DxO ONE camera now shipping, currently in stock

The DxO ONE camera is now in stock in the US. Additional information:

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  • Spy Black


  • YC

    i’ve been waiting for this camera since it anounced. to me, cameras of future must have 3 points, 1. lightweight. 2. great color, 3.easy to edit and interact. i shoot great pics with iphone already, but i always expect better, DXO ONE no doubt is the answer. there are already some pic uploaded by users in DXO forum, and i have to say, it’s really great quality without retouch.

    but i still have concern just like everybody does: 1.high price, the least thing i want to see it’s i paid 600 bucks for this camera and it ends up like AMAZON FIRE phone. 2. lens, it’s about 32mm and about the same angle with iphone itself, normally during my travel i took my NIKON DF with 75-300, and 14-24, and sigma dp2q for 45 and iphone cover 30mm, it works perfect.

    but i really hope i can just solve all problem just by iphone.the angle of DXO ONE is duplicate, not supplement. the bettery life is fine for me, according to reviews online it can last 200 shots it’s enough for daily use and who would walk out his iphone without a powerbank, even A7m2 OR 7rm2 can use powerbank as backup battery.

    another bad experience i had is i placed order twice on DXO website but cancelled by DXO cause im in China. now amazon comes with a free 32gb tf cards, but black friday isn’t far now, who knows what promotion is waiting for this 1st generation device.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Next year this thing will be on firesale for $50

    • YC

      yeah that’s my biggest concern, thats why i decide upgrade my iphone 6 to 6s

  • François Nuq

    For less $ you could have a real camera. The review on Amazon are not very good. 🙂 When the marketing sell something better than the real product…

  • the truth hurts

    is that even a sturdy connection by the charge port?

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