Canon PowerShot G9X Mark II camera pictures and specifications

The first pictures and specifications of the rumored Canon PowerShot G9X Mark II camera:

  • Color: black / silver
  • 20.1MP sensor
  • Lens: 10.2 - 30.6mm (28 - 84mm equivalent) f/2.0 - 4.9
  • Video processor: DIGIC 7
  • Video: full HD
  • 3" LCD screen
  • Battery: NB-13L
  • Media: SD / SDHC / SDXC (UHS-I compatible)
  • Size: 98.0 x 57.9 x 31.3 mm

Via Nokishita

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  • Joey

    f/2.0 – 4.9??? Seriously?

    Come on Canon, this isn’t 2013.

    ThomHogan summed it up best:

    “The GX type cameras may be appealing to previous Canon G users, but they don’t seem to be pulling the RX-100 type of customer away from Panasonic/Sony at the moment, and now Nikon has entered the game with what look to be competent cameras that are attractive to that type of user. “

    • Mox Factor

      isn’t that competition left for the G7X mk2? (which begs the question, then what’s the G9X’s market?)

      • tyger11

        People who shop at Best Buy.

  • malchick743

    Very, very disappointing! No retention of RHS control set, same lens, same design, only Digic ASIC update. Seriously!??

    • Joey

      That’s the Canon way….

      Canonitis: Noun/Latin origin – To never go the full step you really need to innovate and take over the market.

  • Azmodan

    As others have said, very disappointing. Still no 4K, no AF updates, lens is pathetically slow at the tele end, grip is poor.

    Canon has the tech, but the company is run by 80+ year old fossils that have no clue.

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