Rumors: new Pentax K-60 camera and two lenses for CP+ (135-380mm f/4-5.6 and 18-70mm f/2.8-4.5)

Some new Pentax/Ricoh rumors for CP+ (take them with a grain of salt):

Ricoh Pentax K-60

  • 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor without LPF
  • 11 AF points, three of which support -3EV AF capability
  • 29K-pixel RGB metering
  • 100K shutter lifecycle
  • PRIME III processor (Same as K-3)
  • 100% pentaprism optical view finder
  • Light-weight and weather-sealed design
  • Body available in multiple colors
  • Support NFC and Wifi
  • MSRP: USD$699.00
  • Original post: 2014 CP+,Ricoh Pentax K-60

Two new lenses are also rumored for CP+:

  • HD Pentax-DA 135-380mm f/4-5.6 ED [IF] DC WR
  • HD Pentax-DA 18-70mm f/2.8-4.5 AL [IF] DC WR via Pentaxforums

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  • Pentaxation

    They did the right thing by removing the low pass filter because it was redundant when using Pentax lenses.

    • Cynog

      you funny!

  • TinusVerdino

    not convinced. I’ll believe it when brings it. Also was hoping for someting like 16-85mm.

    • Balthazar

      Yes, it doesn’t seem right considering the existance of the 17-70 f/4.

  • sasa208

    I am waiting for something groundbreaking from Ricoh/Pentax.
    Like the GRX. Full frame, 4 mp EVF, K-mount. There. Bring it on 🙂

    • x4rd

      645D Mk II? 😉

      • Mr.Black

        …with 50mp sensor.

        • x4rd

          sony only knows 😉

    • Sky

      Why waste it for EVF. If it’ll use K mount it might as well benefit from OVF. Or at least: hybrid viewfinder.

      • sasa208

        Well I agree. I would love a big bright OVF much much more than any EVF out there! But I doubt manufacturers will still do that. A intelligent hybrid solution would be great indeed.

  • Remedy

    Don’t You just love Pentax and their up your face awkward focal lengths. 😀 Sounds good tho!

    • What’s weird about 18-70? It’s 28-105 equivalent, which is a pretty standard type. Their 16-45/16-50 is 24-70, which is also a pretty standard length.

      135-380 is roughly 200-560, which is a bit odd, but a great ‘walk around pervert’ lens. 😀

      • Sky

        Should be 100-400. Or even better: 70-400 – Sony somehow managed to pull it off and their 70-400 is really brilliant lens.

  • Rob S

    Potentially nice specs on the K-60. Might be enough for me to get one as a second to my K-5.

  • sayithere

    sounds great. my only hope is the shutter sound can be as ‘friendly’ as the K-5. all the previous entry-level pentax dslr sound like a dog barking at thief.

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