What to expect in early 2016?

Here is what to expect from the major camera/lens manufacturer in early 2016. Most of those announcements will be made during the CES (January) and CP+ (February) shows:










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  • SteveHood

    We could see 3 telephoto lenses for mirrorless mounts get announced at CES this year. It will be interesting to see which one stands out.

  • Neopulse

    Hopefully a new premium DX lens for Nikon and maybe a V4?

  • tyger11

    Sigma Art Cine, c’moooooon!

  • Marvin8

    In other words….absolutely nothing exciting.

    • there could be some surprises

    • dclivejazz

      It seems to me that next year will be an exciting time for very improved cameras. Maybe not anything “disruptive” but otherwise impressive upgrades. Nikon will have the D5, possibly an update to the D810, maybe get more seriously into mirrorless. Canon has got to unveil the 5DmIV, probably a 1Dx update. Fuji will update a lot their models. Sony and the micro 4/3’s folks have already pumped out big updates. Photo gear nuts will need to strap themselves down.

  • joms

    I want an Olympus stabilizer with 4K video capability in a mirrorless sized camera!

  • kazziz

    I would add Olympus f/1.2 lenses.

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