Photokina day 0 recap (press day)

The press day for the 2016 Photokina show is now over. I still expect few more announcements from Leica tomorrow... and maybe Ricoh/Pentax? Here is a quick recap of what was announced today in case you missed it:

Leica announced five new SL lenses, roadmap

Leica launches Professional Business Unit

Fujifilm Instax Square

Sony and Profoto Collaboration

The New Leica DG VARIO-ELMARIT F2.8-4.0 Lens Series

Firmware update version 1.3 for the Pentax K-1 camera to be released on September 29th

For a better coverage of Fuji, Sony and MFT cameras you can follow FujiAdict, SonyAdict and 43addict.

Thanks for the Photokina pictures Ala'a. If you have any interesting pictures from the Photokina show and want to share them on the blog, please send me an email.

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  • blp

    is nikon all done ?

    • For Photokina announcements – yes, otherwise – no 🙂

      • HD10

        The new Sony A99 II and the Olympus E-M1 Mk2 just raised the bar much higher for any Nikon mirrorless.

        Looking at the specs of the E-M1 Mk 2, I wonder what many Nikon aficionados will do if this was instead for a new Nikon F-mount FX? I have not seen any rear photo of the E-M1 Mk2 to see whether it has an AF joystick but if it does not, this is the only critique I can make of it.

        Even with many months to an announcement still, an FX version of the E-M1 Mk 2 may simply be a bridge too far for Nikon. But I would be happy to be proven wrong again if that happens.

        • Tolot

          if nikon tries to do another tiny sensor mirrroless they will have a hard time.
          if they don´t go aps-c they can stop trying right now….

  • Lubos

    and the new Sony Alpha looks very impressive.

    • Tolot

      and will you buy it… no… same as 96% who say it looks impressive.

  • Are people still buying MFT? I thought Kai said it was dead.

    • Zos Xavius

      So kai is now the authority on what is dead or not? Good to know.

      • Tolot

        the only authority is ken.. not kai.

  • Tolot

    by the way…. i was at photokina today and kudos to the canon booth people… when i was there they got hammered with questions why the 5D MK4 look so intentional crippled when it comes to video.

    i don´t want to work at that booth to be honest….

    • Tolot

      if canon has any love for it´s customers they should at least add canon log and give us the choice for a codec that doesn´t eat up memory like mad.
      im pretty sure they could do that with a firmware update.
      don´t know if canon could do much for clean HDMI out via a firmware update.

      but looking at other offerings videographer will run away from canon…. the only company worse these days when it comes to video seems to be nikon.

      even fuji user will get good 4k now….

      not that the 4k quality is bad.. but the file size is a joke for longer recordings.
      and log profiles should be standard today.

      personally i don´t care about 4k.. but canon doesn´t look good here compared to other brands at photokina!

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