX mirrorless camera specifications:

  • The price of the camera body will be under $3000
  • The full frame NEX camera will be the first E-mount model with an on sensor 5 axis image stabilization

We already know that the Sony E-mount can support a full frame sensor.

In the past Sony has filed several patents for full frame mirrorless lenses (at least one of them was designed for a curved sensor).

Update: few readers have also mentioned that Sony already has the VG900 camcorder hat has a full frame 24MP sensor with interchangeable E-mount and can shoot RAW still photographs.

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  • Tv

    I am really looking toward to see what they come up with. With Zeiss lenses it might be a digital contax rangefinder style camera. It is unlikely to be a true range finder- rather it will likely have autofocus but still having a competitor to Leica using Zeiss lenses has the potential to be fantastic.

  • 103David

    Well, finally…something that I may actually be able use with my full frame real, honest-to-god Leica lenses. And not have to pay a ba-zillion buckaroos for a 27-cent plastic name-plate on a $19.95 plastic body made somewhere in the fifth-world.
    I can’t wait.

  • Martijn

    this combined with video autofocus would be a killer setup. Still too expensive for a simple amateur as myself though

    • Calibrator

      Wrong! It’s exactly meant for “simple amateurs”.They only have more money than you.

  • BklynPigeon

    The Viewfinder and real time manual focus will Always be an issue with the mirrorless market…

    • The running costs and insurance will always be an issue with luxury sports cars. Multitudes of racers are now switching to Prii to counter this issue.

      Moving on to reality… what on Earth is “real time manual focus”? Can’t remember ever having to fill a form and put a request in to the camera when I wanted to focus.

      • Dpablo Unfiltered

        I think he wants to be sure that the lens can be turned like a knob on your old sound system rather than be a push button kind of thing.
        You naysayers DO realize that this thing your naysaying is inevitable. No?

      • zoetmb

        Now that one is easy: real time manual focus is when I focus manually, I focus in real time, not in fake time and not in compressed time.

        And as far as filling out a form to focus, I may not be filling out a form, but when my DSLR hunts, I may as well have. I now have it so that the camera calls my cell phone when it finally finds the focus point. Of course, by then, the subject has moved on and it’s focused on a bottle of ketchup.

  • dannybuoy

    Wonder if they have M mount lens compatibility on their roadmap or if they will just concentrate on shifting Sony lenses? All I know is that if this can handle M lenses then they’ll have a sure fire hit on their hands.

    • Seeing how Sony has been openly and actively supporting Nex users who use 3rd party lenses, I can’t see why you should have such concerns.

      • longzoom

        I believe that Sony is pushing to do so by lack of its own lenses. Look at the amazing NEX 7 – 2 or 3 lenses which are not killing by its sensor. I think they will not repeat so terrible mistake with new system.

        • Any system can have more lenses… on that note Olympus is fantastic. But with Nex I really can’t see what the terrible mistake is. They have a decent range of lenses now. I do wish the Nex 7 had the 16MP sensor instead of the 24MP one because of the colour shifts and stuff.

          • longzoom

            So they have NEX 6 now. I still think the NEX 7 is not the system even today, nobody has heard about all-around 18-200 zoom for NEX 7, to cover that sensor to its extremes.

    • Dpablo Unfiltered

      That’s what I want. Tilt shifting mirrorless.

    • jk

      even Sony bans it , I am sure some one will make M adapter and G adapter for this upcoming NEX9.
      and I think literally you can mount any lens on that one , of course via an adapter, though.

  • babola

    Not with the existing E-mount guys. The mount will have to be drastically altered to accommodate a full frame lens flange in front of the sensor.

    Sony “solved” that issue on RX1 by integrating a good part of the back of the lens inside the camera body (basically the lens is pushed further in), hence a non-removable lens design on the RX1.

    Let’s hope for the best, but I won’t be so sure they could deliver a full frame sensor/lens combo in such a thin body NEX cameras are so famous for.

    • Carlo Penstacchi


    • That’s an excellent impersonation of a stupid person. Bet you’ll hear from the Academy soon.

      The Sony VG-900 is a full-frame camera with the E-mount. Also have you heard of the Leica M mount and lenses? A few things for you to check out…

      The RX1 had to do what it did because Sony wanted to make the camera as compact as possible.

      And what the heck is a “full frame lens flange”? There’s no such thing.

      • JakeB

        You’re quickly establishing yourself as a forum idiot, and it goes quite well for you, genotype.

        Before you attack others, go and check your facts first. VG-900 is a video camera, and while sporting the E-mount it’s nowhere near the physical dimensions (depth) of the NEX camera.

        And babola is right, the flange to sensor distance on the full frame camera is a lot longer than a NEX body would allow without some modification, either in the lens mount or the overall camera body depth.

        Every time you post rubbish like the one you posted above it just proves you know very little about things you spew on this forum.

        • Roscoe Tanner

          He’s still learning, cut him some flack. But the rudeness towards others he’s been so known for shouldn’t be tolerated on any forum, including rumors ones.

          • Roscoe Tanner

            slack…not flack

          • Speaking of learning, you still haven’t learned how to register a username. Do it and stand by your word instead of changing it every time you make a post and soil your credibility.

        • Mars Observer

          The VG900 is optimized for video, but does in fact shoot 20MP stills as well. You can find/view many sample images online.

        • And all you have demonstrated is that you don’t have the minimum 2-digit IQ requirement that google expects from its users to search a bit about what I know before you talk. Seriously… do the homework on someone before you attack them or it looks ridiculous on you.

          As Mars Observer said, the VG-900 is essentially a stills camera in a camcorder’s body. Haven’t you seen people use full-frame Leica M mount lenses on that camera? Again… go to a computers for seniors class or something and learn how to use a search engine LOL

          • Phillip C

            What a load bollix. You first need to learn how to read first before you attack others. Only then you would understand that you can’t compare the VG-900 that uses a E-mount LA-EA3 adapter for A-mount lenses for a full frame application.

          • Phillip, brainpower-wise animals aren’t as good as humans but they still keep away from trouble because they can sense when something’s wrong. In your case, your sensing power is sub-animal too. Learn the subject before you form an argument or else you’re putting an argument against yourself.

            This has nothing to do with the LA-E-type adapters the A mount. Read the original post. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re the sort that thinks that Pentax’s K-01 is a good idea LOL

        • Ufupuw

          VG900 has the same 24 MP sensor as in A99 and RX1. It shoots still (even still RAWs) just like A99. The flange distance on VG900 is same as on Nex-6 or Nex-5, as VG900 has an E-mount

          • Good point about the VG900. Sony definitely has the technology for a full frame NEX camera. They just need a new line of lenses.

          • Carlo Urbino

            Apples and oranges, sorry. The VG-900 uses an adapter for A-lenses, so that’s not exactly the same as using native E-mount lenses that would give you the full-frame field of view.

            The full-frame NEX will require a brand new lenses for E-mount as mentioned here already.

          • jk

            in fact, the RX-1 sensor is newer improved version of the 24.3 mp sensor in the A99v.
            I think they have different type of micro lens arrangement.

        • Zos Xavius

          He’s rude because people spout off nonsense when they have no idea what they are talking about. What he says is usually mostly correct. Lets look at facts:

          The flange distance is the SAME because it is the SAME mount that uses the SAME lenses. You people just make arguments when you don’t even know what you are talking about!

          Here is what Mark Weir from Sony had to say:

          ““Well, I think everyone understands that if we can make the VG900, we could make a still camera variant of that.” and “Well, I don’t think it’s really the issue of the flange, although the flange does take up some space of its own. But I think that in the context of a mount system, it’s somewhat impractical to develop a mount system that presumes that there will be a shutter in every lens and there will be no focal plane shutter. I think the real issue is whether or not there is a focal plane shutter, because if there is, then there is a certain degree of flange back distance that’s almost automatic.”

          • jk

            is it from IR(Dave’s site)?

      • mandrake

        “Also have you heard of the Leica M mount and lenses?”

        How can you even compare the two – Leica with M mount and NEX? Do you know how much thicker the Leicas are when compared to slim-bodied NEX cameras?

        There’s a good reason for it, it’s called full frame physics.

        Better check your facts and logic before posting next time, eh…

        Hey, dodo…wake up!

        • “Hey, dodo…wake up!”

          I’m guessing you’re a microFourThirds user. If I ran a site and attracted an audience like you, I’d pull the site and burn down the server room.

          ROFL… Leica M lenses on a Nex won’t be any “thicker” than they are on a Leica M. And are you suggesting that if a Leica M-capable body with a cutting-edge Sony sensor was available for sub-$3000 that people will be bickering like you saying “hmm it’s too thick and doesn’t look like other Nex bodies”? Unbelievable.

          • Dpablo unfiltered

            I was going to study full frame physics but there were budget cuts at the University of Poopular Armchair Mechanisms. But yaah. Somebody look waaaaaay too thick.
            I don’t mind idiots, mostly. But I can’t stand it when they start talking. Especially when they talk authoritatively.

          • Speaking of studying, I think you’d make a fine study for people researching DID/MPD. Beyond that I can’t see you mastering even how to write the same alias twice LOL

          • Dpablo unfiltered

            Oh, Geno. I’m sorry you woke on the wrong side of the bed again for the 12000th time again yesterday.

            HINT: Some people are not happy with some of the things that I have written. (YOU should be able to understand that.) So there is a brilliant fellow who thinks he is very clever and comes on here using my name and claims that he has been on here for years and screams at me to stop using his name.

            I suppose that I could register, but I’ve heard that makes my identity vulnerable. I don’t care enough to ascertain whether or not that is true, so I change my name. I was Pablo Ricasso and then I was no longer Pablo Ricasso. After that I was Pablo Ricasso returned. A couple of times I was the actual Pablo Ricasso. Then I was Pablo Ricasso again and for brief durations I was other minor variants. Then I just went with Dpablo and I like it. That someone is concerned enough to be imitating me actually speaks well. Who imitates YOU? Erkel?

          • jk

            so do you.
            you talk like you are the head of some Boston university when you do not even understand what you are actually talking about or to whom you are opening your mouth up to.

          • jk

            well said sir!

        • Sahaja

          Yes, and as soon as you put a M-mount adapter on a NEX it is just as “thick” as a Leica.

          There is no problem with a short flange focal length since you can always move glass further away from the sensor.

          • jk

            right, put the crappy chinese apapter then the NEX will be a bit thicker than the M.

          • Dpablo unfiltered

            NO>That’s too complicated. What did you say? I can’t understand. Etc…

            Oh and for the generally impaired audience that really was sarcasm…

          • jk

            not like that, I meant the actual size of M lenses are usually smaller than equivalent E lenses of APS-C.
            so if Sony were to make actual fullframe E mount lenses that would have to be much bigger than the M lenses on the Leica M.

          • Sahaja

            Aside from the additional length at the back one reason the E lenses – such as the 24mm Zeiss – are bigger is that they do not use traditional rangefinder designs. Another reason is that the E-mount lenses have autofocus built in.

            Mind you the Leica M-mount 24mm f/1.4 Sumilux, which also uses a retrofocus design, isn’t exactly small


        • jk

          then do you know how much smaller Leica M lenses are than shitty Sony e lenses of similar kind?

    • If you follow the link in the post, it was actually Sony who confirmed that the E mount is compatible with a full frame sensor.

      • jk

        compatible but it does not mean fully suited and optimized for FF sensor.

        • Zos Xavius

          It may likely have been designed with full frame in mind right from the start. Then again I didn’t design the mount, so I can’t be sure.

          • jk

            I think they will soon start some new FF dedicated mount to fully optimize Leica lenses.
            the E is not wide enough for that.

        • Sky

          It’s definitely not optimized for full frame – just see how VG900 looks like – sensor goes ‘into’ the lens mount – but it seems to work just fine.

  • Mr.NoFlash

    I hope the camera does have a 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 x crop mode.
    The sensor corners seem to be so close to the mount ( seen from the front ) that the quality of the image corners are probably bad when the aperture is quite open.

    • Not sure if you’ve looked at the back of a lens ever but light comes through the glass… not the mount. The only way there could be an issue is if the mount gets in the way of the light path… for that to happen you need an exit pupil with a diameter larger than the diameter of the sensor. Even in that scenario, all it’ll do is make the corners darker… it won’t soften the image as long as the lens is good.

      • Ken Elliott

        Uh… you just make the exact point he made – the corners will suffer. Re-read Mr. No Flash’s post and you’ll see that.

        May I suggest you consider not insulting others? This is commonly seen as a sign of self hate. The self-hater has difficulty accepting himself, so he attempts to lower others to make himself feel better. It doesn’t work and the self-hater only drives himself deeper into self hate. But I could be wrong and you’re just having a bad day. Or several.

        • James Moon

          LOL, good observation 🙂

          Unfortunately your words are lost on him, many have said the same or similar in the past to no avail.
          He’s one of those hopeless cases that just keeps coming back and doing the very same thing all the time.

          • El Aura

            Mr. No Flash made a general statement about fast FF lenses on an E-mount, saying he considers it probable that there will be strong vignetting (strong enough that people would want to apply a small crop).

            However the VG-900 already has a FF sensor behind an E-mount. And it is even sold together with f/1.4 lenses as a package. This seems to strongly suggest that lenses as fast as f/1.4 are not affected by any strong vignetting.

          • Zos Xavius

            This is all meaningless speculation IMO. Time will tell how well this is implemented. The wider NEX lenses had issues in the corners due to the short flange distance, but I think better microlens arrays have mostly cured this.

          • “quality of the image corners are probably bad when the aperture is quite open” is no reference to vignetting. Reading problems?

          • jk

            VG900 is kind of half FF , I mean it has a FF sensor but it needs an adapter to fully utilize the Full frame circle , it requires A mount adapter that comes with it.
            so I don’t accept it as real fullframe.

        • Ken, you, like a lot of people here, might have a logic-disability known as false dilemma syndrome or FDS. So for FFS, get your money’s worth for your ‘knock knock jokes and psychology for dummies’ books elsewhere 😀
          And which part of “quality of the image corners are bad” is referring to vignetting? You’re not like the average vistor to PR to think something ridiculous like vignetting actually means bad IQ? LOL

      • SLR

        Mr. genotypewriter,

        You seem to have a broad knowledge of photography excepting how to take a decent picture. Good luck with your career reading and comparing spec sheets.

        • jk

          have you even looked at his works before ?
          his works are great and you can see it at
          I think he is one of the best photogs of all time there.

        • Zos Xavius

          I actually looked at his pictures on flickr and they were pretty good to great. What do you have to show us?

        • ted

          I actually have looked at his work, have you? Hey, wow black and white of an Asian woman standing in the middle of the street. Watch out Herb Ritts.

        • Wait… what kind of a name is “guest”? How can you come up with a decent insult when you can’t even come up with a witty username? LOL

          Any way… since your carer couldn’t figure out how to look someone up either, I took the pleasure of doing it for you:

          I’ll care about what you think about my photos the day I decide to write a book called ‘conveying ideas through photography: dealing with a severely mentally-impaired audience’

          • guest

            Actually “guest” quite a witty name. As in I guest that you are so insecure that you spend your time on photo forums insulting people. And I guest that you flaunt your “technical knowledge” to make up for your lack of talent. And finally I guest that you have an ego the size of the Outback from your posting of a link to your mediocre photographs. But congratulations on finishing chapter 1 Depth of Field. Finally I am looking forward to your new book, Macro Photography of Salt Water Crocodiles: A very short book by genotypwriter.

            PS I assume your use of the term Melbourne Fashion Week is meant to be ironic.

          • Wow… if I was the admin here, I’d be ashamed to get such lame audience that can’t even come up with a remotely funny joke… see that use of the word “remote”? That was a reference to the outback. Bet you didn’t get it, for obvious reasons LOL

            This place is a special low on the internet… it’s like the ‘tree house of horror’ of dpreview.

  • TinusVerdino

    There are no full frame e-mount lenses. You could use the a to e-mount adapter (but why?, just get the A99 instead). Sony will probably supply some full frame lenses, but choice will be limited. It Will be a nice system for use with adapters and old glass though. Sony should make some AF-adapters (adapters that make af available to manual lenses).

  • TinusVerdino

    There are no full frame e-mount lenses. You could use the a to e-mount adapter (but why?, just get the A99 instead). Sony will probably supply some full frame lenses, but choice will be limited. It Will be a nice system for use with adapters and old glass though. Sony should make some AF-adapters (adapters that make af available to manual lenses).

    • EcoR1

      Well, actually there is. For example Samyang lenses 14mm, 24mm, 35mm and 85mm focal-legths are full frame lenses and manufactured with with multiple mount options, including native e-mount.

      • TinusVerdino

        Nope. Samyang made dedicated e-mount versions.

        Those are different from the dslr ones. Wether they are full frame? Dunno. But not AF.

      • Ufupuw

        Who told you these are different? These should be full-frame lenses

        And of course Sony will release at least 2 or 3 lenses on the launch date with the camera

        • There’s a Samyang fisheye out there that’s made for mirrorless cameras.The 14/24/35/85 in that link are most definitely their regular lenses.

          • TinusVerdino

            no they are not. Different F-numbers (which for some reason they call T) and the retrofocus design of the regular dslr lenses would not work on the nex. except for the 85mm which doesn’t need retrofocus. The 18mm flange of the nex makes only the 14 and 8mm need retrofocus. Just look at the lenses their design is different from the regular dslr ones.

          • “The retrofocus design of the regular dslr lenses would not work on the nex”… I mean seriously… are you people all a part of a conspiracy to make the whole of humanity look like a bunch of idiots to aliens or something?

          • TinusVerdino

            it will focus the image behind the sensor. You must be the idiot. In fact. yes you are!

          • I’m sorry but have you even started to look in to photography? You don’t sound like you have.

            If you did, you’d know that Samyang could incorporate adapter in to the lens to create the necessary flange distance. This would be the cheapest thing to do.

            And look up the difference between F number and T stop… “which for some strange reason they call T”… ROFL…

            You haven’t learned anything about the subject but you pull claims out of somewhere and stinking up the entire internet.

          • TinusVerdino

            So they are not the same huh you moron! You would need a glass adapter to shorten flange. So a different design. But they probably change the internal arrangement and or lenses, to achieve the shorter flange. You are probably one of those persons who is always right to the point that can defy gravity. I suggest you jump of a high building to prove your point.

          • Dpablo unfiltered

            For dogs sake, quit screeching stupid nonsense. “Shorten the flange” LOL. They can put the mount as far forward or backward as they need. It’s not an issue.

            And T stop vs F stop is a measure of total transmisson, meaning that the slight vignetting most lenses have is taken into account. So they make a cinematic version of an f2.8 lens and it becomes a t3.1 or so. Not an issue.

            Possibly geno is a disagreeable one, but I share his belief that you should know your topic before you start attempting to explain it to others.

          • TinusVerdino

            Flange distance ok and it IS a problem. I do not screech tank you very much. Idiots!

          • Dpablo unfiltered

            Look. I don’t use Sony cameras. But the host of the site says that Sony says that their mount is full frame and I remember reading the article and I also believe it. Secondly there is a camera that they already have out there with a full frame sensor and that mount. And guess what? IT WORKS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
            What does it take for you to understand that? You also know that the full frame compact camera they made is just a warm up for what is coming.
            You now have several hours to make your rebuttal because I have a more amusing place to be.

          • TinusVerdino

            No need. you obviously have the intelligence of a baboon. There is no sense arguing baboons.

          • Dpablo unfiltered

            At least baboons can understand what a T stop is.
            And note the fact that what you say can’t be done already has been done…

          • TinusVerdino

            See what I mean? No ofcourse not. I never said sony couldn’t make a full frame nex. All I said is that the dslr samyangs are not the same lenses as the e-mount ones. I don’t need to ‘understand’ T-stop for that.

          • Now you know how I feel on a regular day when I come here

          • You can’t just call people a moron or a baboon to make your argument stronger. It just goes to show that you probably haven’t finished high school.

            Knowing lens manufacturers, it’s very safe to assume that these are just the same lenses. That’s where your knowledge lacks… manufacturers don’t take existing designs, reduce the rear focal length.. not “shorten the flange”… another thing for you to learn… and release a whole bunch of lenses for another mount like that.

            Learn to ask before you claim.

          • TinusVerdino

            stupidity is a moral defect

          • Sahaja

            Anyway it seems we’ll all know in a month or two just how Sony manage to put full frame sensor and lenses in and on an E-mount body – and how well (or not) this works. Seems rather pointless to to argue too much about a camera no one has yet seen.

          • Sahaja

            Actually the “retrofocus design of regular dslr lenses” should generally work much better than wideangle rangefinder lenses with a short-focus / symetrical design. Less problems with the corners as light from a retrofocus lens strikes the sensor at a better angle.

          • TinusVerdino

            Only when you adapt them to 18mm flange, which would make them different lenses. The angle is only due to the longer distance between back element and sensor.

          • What makes you so sure that their rear focal length has changed? Show evidence before you say any further.

          • Sahaja

            Well the lens is no different at all – you are essentailly only sticking a tube behind it to add the distance.

          • TinusVerdino

            They can do that because these lenses are meant for sony’s camcorders. For the nex that is not very practical since it defies the practicality of a compact large sensor camera. You’ll put a hunk of glass on a stilt. Wearing out your hand. So there are no full frame nex lenses. There are plenty of full frame lenses you can stick on a nex, but they all defeat the purpose of a compact full frame. Sony will undoubtedly supply those though.

          • Sahaja

            At the price Sony are apparently going to charge – I suspect the full frame NEX cameras are mostly going to be popular with people such landscape photographers and others who want high IQ with wide to medium focal length lenses -as a kind of digital back. I can put a couple of full frame prime lenses and an E-mount adapter in my coat pockets or a small bag. And another on the camera. That is certainly still going to be easier to carry than a D800 or D4 and one or two f/2.8 zoom lenses.

          • zoetmb

            “These lenses are dedicated for filming….”

            That’s why they have T-stops, which is the Transmission Factor – how much light actually reaches the focal plane.

          • TinusVerdino

            That’s why I made the remark….

      • jk

        put junk like that on 4k body?
        I don’t think there are many people will use Samyang or Sigma on this kind of camera.

    • jk

      no need any dedicated E mount FF lenses , but an adapter to take the M lenses or Contax G or Canon S mount or like that.

  • DC

    Leica had better get their fingers out with delivery of the M240 or their customers will go here.

    • jk

      no worry , Sony is just Sony and not Leica and we who can afford Leica never want a NEX shit.

      • Ufupuw

        Sony already took tons of Leica customers with RX1

        • I am one of them – I sold my M9 and got the RX1. I kept 2 lenses because I still have an old film Leica camera.

          • jk

            will you also get the M240?

          • No, too expensive. The only reason I had the M9 is that it was the only full frame compact camera 4 years ago. There was no Fuji, Sony and Olympus were just taking off back in 2009. Today there are many very good choices and I cannot justify a new M. I like Leica’s design and craftsmanship, but I do not feel like I am in their target market. I still have an old film Leica with two lenses that I use every once in while when I get nostalgic for a real rangefinder.

        • While RX1 customers are likely to be people who consider Leica cameras, you have to remember that people don’t buy Leicas because they’re the rational choice. So Sony or anyone else can never “take” Leica customers… they can at most expand their brand choices.

          • jk

            exactly, that was my point also.

        • jk

          I said the RX1 is great but NEX is not , most of Leica users do have RX1 in addition to their main cameras (M or M9).
          So forget about rumored NEX FF or NEX9 or whatever will be called.

          • Sky

            @jk – totally agree with that part. Pretty much sums up a whole discussion of Leica vs Sony.

  • jk

    get it guys, the NEXFF won’t be any better than the RX-1R because it is an interchangeable lens camera.
    the performance level of the RX1R is achieved only by specifically designed fixed lens that costs more than 1.5k.
    so if what you are after is the best possible IQ in 135mm format , then get the RX-1R and be happy with it.

    • RX1 definitely doesn’t have the best IQ on the 135-format. The RX1R is definitely a strong contender for being one of the best at the 35mm focal length. If you need max IQ at 35mm, there are specialised lenses out there for that with APO correction, for example.

      • photoviking

        And you know this how? Care to back this up? Without hard evidence to support your claim you’re just another internet pundit beating his chest and spewing garbage.

        • I just did you a favour and gave you a hint about something you didn’t know. And you want me to do your homework for you too? Nice appreciation.

          The rx1’s images are no where near the best of what the 35mm format is capable of, especially if we’re looking outside the 35mm focal length.

          As for the other lenses available at ~35mm with better correction, look up what Schneider and Rodenstock has.

          Remember this… not everyone is lame like the people you associate and trust, so if someone’s a stranger to you, they’re likely to be credible LOL

          • photoviking

            Again, you provide no hard evidence to support your claims. You’re a troll.

          • You haven’t used any good lenses. That’s not my fault. And you can’t go to a website and read… and that’s not my fault either. Learn how to use a computer.

          • photoviking

            Pointing me to a product is hardly the same as supporting your claims. Show me the science behind the garbage you spew. The RX1 isn’t the best…which is? More importantly, show me the results of your controlled experiment which supports your claims. Again, you’ve shown me nothing.

          • You’re just hurt because you probably wasted money (or you’re planning to) on a RX1. It’d be a waste of my time to tell you what real lenses on the 35mm format are and what ~35mm lenses are better corrected because you have already decided to be an idiot about the whole thing.

            On the other hand, if you want to learn something from me, ask me nicely and I’ll be more than happy to help you with any resources I can point you to.

            If you’re curious about the equipment I use/know about, check my flickr profile… there is such a thing as a web-browser you know? Or are you going to call me bluff on that too? Want some controlled experiment to demonstrate how to use google too? ROFL

          • photoviking

            OH! I get it now, you’re one of those closed-minded film only shooter with an axe to grind and a whole world of butt hurt. That would explain your superiority complex perfectly!

            And despite knowing (in your mind) everything about photography, your powers of telekinesis failed at guessing my camera…I am in fact not an RX1 shooter. Try again!

            Are you trying to apply for a job with Scott Bourne’s Photofocus or something? You’ve got the zero knowledge, smugness and condescending tone down…time to work on the shitstain mustache and ex-con con man persona.

          • Not only you can’t read, you can’t even understand pictures. I’m not a film-only shooter. I shoot both. Still haven’t been able to find my gear list right? You need to attend one of those “them internets for seniors” classes LOL

            Plus I didn’t guess anything wrong… I accurately described your situation as being “hurt” (which is obvious to anyone reading your nervous drivel) and as someone who either did waste money on a RX1 or is “planning to” do so.

            What I’m about to say might really test your capabilities but if you don’t know something… ask nicely. It’s a little thing unknown to you called being civilised. Most people don’t make their dog sit at the dinner table either… it doesn’t make them smug, condescending, etc. so why say the same about how I’m treating you? LOL

          • photoviking

            Dude, I’ve been to your Flickr. The first several pages everything is labeled 4×5 or 8×10 Film. Let me know when I get to the digital stuff.

            Also made a visit to your blog. Yawn. Just another measurebating pixel peeper too caught up in the technical side of photography to bother making a photo of substance.

            Listen, if you ever decide to climb out of your mom’s basement, you’ll find there’s a whole world out there to photograph, and most people don’t give two cents whether you shot it with a 8×10, RX1, 5D, or iPhone.

            And clearly this site isn’t for you. It’s a rumors site. I know that’s a hard concept to grasp for someone with such technical precision, but I think you can do it, just try.

            Your time would probably be better spent on the DXO website going over MTF charts or USAF resolution targets.

          • Yeah keep saying “dude” and it’ll make your argument sensible LOL You should ask for your money back from that ‘Internet for seniors’ class because they haven’t updated their content since the 90s when the Ninja turtles were still the in thing.

            If you can’t understand the substance of my photos then there’s nothing I can do. People like you think photography is about either following books or not following the books. If anyone could teach IQ to idiots, trust me I would teach it to individuals like you LOL

          • photoviking

            “If anyone could teach IQ to idiots, trust me I would teach it to individuals like you…”

            Yeah, that pretty much sums up everything I’ve been saying all along. You’re more concerned with IQ than content. Can’t help you there. Can’t teach vision.

            Enjoy making technically sound meaningless snapshots!

          • ROFL That’s not the kind of IQ I was talking about… I was right about you

  • MB

    I wonder how different the FF E mount will be …

    On the other hand I wonder if compatibility is really needed because current Sony E lenses are not so great and I doubt anyone will be using them on a full frame sensor even in a crop mode …

    • Ufupuw

      Nonsense Dxomark rated . E-mount lenses and they are comparable with any other brand lenses for price and performance.

    • Have you used any or are you just a hater from another camp?

      The 50 1.8 OSS is excellent wide open… extremely low CA, very sharp, fantastic colours/contrast and focuses very fast. I can handhold it at 1/13s.

      The 35 1.8 OSS is very good too but not as good as the 50 1.8 OSS because it has a bit more CA (sort of expected).

      You should give them a go… I mean learn how to use them properly.

      • MB

        Yeah, right, I heard you have to close your eyes to use them properly 😉
        But that really is not the point, the interesting part for me is what Sony will have to do to make E mount natively work on full frame.

        • I think there’s a lot of confusion on this thanks to sites like these… the regular E mount lenses out there won’t cover full frame.

          Imagine Nikon never had film F-mount cameras and they started with APS-C (DX) and F mount. When they went on to full-frame (FX) it’s only the lenses that needed changing and the lenses were labeled FX… before full-frame, no one even knew there would be such a thing as “FX”.

          It’s the same with Sony.

          • I never said the lenses will cover full frame.

          • Was referring to the audience mostly.

            I know it’s good to have a lot of visitors/comments but you might have a site that people take more seriously if you somehow allow only people with registered accounts to comment.

          • MB

            Before “full frame”? You mean before 1913 when Leica made the first “full frame” camera or before 1959 when Nikon made “full frame” F mount?
            It is not only the lenses that would have to change for E mount to go to full frame so I am curious what exactly Sony will do.

  • pavel

    in-body IS – finally!!! Lack of that was always folding me from buying NEX models.

  • Hope they have OSS in the FF lenses and in-body SS as well. OSS is better than in-body SS when comparable. The stabilization in the body would be great for adapted lenses and Sony has been promoting adapted lenses a lot so it wasn’t hard to believe but I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  • loh

    need to sell my ef speedbooster =

  • Joost Thissen

    Now, two years later, Sony has introduced the mentioned camera with the Sony A7-II . It has image stabilization, costs <$3000 and uses full-frame e-mount lenzes.

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