Sony issued an advisory for the RX1R II camera

Sony issued an advisory for the latest RX1R II model ($3,298) - some cameras "may produce image files with unwanted light" (serial numbers from 6310198 to 6311127):

Sony RX1R II camera advisory
Basically Sony delayed and pulled out all existing stock of the RX1R II camera because of a light leak. Shipping is supposed to resumes on February 19th.

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  • Mistral75

    Serial numbers reported as affected differ from a country to another:

    – USA: 6310198-6311127, see above
    – France:7360021-7360551, 7760004-7760052 and 8160021-8160357, see

    Those who have bought their RX1R II in a foreign country should consult the local support website.

  • speedy fisher

    Nikon, this is how you handle a production flaw. Take the product off sale immediately and offer immediate repair/replacement as soon as you’ve fixed the issue. Not just deny it for as long as you can before your hand is forced by class action lawsuits.

    Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s how you handle them that matters.

    • vwking

      Yes, I agree completely.

    • FountainHead

      Sure… buit why does Sony keep making THIS mistake?

  • Ron Hendriks

    So they have production badge of around 1000 pieces. Looks like they don’t sell them to much.

    • Zos Xavius

      At those prices they won’t sell many. Not many people have 3k to blow on a fixed lens compact.

    • Ethan

      1000 $3000 fixed lens cameras in 1 month.

    • J.Coi

      What is a “production badge” please?

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