Ricoh GXR camera system discontinued in the UK

AP reports that the Ricoh GXR camera system is already discontinued in the UK and is no longer in production (check current availability on Amazon UK):

"In an interview with AP at CES, Ricoh Imaging UK managing director Jonathan Martin said GXR sales have been discontinued in the UK and, as far as he knows, production has stopped altogether."

The article mentioned  that the last remaining GXR stock is still available in Germany (check Amazon Germany): Back in April 2013 I reported that several GXR products were already listed as discontinued in the US and today they are even no longer listed at B&H. There were rumors at one point for a new GXR camera, but I guess they never materialized.

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  • Robert Daniels

    no more….please.

    • Lee


  • Harold GLIT

    Yes the official confirmation of a sad departure.. add a few APS modules and a latest generation EVF and the camera would be still very up to date

  • madmax

    IMO it would be a better solution making interchangeable dust sealed sensor-processor modules and detachable viewfinders and screens. In this way you could keep a very good, all light alloy body and lenses for a very long time, dramatically reducing litter of electronic trash in the environment.

  • mooh

    About time, the new GR must posed for a tough decision making in the product management team. It would be good if they could explore further the GR line in the future.

    One of the first victims of the EVIL war.

  • TinusVerdino

    Maybe a replacement will be announced on cp+?

    • jk

      I think they have no money for that, they will announce 645D mk2 or whatever called, though.

      • TinusVerdino

        Pentax and Ricoh are still different brands and Ricoh has stated the Ricoh brand will be the more innovative one. (As in game changing, not just wifi and stuf)

  • jk

    honestly in 5 years, I have never seen any Richo or Pentax camera in real life.
    all my friends do not even know what Pentax is ,so I guess most of average buyers never know what Richo or Pentax makes.

  • Neopulse

    Never used one, but still looked interesting. When will the 645D be announced? 🙁

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