This is the new Tamron 150-500mm f/5-6.3 VC lens

Few days ago I reported that Tamron will be announcing a new super telephoto zoom lens on November 7th. Here is the first picture of the upcoming 150-500mm f/5-6.3 VC lens that will have a completely new optical formula, wider zoom range and VC. This new lens will replace the current 200-500mm f/5-6.3 model. Tamron have already filed a patent for a 150-600mm f/5-6.3 lens.

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  • Aaron Choi

    well that look slllleeeeek

    • orpickaname

      Styling looks a lot like new-gen Sigma models. Another company to ditch “gold” rings and markings?

  • Global

    I sure hope they didn’t compromise the 500mm end, just to extend it to 150mm from the 200mm. That would be a disaster. Its already too dark at 500mm. Anything they could have done to brighten it up, or sharpen it up, would have been great.

    I don’t think anybody needs this lens for 150-200mm. That was just a weird decision, if it compromised the 500mm end in any way whatsoever. Seems like they were chasing Sigma — on the wrong end!! They should have made this thing go to 550mm or 600mm. The 150mm is the wrong side to work on, Tamron!

    Nevertheless, if for some reason they couldn’t figure out how to get past 500 and if they made it tack sharp, then the addition of VC and a few more mm at wide is very welcomed — it will be interesting to see how this performs against Sigma’s 150-500mm OS and 50-500mm OS II.

    Quite odd that Sigma’s 10x Zoom the 50-500 OS does so well in tests. This Tamron better rock its socks off and have a much better price, because the Bigma is already the go to lens for 500.

  • Johnny Dough

    VC should be fun, not sure if many people will hand-hold it though

  • Stephen

    If you look at the ring by where it says Tamron, it looks like it says 150-600mm

    • Cyrille Berger

      Indeed, and if you go on canon rumours, you get a high resolution picture, and it definitely looks more like a 6 than a 5. And I guess would correspond to that patent:

      But that would be an insane range… I am very sceptical that can make it good.

      • tharealmb

        it’s a factor 4 zoom range. its not that extreme if you look at it that way….

      • Global

        Too heavy, if so!! Bah.. they should have made a 300-600mm in that case. We have tons of lenses that get to 300mm. Why do I need this one to do it?

        What we need is something SHARP at 500-600mm. I don’t know of any that are.

  • JonHob

    It needs to be a lot sharper and have faster focusing than the out going version to start worrying Sigma. The f stop is still too slow but I guess it’s going to be priced accordingly?

  • mark papke

    Too bad it’s not an f/4 to compete better with Nikons 200-400 f/4. It would be pretty expensive I’m sure but still a lot cheaper than the Nikon.

    • Kynikos

      How heavy/big would a 150-600 f/4 be? Holy mackerel…

  • longzoom

    Tamron always was not so good in terms of color/contrast. Hope this one gonna break that tradition.

  • BP2012

    Seems like this will gonna be a 150-600mm (not 500mm).

    I’ve got anouncement and full specifications from a trusted local camera store.

    Link with full specifications is here:

    • BP2012

      Sample will be available in Salon de la Photo in Paris (between 7. and 11. november)

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