First picture of the new Pentax K-3 DSLR camera

Pentax K-3 DSLR camera
Digicame-info just published the first image of the upcoming Pentax K-3 DSLR camera. From the picture it appears that the K-3 will be an APS-C based camera (see rumored specifications). A dpreview member also mentioned few other new features in the K-3:

  • New flash system
  • The AF sensors are *all* cross sensors
  • Tracking AF ! !
  • Some new in-camera functions not further specified
  • The body is similar to the K5,  but something about Ricoh doing something different with the display.
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  • Someone

    So, this isn’t a full-frame judging by the 18-135 lens.

    • aps-c fan

      who need FF, 80% will never but FF camera

      • Duncan Dimanche

        The thing that Pentax is missing is full frame…

        I bought the 7d a while back with “full frame” lenses knowing that I would later buy a full frame… Pentax makes amazing cameras and I personaly think that the only reason why they are not selling as much as canon or nikon is cause the lac full frame…..

        How many people buy a cheap aps-c body with good lenses knowing that they will eventualy get a full frame? many many


        ps i almost went for the pentax 5k but….. well you know the reason why I didn’t

        • Ian Dangerzone

          I’m in the same boat with the D7000. Almost all my glass is pro glass now because I was hotly anticipating the d800/600 and Nikon doesn’t support apc-c with enough lenses (no, I don’t need another 18-XXXmm variable zoom); d600 is off my radar ‘cuz of QC and the d800 will take some saving; but honestly there is considerable advantages to rocking a aps-c body with pro glass; if the d400 is hot enough, I might stick with that crop sensor.

    • Rob S

      Something not right about that lens. It looks PSed.

      I personally want a Pentax Full Frame. I love my APS-C K-5 (and K-01 and K200D and K100) but I want the biggest sensor I can afford and right now a 645 is still out of the question.

  • Stanislav Zharkov

    Fake. Just photoshopped K-30.

    • I don’t think so, digicame-info always posts real stuff, they have an excellent track record.

      • sayithere

        this design is actually a blend of K-5 and K-30.
        wether original or not, I have no idea.

  • Stuart

    I don’t think it’s a full-frame. Well, I’m so exhausted to wait for FF in Pentax.

    • alfredo_tomato

      Will FF make you a better photographer?

      • fjfjjj

        It won’t make you a better photographer, but it might challenge you to be one. Yes, you need to be pretty good at your craft in order for FX full-frame to be worthwhile. Not everybody needs it, but some people who have worked hard at APS-C rightly want to move up formats. Just like many people who shoot FX aspire to make great pictures at 645 or 4×5, which take even more dedication to do well. Nothing wrong with wanting to move up formats and challenge yourself. And it would be nice if you don’t have to sell your whole nice Pentax system to do it.

        • Alex

          In what way does a bigger format demand more of the photographer? (Except for large format of course.)

          • fjfjjj

            Hard to explain. Try it and you’ll see.

          • Zos Xavius

            Try what? I’ve shot with aps-c, full frame, and even cellphones and 1/2.33″ sensors. I’ve made very nice prints from some very small sensors. I never once thought that I needed a larger sensor other than to get less noise and more dynamic range. The newer APS-C sensors are better than a 5dmk2 at the pixel level. But sure, somehow FF is going to make people better? If anything they will find the lack of DOF frustrating and end up with more out of focus shots.

          • Jun-Kai Teoh

            I think part of it is that people who do purchase FF cameras would feel the need to justify it – and that might push them to be better.

            When you’re holding a P&S, there’s no expectation there. Every great picture is a nice surprise and wonder. When you’re holding a DSLR, there’s a stigma or expectation, and you feel the pressure to “live up to it.”

            Not always, but generally speaking. And that could apply to FF cameras as well. And you’re definitely right – lack of DOF might make it frustrating – but that’s what’ fjfjjj said about demanding more from a photographer, the challenge.

            I’m a much better photographer because I used old MF lenses to shoot sports. Taught me to anticipate instead of react, to plan and profile the players and the team’s playstyle. It’s the challenge.

          • Marmaduck

            Its not just that. You get much, much brighter lenses. You get a much, much more narrow depth of field. Your view is much, much wider, and you dont get nearly as much on the tele end. Your camera gets packed with features that only the most highend cropped cameras get. Your investment is higher, so yes, you invest more of yourself accordingly (though you sometimes realize you are more “comfortable” with cheaper, lighter gear). Your gear is really, really big. It weighs you down. There are all sorts of factors that push you to improve. And the exact same, if in opposite directions, can be said about cropped formats being a new challenge for FF users. Agaun, she never said that cropped bodies make you worse.. only that some photographers want to grow and expand by upping their format. There is some arrogance, but only slightly. You become part of a club of photographers whose legacy goes back to film. Anyway, its a great option to have. As is medium format and mirrorless and also cropped. Point and shoots not so sure tho… =p

          • fjfjjj

            I already said it won’t make you better. I said it challenges you to be better. You’re making my point for me, when you point out the challenge of having less DOF.

          • Mardock

            That’s probably the most asinine remark I’ve ever read. We all shot “full-frame” back in the day; it was called 35mm back then, and going to medium format or beyond didn’t place any further demands on the photographer, quite the opposite, actually — it opened up opportunities.

            Saying it challenges you to be better is horsesh*t. If anything, trying to get quality images out of a smaller sensor requires more skill.

          • Marmaduck

            Chill out Marduck… get back on your drugs.. lol.

            Changing formats ALWAYS challenges a photographer to improve. She didnt say that Cropped format makes you worse.

            So chill the f’ out.

          • fjfjjj

            Clearly you’ve never shot MF.

          • Damare

            I agree with you Mardock 100%. All photography 101 students start off with 35mm “full frame” film. Based on the idiot’s rationale, beginners will graduate from an APSC to a disposable 35mm camera.

            And bless you for putting a cap on that pretentious piece of turd fifjjj.

          • Sahaja

            More opportunities doesn’t mean less demands.

        • Zos Xavius

          Pentax has medium format. They likely never saw a need for full frame because the 645D was considered to be their professional option and has far better IQ than any FF camera out there. Its also quite reasonable compared to other MF cameras.

          • Duncan Dimanche

            one word EXPENSIVE !!!

          • alfredo_tomato

            That’s what I was thinking. I have a friend with an old Pentax MF camera.He loves it.

    • zapp

      It is shown with an APS-C lens. The answer is simple…
      It has a mirror box! This is not obvious any more these days. 11 cross type sensors sounded great 5 years ago – still only 11 AF sensors. I hope they do not cramp to many pixel in the body.

      • jaad75

        Some say it has a new AF module with 27 cross points, down to -3EV…

  • Tinusverdino

    gold sr=tacky, seems slightly higher than k-5 (bigger pentaprism?) and what does the bulge under k-3 hide?

    • Sahaja

      Bulge ~ maybe be antenna for GPS/WiFi ?

      • Zos Xavius

        GPS would be very nice

  • Tomasz Poczęsny

    Damn you Pentax if it’s APS-C!!!
    Hope it’s a fake 🙁

    • jaad75

      Everybody knows it’s gonna be APS-C. It was told that FF would come in 2014.

    • Mel

      Spring 2014 for FF. Patience.

      • Tomasz Poczęsny

        But I’ve already heard that a year ago – spring ’13!
        Then somehow I rid of thinking about buying nikon ff, but I don’t think I can manage this time…
        Again I must reconsider buying any k mount lenses.
        P&S are getting ff sensor, it’s natural evolution. And Pentax – once a pioneer – is now stuck with aps-c. Really I can’t understand this…
        Who the hell needs a 21M pix sensor with aps-c?

        • jaad75

          No, it was clear – FF in 2014.

  • Ted

    It’s about time Pentax. If and only if it has good continuous AF like Nikon D600, D700 or even Canon 7D, Pentax will hit this out of the park! Very nice camera by the way.

  • Sahaja
    • Zograf

      Cool, a FF dSLR Pentax, albeit prototype.. Been there, done that, what more do we want from them…

  • fLyIr

    75% of pentaxians (I think) really dream of new AF in K5IIs body
    Another 25% need FF…
    Hope that this new K3 will be the best in aps-c world

    • sayithere

      you’re right!
      new and faster AF system with more points is what I want.

  • Mike

    You Pentax guys sound like Nikon guys circa summer 2007. Until then Nikon guys were defending Nikon with their stance on APS-C. In fall of 2007, Nikon dropped a little bombshell called the D3 and suddenly the death of APS-C was being heralded. Pentax is being ignorant. There is such a huge gap between this rumored K3 and a 645D. People searching and yearning for middle ground (full frame) are growing impatient and will or have switched to brands outside of Pentax. Since 2007 and even longer in the Canon camp, it has been demonstrated that both APS-C and full frame are two parallel and capable formats. APS-C for ‘telefauxto’ and full frame for ultra wide angle and shallower DOF, in a very, very general sense. I think Pentax cameras are great. If I didn’t shoot Nikon I’d use Pentax vs Canon. If and when they release a full frame camera, they will no doubt hit a home run and give full frame seakers a 4th option… 3rd if you want a reflex mirror’d camera.

    • tertius_decimus

      Well said, mate!

    • zapp

      Pentax is the only company with a wide range of APS-C lenses. A switch to FF would require a lot of new lenses… why? Compare any decent Nikon lens in size and weight to a APS-C lens and you have the reason or a difference. Currently I don’t see any advantage in a FF Pentax.

      • Mike

        To each their own and I respect your opinion and position. But it may not be shared by everyone looking to stay with Pentax in a FF capacity. Pentax is not a new brand and there are plenty, I’m sure, who have legacy glass from film days or cut their teeth on 35mm film Pentax bodies. The point is that Pentax doesn’t give their user base a choice, not let their wallets speak to the more popular format. $1200 APS-C or $9000 645D. Or $2000 Canikon FF. Right now Pentax is losing camera market share period. FF or APS-C, the sale would still go to Pentax.
        And, thank you for proving my point. Nikon users in summer 2007 sounded just like you. Lastly, it’s all relative isn’t it; m4/3 users would say the same about APS-C lenses. APS-C users say the same about FF lenses. So on so forth. Bigger the sensor, the better the ultimate IQ is. Sure would be nice to see some limited lenses show their thang on a FF sensor.

    • Sahaja

      Trouble is when Nikon started making full frame cameras they seem to have virtually abandoned many of their committed APS-C shooters as far as lenses etc.

      Their is a gap there Pentax might be able to fill with the right APS-C camera.

  • Sahaja

    High FPS? Good tracking AF? – If they do it right, maybe they could win over many of the Nikon DX shooters who have been waiting forever for a D400.

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