Samsung SMART NX3000 mirrorless camera announced

Samsung officially announced the previously rumored NX3000 SMART mirrorless camera with a flippable LCD screen designed for taking better selfies. The price of the NX3000 with a kit lens is $479.99 and is available in three different colors. Here are the basic specifications:

Samsung 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 Power Zoom ED OIS lens specifications:


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  • Jack Reacher

    Not a bad looking camera, just not what I want.

    • Matt

      Glad you shared that.

  • Tipiac

    Does it have the problems of the nx300?

  • MB

    So now we wait for Leica to sue Samsung …

    • lawl

    • Larrry

      Or Sony to sue Samsung. Looks like an a5000.


    I’ll get one for Christmas ’14 at $199 or $249 with the two lenses kit…

  • Gunnar

    Their pricing is a bit confusing, the all around better nx300 is currently about 30$ cheaper, so who is supposed to buy this??

    • Marco –

      Dumb ppl on the market for a selfies camera? Jokes apart, you’re totally right.

      p.s.: Samsung seems to aim just the fools. It’s marketing is so absurd.

      • madmax

        Some Samsung users also could think you are the stupid instead. The purpose of a company like Samsung (or Canon, Sony, etc) is to make money so that their shareholders be happy. If they sell a lot of products to stupid people it´s ok as long as they get big profits. This said, I am seriously considering to buy this camera. If you think I am stupid, I don´t mind absolutely.

        • Marco –

          Not necessarily stupid. Perhaps just uninformed.

          • Hung Leica Horse

            Seems that he’s well informed and is buying anyway, so he’s stupid.

          • madmax

            No.The uninformed, stupid and bad-mannered child are you.
            As Gunnar well says, the price of NX300 is somewhat lower in BH, but only with the 20-50 lens. Also there is a more expensive, $549 kit with the bulky 18-55 lens. There is not NX300 kit with the new 16-50 lens, that is the lens I want, but the NX3000 kit with the 16-50 will be only $529, and I´ll get the wider lens I need.

          • Hung Leica Horse

            Seems that you actually mind when somebody thinks you’re stupid.

  • red

    Uninspiring camera. Probably a decent buy at $199-$249 though.

    • Marco –

      That’s the price you pay for the 2 years old nx1000, which has exactly the same hw and a better display (yet not aimet to selfies). Samsung introduces the same products with some cosmetic differences and a different name, year after year. Shame.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    So how is it better than the nx2000 other than it coming with Lightroom 5 instead of 4

    • Marco –

      It has a worse display (yet…woowoo, flippable!) and no touch screen. So it’s basically a stripped down NX2000 for selfies lovers.

      • madmax

        Not true. This camera has more “physical” controls instead and this is only a different approach which I prefer.

  • madmax

    I very much like it… at this price! I was thinking about buying a good small sensor compact like RX100 or X20, but this also is truly pocketable and price with that 24 mm wide angle is way better than expected. I´ll save some hundreds and still have an apsc sensor, good looking camera.

    • madmax

      Sorry, I didn´t noticed the kit lens in BH was a 20-50, not the new 16-50 described in this post (?) and so the wide angle is only 30 mm. Lens quality is very good, but too long wide end for my taste. If I can get this camera plus 16-50 lens under 550, I´d certainly would consider this option.

  • Marco –

    Samsung cameras are really the most unexciting products in the mirrorless world. Anybody can think of a camera which is less interesting than this one, announced in 2014?

  • Ratty Mouse

    The selfie is now the most important aspect of photography.

  • PGi

    The brown one is to me strikingly handsome!
    Well done Samsung!

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