Fuji X-T1 camera teaser, additional images and price

The first appearance of the new Fuji X-T1 camera yesterday was not really a leak, but part of a new teaser campaign by Fujifilm for their upcoming new X model. Follow this dedicated page for more info. Here are some additional Fuji X-T1 images:


More images after the break:

Digicame-info reports that the Fuji X-T1 will be released in mid-February (the official announcement is on January 28th). The price in Japan will be ¥180,000 for body only (around $1,700). Digital split during manual focus and focus peaking functions will of course be included in the new X model. The weather sealed camera body will be smaller than the X-E1. The 18-135mm lens listed on their roadmap will be also weather sealed. At the moment there are no plans for making the existing lenses weather sealed.

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  • Nishi Drew

    Looking good, but so much for the X-pro, this thing will be way more pro!

  • mooh

    Another model between the X-pro and X-E which is a mildly beefed up X-E. It’s…dazzling to see Fuji’s that much dedicated to their segmenting strategy.

    How many more models to come?

    • TechUser2011

      From the looks of this camera, it appears to be superior to the X-Pro 1. I don’t understand why it would be slotted in price below the X-Pro 1.

      • Corbin Dallas

        I don’t think it will be priced below the current X-Pro1, but rather the inevitable X-Pro2, which will probably be an entirely new sensor.

      • Mike

        EVF only perhaps? Where as X-Pro is OVF/EVF/Hybrid.

      • Because the X-Pro 1 was overpriced…?

  • C.C.

    Really wish that I wasn’t a peasant and could afford one of these. 🙁

    • Welfare Guy

      I’ll use my EBT card.

    • Trq Atallah

      i’ll buy you one as a gift if i wasn’t a peasant myself as well : )

  • BCube

    The way I see it, sensor for sensor the FF Nikon Df beats this camera by quite a margin. Apart from price, I’m curious to know why people are switching to Fuji. Particularly those that are already invested in Nikon lenses. This camera is quite a bit smaller, but then that is to be expected from a APS-C sensor.

    • Don Hogfan

      Sensor is just one part of a camera and “beats by quite a margin” is subjective.

      How about these:
      8 FPS with AF
      EVF with much better ability to MF under dim light.
      Smaller and lighter
      2 UHS-II slots
      Dials that are placed in proper location.
      Weather sealed
      Ability to use Fuji,Nikon,Canon, Leica etc lenses
      And a personal opinion: It looks much better and it is closer to the Nikon FE2 than the Df monstrosity.

      • “Ability to use Fuji,Nikon,Canon, Leica etc lensesAnd a personal opinion: It looks much better and it is closer to the Nikon FE2 than the Df monstrosity.”

        I second that! I’m using some older nikkor lenses with my x-e2 and I think I’m having a better experience that I would have with the Df: EVF makes focusing very easy and the form factor of the lenses is perfect for the body.

      • longzoom

        Why people do compare a lot of new advanced things to DF? This camera was outdated before it hits the shelves. DF is not even on the same level as D610 is, leave beautiful D800/e alone. For any half of DF price, it would work, but not for $2750.

        • Global

          Haha, seriously. The only thing the Df had going for it was Nikons most advanced sensor (despite being crippled by Nikon’s WORST AF system, which can’t even focus well in low-light & lower AF points, which are separate issues). And now — the Df doesn’t even have the most advanced sensor.

          The Df’s status as “interesting” lasted about 15 minutes, and was a way for Nikon to get rid of excess D4 sensors, right before the D4S was to be released.

          I hope Nikon makes a D400 just like this Fujifilm X-T1 — only at a better price point, since Nikon is ripping FX users off with the Df.

          I would compare the X-T1 to the D400 — not the Df. And you know what? The X-T1 wins. Why? Because Fujifilm SHOWED UP to the game — Nikon did not.

          • longzoom

            Exactly! Nikon is able to make world-class DX body – do you remember D2XS with its Closest Object Priority AF – I used to shoot football with that option – 100% was sharp in point I need! ISO only was terrible – 640 was a border line. So I am waiting for D400! THX!

    • Don Hogfan

      And I forgot to add:
      Tiltable LCD

      • I thought you said you were going to stop? :-p

    • Don Hogfan

      Oh and can take a vertical grip.
      It seems that I can keep going all day so I ll stop now.

    • NoMeJodas

      You might get surprised by the X-trans sensor if you give it a try. It is not your usual APS-C sensor. In my experience with the X-E1 and the D600 the IQ between the two is comparable up to ISO 3000+ before I can see noticeable advantages for the D600. And the X-T1 will get at least the newer sensor from the X-E2 which is already reported to deliver about 1 stop better IQ than the old one.

      Fuji has made the right decision to skip the MP race and concentrate on IQ.

      • Neopulse

        No pude haberlo dicho mejor yo.

      • Do you even know what X-trans is? It’s just a different arrangement of the colour filter that Fuji came up with to do away with the anti-aliasing filter. The underlying sensor is a normal APS-C sensor… the typical noise differences between APS-C and FF sensors apply here as well.

        Don’t get me wrong… Fuji has been my favourite camera maker since the days of the S5 Pro/Super CCD era but a fact is a fact. No matter how much you love your camera brand, laws of physics apply normally.

        • Corbin Dallas

          Physics? Fuji doesn’t make a FF sensor, if they did I’m sure it’d be way ahead of their current crop sensors, but as far as crop sensors go, the Fuji’s are easily the best in the business IMO. I shoot a 6D as my primary camera and I’m astounded by how similar the files are all the way up to ISO3200 (where the Fuji is still quite good).

          Is FF better with higher ISO, of course, but not by a whole lot. There’s more to a sensor than it’s size. There’s a lot more going on with the X-Trans sensor than just changing the color filter array, the thing manages noise extremely well. Go look at comparisons between the X-Trans sensors and Sony, Canon or M43 crop sensors, it creams all of them.

        • NoMeJodas

          LOL. I know its not your fault guys. Companies like Nikon and Canon have been spending MILLIONS over the years to make you think that FF is better than APS-C in every aspect ( I’ll give you 3 tries to guess why). I definitely won’t be able to beat all those marketing efforts with this humble comment so I won’t even try.

          For me personally FF is not an upgrade to APS-C, both formats complement each other. that’s why I have a FF and an APS-C camera and use the one that’s more suitable to the job at hand. But to be honest, in the FoV range I shoot at, i.e. 24 – 135mm, the X-E1 alone would have been more than sufficient. But with the FF and APS-C bodies together I can use only 3 primes and get 6 different FoV’s, depending on which camera I’m mounting the lens on, and I like to have a backup body with me.

          Oh, and talking about physics, if you can’t pull out very shallow DoF out of an APS-C sensor then you are doing something wrong. Hell, I can even isolate my subjects enough using DoF with my 1″ RX100. When you learn that there are many factors other than sensor size that do affect DoF, then you’ll know how to manipulate some of them to get to acceptable results!


          • NoMeJodas

            @genotypewriter: Sorry I forgot to answer your main point and was talking in general about this whole “bigger sensor must be better because of physics” none-sense:

            “The typical noise differences between APS-C and FF sensors apply here as well”

            This is only true in theory. In practice the real difference in IQ is made by clever software algorithms that take advantage of the sensor and NOT the hardware alone. That’s why an APS-C camera like X-E1 delivers comparable results to a FF one like the D600 even at high ISO and the huge MF digital sensors perform very poorly at anything higher than ISO 400-800 IMO.


          • “Companies like Nikon and Canon have been spending MILLIONS over the years to make you think that FF is better than APS-C in every aspect”

            Having a proper education in science is the culprit actually. You sound more like a guy who wasted his money in a shady art school 🙂

    • Patrick

      What exactly are the margins you’re referring to? Pick your parameters carefully. It’s like the guy I met who had a D700, insisting he needed to upgrade to a D800E. I asked him what he did with his photos, and he said that he shares them with friends on his computer. ROTFL

      I still have the older X100, with the older sensor, and it produces images out of the camera that consistently blow me away. Even before post processing, the lens renders images beautifully, and Fuji’s colour just has this exquisite look that I don’t alway get from the D800E, without some massaging. Are the native print sizes from these cameras the same? No. That’s only one of many, many factors that come to bear when comparing such machines.

      I’m quite excited to learn about the XT-1. In most respects, it appears to be a Df killer. They pretty well nailed the “retro” gestalt the first time, and I the XT-1 is much closer to what the Df should have been, ergonomically. Fuji cares, and knows how to listen to the legions of photographers who share their passion.

      This may convince me to finally retire the X100.

    • Dieudo

      This camera’s body beats the Nikon Df by quite a margin.
      Ideally it would feature a D800 sensor along with some minor modifications. But that’s for later.

    • Pat Mann

      I would expect a full frame sensor to beat an APS-C sensor at least in low light.

      However, a full-frame sensor requires full-frame lenses to beat APS-C performance, and the system is much bigger, bulkier and more expensive than an APS-C system, particularly if a wildlife lens is included.

      Since this is a compact, lightweight system that includes a number of fast wide prime lenses designed for the format, this camera has the potential steal users from a lot of systems, including both MFT and Nikon APS-C.

      It may even pick up people like me, who are waiting for an upgraded APS-C action camera from Nikon. Just waiting on the specs for buffer and reviews for AF tracking performance from this one. This might not quite be my D400, but is has lenses I’d really like to use on my D400 (35 f/1.4, 24 f/1.4, 16 f/2, 12 f/2.8 – I’ve listed them many times on NR and DPReview). Nikon doesn’t (except for absurdly bulky and heavy FX lenses at 35 and 24), and isn’t expressing any interest in them as part of their APS-C system as near as I can tell. So what’s that long telephoto that’s shown in the Fujifilm lens roadmap? If that lens goes to 400mm at f/5.6, the budget birders (those that can’t afford the exotic Nikon primes or 200-400 zoom) will be on board, and this camera could seriously challenge Nikon’s APS-C DSLR system for future sales. The way I figure, Nikon has about 6 months to put up a D400, or bye-bye Nikon, at least for my general purpose and travel system.

      • Neopulse

        You should check out the Pentax K-3 and roadmap if it suits your needs. Heard good stuff from their 560mm and of course the build quality is amazing on a Pentax.

        • Pat Mann

          I have, it doesn’t. Pentax doesn’t show me a 35 f/1.4, 23 or 24 f/1.4, 16 or 18 f/2 or 12 f/2.8, all of which are on Fujifilm’s list. It doesn’t have a 60 to 70mm f/1.4 for portraits. It doesn’t have a 400mm f/5.6 or zoom that reaches that. It takes the lenses to make a complete system. The 560 is an exotic at an exotic price, not a budget birder’s lens at all. I see a lot of duplication in focal lengths including some full-frame leftovers, but no fast wide primes or even a fast normal lens. The one fundamental APS-C lens I see from Pentax that’s on my list and not available from Nikon is the 50-135 f/2.8.

          • Neopulse

            I see…. do you honestly think there will be something fast for wildlife on a Fuji anytime soon?

          • This is why I left Pentax to shoot Fuji. Spent 7 years requesting a fast, affordable normal prime for APS-C which still hasn’t been released. Fuji, on the other hand, made the 35mm f/1.4 their first prime. Yeah, it’s not exactly affordable, but after all this time I didn’t care, and it’s still cheaper than the Pentax 31mm f/1.8 Ltd.

            Pentax have served the small-prime market extremely well; I always thought they’d eventually get around to serving the less-small-but-fast-prime market too, but they never have.

            But birding? Not sure I’d use my Fuji for that…

    • BCube

      Just read all the replies to my post. All fair points, I guess I need to try out the x series cameras if they are as good as claimed. What do you guys think about giving this camera to an advanced amateur? Is the system reasonably easy to learn? My brother is more talented than he thinks he is, so far he’s been borrowing my spare bodies. He doesn’t shoot wildlife, unlike me, so this might be a good system for him.

    • Mark_BC

      I’ve had it with Nikon, I’m not giving them another cent. The V1 is so fiddly it’s almost unusable at times. The V2 and all the other new ones use different batteries.

      I want a small camera for travelling, I do a lot of bike touring and a DSLR just isn’t going to cut it. Due to dust and weather, I can’t change lenses on the fly, and for proper focal lengths, I need three cameras: one for normal focal lengths, one mid telephoto zoom, and one long reach for wildlife. Unfortunately I am stuck with the V1 for the wildlife lens, since none of the other offerings have long lenses to attach. This actually works OK because I can glue the V1 mode dial to photo and just put in my settings, and it should be somewhat usable. For mid-telephoto zoom I’d like to continue using the other V1, we’ll see how that goes. But for the normal focal lengths I am really leaning towards these Fujifilm cameras. They have nice big sensors that give good dynamic range and low light abilities. They have good ergonomics and seem to have actually been designed by someone who’s taken a picture before.

      I get the impression that Nikon sees its customers more as wallets to be manipulated, not as business partners. Nikon can go screw itself.

  • Sebastian

    Better features than any of the existing x models, but some of the most useful buttons lost. Strange.

    • mikeswitz

      what useful buttons?

    • cppguy16

      They’re not lost, but replaced by dedicated dials (so there’s no need for a DRIVE button). The only button lost is the one that switches between the viewfinder and the LCD. However, that was already lost in the X-E2. It was kind of useful on the X-E1, but the auto-detection works pretty well.

      I would swap the AF-L and the AE-L, though. They might be programmable buttons, who knows. We’ll know when the manual gets published.

      • pega

        on the right side of the fake pentaprism bulk you can see the view mode button. that’s probably not a very nice position, but it’s there at least!
        what i like most is you can use this camera basically without the need for the lcd, besides reviewing shots!

  • doge

    many tiny
    such dials
    very camera

  • mikeswitz

    I keep reading that it is going to be priced between the X Pro-1 and the X-e2. How is Fuji going to keep the price below the flagship with so many upgrades and the only missing feature being the hybrid viewfinder?

    • Neopulse

      Well the X-Pro 1 was priced around $1,499 body only when it first came out (of course now it’s gone down in price over time). But chances are that the new flagship might get a price hike in comparison to the predecessor. So I guess they are hinting at what future pricing the new flagship might have.

      • mikeswitz

        Could be, but Fuji Rumors keeps saying between the X-E2 and the X-Pro1, not X-Pro2 or what ever the new flagship will be called. How often do you use the OVF, btw. I find the lens distracting.

        • Neopulse

          I’ve fiddled with an XE-1 unfortunately. So I can’t really give my 2 cents about the OVF on the X-Pro 1. But I guess it would be useful in low light situations for better composition or maybe people who are used to live viewfinder from previous film camera days. I like the look of the Fujis personally. Looking forward to testing out the X-E2, but had a pro photographer tell me that I should go the Sony route in mirrorless :-S

          • mikeswitz

            I bought my wife the NEX 7 the same time I bought the X-Pro 1. At the time I thought the Nex was better for her and maybe better overall. She had never been a film shooter so dials and and f stops on the barrel didn’t matter to her. In the interim the X system has far out paced the whatever they call the Sony system. The XF lenses are superb. To get the same quality with Sony you’ve got to go to the Japanese Zeiss. I say all this with no bias since I invested in both.

            Sorry, a bit off topic for a NR post.

          • Neopulse

            Nah not off topic yeah right. Just that it is difficult to choose a secondary portable camera for traveling when there is so many out there. I kinda understood what he was meaning to tell me in a way. You wanna travel, check out the a7 with 35mm. Weather sealed and great resolution. Wanna do portraits? Then put on a 24-70mm or 70-200mm Sony Zeiss/G on it. When you’re done, put back the small 35mm and done. Kinda versatile little guy the Sony (although didn’t mention the adapter add-on). And that is that I never owned any reflex from Sony except for a couple of their P&S back in the day. I like the fact that it packs a punch in such a small body.

            But the Fuji on the other hand has very good color and noise performance and I can’t stop hearing and reading about it. It’s quite a dilemma I am facing. Because I do travel at least twice a year and carrying a DSLR doesn’t make things easier. These do luckily.

          • Corbin Dallas

            Not trying to discredit the guy you talked to, but as with most things hobby related (like musical instruments) everyone’s going to have a different opinion on it, pro or not. Just because one pro recommended a certain system, doesn’t mean another pro wouldn’t recommend another.

            Having used the NEX 5 briefly I’d personally never buy one… I do like the idea of the A7, but Sony’s FF lenses suck… and the Zeiss glass is often much more expensive than the Fuji glass (which is just as good from what I’ve seen).

          • Neopulse

            No doubt it is something that one has to choose in relation to their personal preference. The reason why I mentioned him was because he started becoming more avid in the use of Sony tech recently. And I was a Nikon guy for awhile now and always kinda dismissed the late coming of Sony into the the market. I know Fuji is reputable and has ridiculous history as does Nikon. So I guess I wanna do something out of the norm and try something really different from the old timers. That’s why I’m gonna try out what he says just to have experience I guess. In the end, if I don’t like it, I’ll just sell it for double where I live and be done with it.

  • elasticplastic

    Dedicated dials for ISO, shutter speeds and exposure compensation. I’m sold already.

    • hardmetal

      … so you can shoot JPEGs in P mode of your dog, kids, mobile diaper change facility/SUV, etc.

      • CH

        You’re a jackass

        • ALLENGER

          Show your photos and prove us wrong

    • TinusVerdino

      But no mode dial. I’d rather have a toplcd with dual control wheels and dedicated iso and exposure compensation buttons (but wait, i have that).

  • decmlu

    Pretty little thing isnt it.

  • punku

    That viewfinder is huge! Nice!

    • jojo

      I’m sure there will be different opinions over the
      ergonomics of SLR styling vs. RF styling (although a lot of it comes down to personal preferences), but image that VF
      eyepiece in the corner, and how high a RF style camera would be!

  • Ahmad Al-Joboori

    Now that’s an EVF, well done Fuji

    • Cinekpol

      lol. Way to go – judge EVF from photographs of a body.

      • Ahmad Al-Joboori

        This is not what I meant mate, but it was leaked that it’s supposed to be larger than the em1 evf

  • Swanny

    Is it my imagination, or does it have a swivel LCD? That’s new to the line, isn’t it? Or am I just seeing things (btw – I shoot with the X100 – and just got my 5D3 stolen, so interested in replacing with something smaller…maybe this is the ticket)

    • madmax

      It has one. It´s new for the “advanced” X cameras. Fuji finally realized that photographers who think an articulated screen is not “serious” in an expensive or pro camera are just plain stupid.

  • i love fuji but i also love nikon. for almost the same price tag like the full frame d610, ill stick with the full frame, i waited for this camera but yet the sensor battle still hunts me. my x100 & x100s will never go away from my hands, yet though with the money i saved up for the xt-1,i will now go towards a nice big nikon d610. =) will save up again this year for another fuji.

    ps. swivel screen? =(

  • beavis

    Looks great! It would be awesome, if it has mature video capabilities (as Panasonics cameras).

  • taildragging

    The first camera since film with a perfect dial layout. Much better than Df.

    – ISO with “Auto”. Finally!
    – Aperture on lens barrel (Lika Leica)
    – Speed with “Auto” (Lika Leica)
    – Exposure Comp (Lika Leica)

    You can glance at the top of the camera and tell where you stand on everything (without touching a button). Excellent!

    Now, everyone copy this, please!

  • Vin

    This looks and sounds Kick ASS!

  • Global

    Some people are (awkwardly for Nikon) comparing this to the Nikon Df. But I would compare the X-T1 to the D400 — not the Df. The Df is a crippled, overpriced Franken-fullframe. The X-T1 by contrast is PURE PHOTOGRAPHY and APS-C. So it makes more sense to compare the X-T1 to a mythical D400 than to a ridiculous Df.

    And you know who wins in such a comparison? The X-T1 wins, hands down. And do you know why?

    Because Fujifilm actually SHOWED UP to the game — Nikon did not.

    Fujifilm JUST BIT off a portion of Nikon’s sales. Its not a stomach full, its just a bite — but Nikon should take notice of what’s going on in the industry and stop making half measure compromises (Df, J1-2-3, no D400) and figure out what its actually doing in the market.

    • Penkon

      The D400 was renamed to Pentax K-3. Don’t you know that?

  • Trq Atallah

    i think it’s an optical/electronic hybrid vf with a mirror

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