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Fujifilm Globe-Trotter exclusive luxury mirrorless camera kit
Fujifilm Globe-Trotter exclusive luxury mirrorless camera kit 3Fujifilm Globe-Trotter exclusive luxury mirrorless camera kit 2
→ Fujifilm and Globe-Trotter have announced another "exclusive" and "luxury" kit based on the Fujifilm X-T1 Graphite Silver camera. You can see the previous Globe-Trotter/Fuji edition kits here and here.

Panasonic GX7 camera front
→ The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX7 camera body is listed as discontinued at B&H.

→ Kodak already has a website for the Instamatic Android based devices I reported last month. The official announcement will be next week during the 2015 CES show. Here are the details:

Kodak-Instamatic-camera Kodak-Instamatic-2014-specifications Kodak-Instamatic-2014
→ Canon is blocking Magic Lantern on latest 5D Mark III bodies:

Canon blocked Magic Lantern on the 5D Mark III
→ Polaroid partners with Blipfoto on a new photo journaling service that only lets you post once a day - check it out at www.polaroidblipfoto.com:

Minnesota family acquires Polaroid majority in $70M deal.


An atomically thin material was developed at Rice University and may lead to the thinnest-ever imaging platform.

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  • TinusVerdino

    Way to go Canon. You really know what your customers want! And take it away from them.

    • true

      apparently the guy with newer firmware was able to revert it with the EOS utility software. I think the EOSHD might’ve overreacted a bit, but time will tell.

  • D800GUY

    Fuji thinks its Leica…

    • true

      Rather take fuji than a Df

    • Global

      Fuji is better than Leica….

    • DrunkenRant

      I would assume that Globe-trotter approached Fuji rather than the other way around.

  • Global

    I like this case (for storage/long-travel), but I wish they made use of space better. Seems like they didn’t consider additional lenses or items. The cut outs should be much closer together and leave plenty of spacers for new items. Even a guy who can afford this is not a fool…….. he needs space, not just lovely presentation…. (otherwise, make the case much smaller).

    • fjfjjj

      Have you noticed that the black overlay in the case is made out of thin cardboard?

  • D600 Owner

    gx7 no longer listed as discontinued. just the version with 20mm lens

  • fjfjjj

    The video says “2013” above “Instamatic 2014” and the year is 2015.

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