This is the Pentax full frame DSLR camera (behind glass)

Pentax full frame DSLR camera
Pentax full frame DSLR camera 3
Pentax full frame DSLR camera 2
Adorama posted on their website several pictures of the upcoming Pentax full frame DSLR camera. The prototype shown on displayed at the 2015 PhotoPlus Expo in NYC has more details than the previous version released few months ago (see this image and this prototype):


There is still no information on the exact specifications or model name, but you can clearly see the twist-out (or flip-out) LCD screen.

Update: more pictures of the Pentax camera prototype from the PhotoPlus Expo are available here, here and here.

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  • Aekn

    God…f’in…zilla! Looking forward to the specs.

  • howitzerr

    the eyepiece is gone and the lcd look all mangled
    i hope they dont drop the next prototype !

    • TinusVerdino

      It’s just not on there. it will have one

      • Kunzite

        Obviously. The eye piece is detachable, they just didn’t put it on.

  • Gerardo Sanchez

    So, Iooking at the pictures, it has GPS and Wi-Fi with NFS. That twisting screen looks interesting and… what are the dials on the right side for? We need a top view 😛

    • the screen is tilted in a strange position, not sure if it is broken or this is a feature

      • Gerardo Sanchez

        Someone posted more images with the top view on PF:

        It looks like a dedicated access to some functions

      • François Nuq

        It is NOT broken. It is a cool way to have a reliable flipping screen. Smart 🙂

        • I will ask again: where are the cables/connections for the LCD screen?

          • Glorfindelrb

            You can see it in some top view of the camera.

          • ok, l will check those pictures, thanks

          • Spy Black

            Yeah, it’s in the center bottom on the top view. That suspension system is pretty cool. It looks like it’ll hold up as well (no pun intended).

          • yes, I see it now – very interesting indeed

      • BP2012

        I think it is a feature, tiltable screen in all directions: up, down, left, right 🙂
        Lcd “chassis” is not fixed in any point and there are 4 flexibile metal “levers” which allows tilting the screen in all directions. Excellent idea but I’m not sure about durability of that construction.

        • El Aura

          Using the terminology of flight dynamics, tiltable screens offer pitch control, swivel screens offer yaw control, and this Pentax adds roll control.

        • but where are the cables/connections for the LCD screen?

          • Class A

            In a few of the images on pentaxforums, one can see a black flat ribbon cable between the metal rods.

      • Peter Jonkman

        Think “sand dune buggy suspension” as this is how the tiltable screen on the new FF seems to work!

        • interesting concept, or maybe just a prototype

      • Perhaps it can rotate to show a portrait mode from the waist level. It would be nice.
        I would prefer it mirrorless though.

    • JJ

      There are pictures of the top view on pentaxforums. People posted their pics from the show. The right dial has shooting modes and selecion for parameters e.g. HDR, Ch/Cl, +/-, ISO. There were a few more.

      The other dial (left) has PASM modes and 5 user modes.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    It needs more buttons.

  • It looks like a tank!! Way to go!! 😀

  • Cinekpol

    These metal parts between LCD and body are weird… it really does look like it’s broken. Paint it black, or something…

    But I appreciate the functionality – seems like you can reproduce all of the tilts available in Sony A77-style tiltable LCD + more, which is a great thing. For me the A77-style LCD is the most convenient one to use and I really wish I would have it on my Nikon, it’s the one thing I’m missing most from Sony.

    • TinusVerdino

      Pre production model. it’s not totally finished yet.

    • kassim

      i think those metals are temporary support,to hold the screen in that position for display purpose.

  • Bo Dez

    This looks good.

  • speedPhoenix

    Too small, I guess this is mainly for Asian

    • TinusVerdino

      and women and little kids eh?

      • speedPhoenix

        Too many buttons for the kids and women :p
        I have K-5IIs which is perfect for small lenses. I think pentax Fullframe should be little bigger. Maybe as big as D750

        • TinusVerdino

          It is about as wide as the K-5 K-3 but higher and maybe also a bit more room behind the focal plane. So probably as high as the D750 but less wide.


          Get a Grip!

  • TinusVerdino

    I think the right dial has a display in it.

  • AYWY

    Ah ha. A tilting screen with the kind of toughness and seals that Pentax is famous for. Take that, D8xx!

    But want to wait a few years to see how Ricoh builds this new format… :p

  • longzoom

    Reminds me my most lovely beloved F4… Hope it gets the same fame and glory. Better it is the best, cose have the Sony as competitor today, you know…

  • BolsevickeCN

    Dedicated ISO button would be better, instead to put it into dial mode. otherwise it looks impressive.

    • jar_jar_

      Behind the shutter release button and on/off switch, there is an exposure compensation button on the left and a dedicated ISO button on the right. I’m assuming the buttons are programmable since both functions are also on that dial.

  • Ron Man

    Noooooo to the articulating screen……..

    • Tenpax

      You won’t need to lie down on the ground to show that you have poor taste anymore.

  • x4rd

    Wonderful build quality and superb image rendition – that how i see new FF from Pentax

  • Marcelo Tezza

    I don’t know why, but when i look at this camera, the name godzilla comes to my mind, i would nickname it to Godzilla.
    i really though the OVF would be bigger, anyone knows the magnification?

  • Tenpax

    If this is going to work it would have worked with the much better Sony A mount. Pentax doesn’t even have decent lenses to put on this thing. Fail!

    • CHD

      Seriously…who says ‘Fail’ anymore…are you 12 yrs old?

      • Honak

        epic reply….

    • Robert Compton


    • 24×36

      LOL so give up all the native K-mount glass for a comparatively miniscule assortment of native A mount glass that will soon be orphaned as Sony’s attention is focused on E-Mount MILC stuff. Brilliant.

    • ubuntu fan

      seriously???? I can’t even find words to reply to this comment.

  • Neopulse

    1) The optical viewfinder looks MASSIVE.

    2) It uses UHS-I cards still 🙁

    3) The grip looks great for people with big hands like the 645z

    4) It has 3 dials? thumb dial, front dial and one on top for some kind of function and the mode dial also near it.

    5) Looks rugged and heavy the body, as it should since Pentax is all about build quality.

    6) The lens mounted on it looks amazing when paired with the body.

    My 2 cents so far

  • Honak

    sorry but this thing looks clumsy and uncomfortable to handle…..

    • kassim

      oh believe me,pentax cameras are among the best in ergonomic department.

  • im sold.

  • dbltax

    That screen looks ridiculous and a bit of a liability if I’m honest.

  • sperdynamite

    I went to the expo today and it wasn’t there. The rep said that they initially got the ok from Japan to show it but there was a miscommunication. Japan thought they meant the original mock up. I guess once the pics were posted everyone working there got emails to take it down. The rep seemed a little miffed by the whole thing because in his opinion, it’s not going to make a difference one way or another if people see a prototype at a trade show. After that we talked about the Z a lot and had a nice conversation. Pentax makes some of the best cameras and lenses in the business, I really wish that company the best. I’m hoping to try the FF some day with good Limited glass, and the Z remains my dream camera.

    • that is interesting, thanks for the update

    • Class A

      Thanks for this!

      I agree that exposing the prototype should only work to Pentax’s favour. Unless, of course, the final model will be different in a significant aspect. That scenario aside, the pictures generated some good publicity for Pentax and help to tide the faithful Pentaxians over to the release date.

      I always expected to acquire the FF model, but now I’m more determined than ever.

  • Mike

    Looks like a GPS on/off switch above the viewfinder diopter. That will be a big hit if true.

    • Kunzite

      Likely it is – the K-3 II already have an internal GPS, the button positioning differs.

  • Karol Wojdyna

    I know that real men should not finish fast. But they should at last!

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