At least two new Sigma lenses rumored to be announced on February 23rd

Sigma lens teasers rumors
Few updates on the Sigma lens teaser I reported few days ago - there were two different teasers and I believe both are now removed from Facebook. The first one is most likely for a new zoom, while the second (smaller) lens will probably be mirrorless:


Sigma Hungary told us that TWO lenses will come on 23rd Feb. One is the one on the phantom picture, which is not a 24-70, not a 70-200, not 85-135, and not 50-135 or 50-150. The SECOND lens is something around 85mm but obviously they cannot tell exact information.

CanonRumors got a similar information, probably from the same source on Hungary:

The bigger one is indeed a zoom lens, but not a 24-70, not 70-200 and not a 85-135 or a 50-135/50-150 The second in the image above is a smaller prime lens. Sadly, it looks too small to be the 85mm f/1.4 Art series lens. It could be a lens for a mirrorless system(s).

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  • Spy Black

    Hopefully it’s an updated 85mm Art lens and not a mirrorless model. 70-200 Art too? Fingers crossed.

    • 24×36

      Art too?? There hasn’t been a 70-200 “Art” lens yet. Last iteration was the 70-200 F2.8 OS model, which predates their “Sports,” “Art,” and “Contemporary” lines. And when they release their updated 70-200 f2.8, I imagine it will be a “Sports” class lens, not an “Art” class.

      • Spy Black

        As long as they’re updated to modern Sigma standards, I don’t care what they call them.

      • Stealthy Ninja

        LOL well at least Spy Black is nit free now.

  • Eric Calabros

    35-70 f/2

    • Duncan Dimanche

      yes !!!

    • BallChoy

      DC or DG?

  • fanboy fagz

    I wouldnt mind a 50-85 f/2 that would go well with the 24-35 f/2

    an 85 art would be super though. curious to see that tamron 85 VC

    • Duncan Dimanche

      same here ! I would buy a 50-85 or a 35-80 f2… It could probably be my only lens for 90% of my wedding work

  • MdB

    I think a 100mm f1.8 FF lens for mirrorless would be an immensely popular lens for Sigma, if they make it in all mounts and typically excellent Sigma pricing.

    I would buy two without hesitation.

    • speedy fisher

      I would jump on a 100mm f1.8 for my A7RII so quickly that Sigma wouldn’t know what hit them.

      • MdB

        Same. I would get one for crop + FF E-Mount and another for m43’s.

    • Stealthy Ninja

      Why for mirrorless? If you are talking mirrorless full frame then there’s only Sony and Leica at this stage (right?).

      Or you mean you want them to include an e-mount version?

      • MdB

        E-Mount is E-Mount. If they make this FF there will be little to no difference to a non-FF size wise, they can also make it to service APS-C and 4/3’s as well at 150mm and 200mm respectively.

        There is nothing in any of those systems at those FL’s and apertures. I would buy one for E and one for m43’s without hesitation.

        For SLR, I doubt anyone would much care.

        • Stealthy Ninja

          Sorry I shoot Fuji, did I get the Sony mount confused? I mean whatever Sony’s ff mount is

  • BP2012

    “which is not a 24-70, not a 70-200, not 85-135, and not 50-135 or 50-150” Hilarious rumour.

  • jojo

    With a tripod mount, the first is likely a DSLR telephoto zoom (diameter not overly large – how about a 1:2 macro zoom even?). The second would be a mirrorless lens if 100/1.8 (prime tele or macro?)

  • Morris

    200 2.8 or 300 2.8 possible ?

  • New 150 macro A for the big one or 70-200 f4 may be…

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    if its not 85-135 or 50-135 or 50-150 then once more nothing interesting for me

  • catinhat

    35-85 f/2, 50-105 f/2, or 85-135 f/2 could all be very interesting.

  • BallChoy

    14mm f4 DN Art

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