Panasonic GH5 camera pictures leaked online

The first press images of the upcoming Panasonic GH5 MFT camera leaked online (official announcement on January 4th; expected price: around $2,000) - note also on the top photo the new Leica 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0 MFT lens:

Via Nokishita

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  • Spy Black

    Looks like a……GH! Seriously though, Panasonic rocks for what they’ve done with this camera series, and especially this incarnation. It’s a ‘po man’s really high quality movie camera. Probably takes nice stills too. 🙂

  • I wanted to be able to read that drive dial with the something “K”. On the G85 it’s 4K, but it doesn’t look like a “4”, it should be 6K then, but it also does look like 5K too… hahahaha…

    • Michael

      The 6K is easily readable…… It’s 6K photo burst mode. Very similar to 4K photo mode. RAW, at slower burst is more valuable.

      • I’m aware of what Photo 6K is and although my 5K comment was a joke, don’t give me this “it’s easily readable” because it’s not, you can guess based on the GH5 presentation and press release and that’s it.

  • abortabort

    Not the Leica 12-60mm, that is a f2.8-4, this is the 12-60mm that was released earlier this year and is the kit lens on the G85.

    • Will update my post.

    • check the first picture on top, the lens is a Leica 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0

      • abortabort

        Uhm, you said you’d update your post, you then did update the post, not really sure what the problem is? But yes, some images are of the Leica and some of the older kit lens, but it was the description that was somewhat incorrect (now corrected, thanks :)).

        • I updated the post twice. The new lens is shown on the picture and this is what I reported initially.

  • abortabort

    Gah! Silly screen articulation blocks the ports on the left.

    • Eno

      If you use the HDMI port you probably do it cause you record externally, so you have no need of the camera screen anyway. 🙂

      • abortabort

        That is unless you want to go to a split or wireless split or any number of other setups.

        • Eno

          If you are so smart, where would have you placed all those connections cause there is no other place for them on the camera. 🙂

          • abortabort

            Simple, I would use a much smarter screen articulation.

          • Eno

            IMO there is no smarter screen articulation than what use, for me and meany others it’s as close to “perfect” as it can be!

          • abortabort

            That’s because you’re a fanboy and therefore it’s ‘the best’ and infallible. It’s not the best. Period.

          • Eno

            No, it’s because I’ve shot with many cameras in my life and I love this type of articulating screen from the fist time I saw it in a Canon Powershot S1, many meany years ago!

          • abortabort

            According to you. That’s fine if you like your camera as wide as a Panoramic camera whenever you want to tilt the screen even just a little bit. It’s the worst, by far, of all the screen articulation methods.

          • Ethan

            Sony a77, a77ii, a99, a99ii disagrees

          • That really depend on your use. I prefer it on the side than not being able to use hotshoe accessories and tripods in a lot of situations because it would end up blocking the screen.

            These are photo cameras form factor, you’ll have to compromise when it comes to articulating screen. The other guy is complaining but I would like to know which other camera has it perfect then.

            If Panasonic does it similar to Fuji and provide extra ports with the grip, then that’s it, it’s as close as you will get.

          • abortabort

            The Sony method above doesn’t block the hotshoe. Typical nonsense from you.

          • Ok then, let’s take a common shooting situation for a lot of people, your camera is on the tripod, try to put a mic on the hotshoe and use the screen as a monitor while you are in front of the camera. Well, you can’t.

            As I said, each method has its compromises, it all depends on what you need, so not only you failed to showcase a photo camera with a “perfect” LCD monitor – for everybody, not just for your own little fantasy world – but the more you talk the more you actually sound like a teenager fanboy.

            If you prefer tilt screen, that’s fine, but better will always be relative to each person’s use, if you can’t even understand such a simple thing, I won’t waste my breath discussing with a 11 years old teen that think his way is the only “smart” way! hahahahahahahaha…

          • abortabort

            What an absolute moron. Wow ONE scenario, you really showed me! How about you simply mount said mic on a $5 bracket, geez sounds hard, or use a lapel, or a mic stand or… well you get the idea.

            Now try taking that articulating screen on the GH5, want to articulate it AT ALL while using the HDMI out or headphone out, you can’t. Try going from the screen being closed to open while shooting, absolute garbage. Being off axis makes it less suitable for panning.

            I didn’t say there was a ‘perfect’ solution you dildo, just that there are better solutions. The side articulation is MORE flawed, but you think you ‘proved’ you point by pointing out one potential scenario and then call case closed with pathetic attempts at name calling.

            Sad little loser. I’m so sorry I’m much smarter than you, it must be hard, you’re probably used to people thinking you’re pretty intelligent.

          • It’s so easy to get under the skin of a “smart” 11 years old teenager.

            It’s even funnier because I can write something like “Hey abortabort, do as I say and keep replying back” and you will do so, won’t you? hahahahahahahahaha…

          • abortabort

            Wow you really showed me. Moron.

          • What did I say? So easy… hahahaha… You say to reply back and he does! Teenagers are so cute! hahahahaha…

          • abortabort

            Is that you’re lame plan so that people stop responding to your idiocy, so you can get the last word in? How sad. Pathetic little loser playing keyboard warrior. Hang yourself, life isn’t going to get any happier for you.

  • HD10

    Is that a thumb joystick for AF selection on the GH5?

    If it is, then that puts the GH5 ahead of the E-M1 Mk 2 in this respect.

    • Eric Calabros

      But not in a perfect place

      • HD10

        Concur. It could be better positioned but it is already a big improvement over the GH3/GH4 as well as the E-M1 Mk2 and Mk2.

      • silmasan

        Seems because it’s smaller than nikon DSLRs we’re used to, and the LCD is taking up the space.

        • HD10

          Swapping the position of the thumb joystick and the AF/AE lock + AFS-AFC-MF controls might have improved things a bit as I suspect that the thumb joystick can also function as AF-on if pressed down (just like the D500). But Panasonic may have put more emphasis in keeping the controls of the GH5 as close to the GH3/GH4 and this is why the GH5 has this AF-controls setup. But this setup is still far better than the absence of a thumb joystick in the E-M1 Mk2.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Anything exiting expected for CES?

    • Not really, unless it’s a surprise. I think we will see more new products at the CP+ show in February.

  • Cliff

    Panasonic doing 4:2:2 10bit internal recording is a massive blow to Sony. Not because Sony cant match it, the EASILY could. The problem is, Sony “wont” match it because that completely screws with Sony’s marketing structure. To get Sony 10bit, 4k, 4:2:2 they make you buy a $8,000 FS7. So, matching Panasonic’s CODEC and frame rates is the very LAST thing Sony XDCAM division would ever want to do. I bet the Sony Alpha team would gladly do it but XDCAM execs would scream “no!”. Wow…this GH5 is going to be an industry disrupter….big time!

    • I do think that it will take quite some time for Sony to put not only 10-bit 422 but 4K60p as well, but they will be reluctant to do so since as you pointed out, not even the FS5 has it.

      But at the same time, although Sony Alpha took a while to counter GH4’s 4K, they pushed log and Panasonic took even longer to counter that – it seems that Lumix division took some time to be able to adapt V-log to Lumix cameras, part of it because the gap between the two is far greater than between XDCAM and Sony Alpha but it seems that Varicam division was hesitant about it as well.

      Hopefully the GH5 will do like DJI and have both H.264 AND H.265, then we are really talking about pushing it forward.

    • boulderghost

      What few people are talking about is DJI. With their latest X5S camera shooting 4k 60fps, C-DNG RAW
      5.2K: 5280×2972
      23.976/24/25/29.97p, up to 4.2Gbps
      4K: 4096×2160, 3840×2160
      23.976/24/25/29.97p, up to 2.4Gbps
      4K: 4096×2160, 3840×2160
      50/59.94p, up to 4.0Gbps

      Apple ProRes
      5.2K: 5280×2160
      23.976/24/25/29.97p, 422 HQ @1.3Gbps
      4K: 3840×2160
      23.976/24/25/29.97p, 422 HQ @900Mbps
      4K: 3840×2160
      23.976/24/25/29.97p, 4444 XQ @2.0Gbps

      They are about to release an OSMO gimbal for it and monitor/recorders (crystalsky). This package, with constantly upgraded features via software will be hard to beat for the price. The x5s is $1900 and if the monitor and gimbal come in under $1500, nothing will be able to offer the features, quality and scalability for anywhere near the price. Keep an eye on DJI. A close eye.

    • Zainb

      There is no such thing as Alpha and Xdcam division. All Sony cameras were combined into one division a couple of years ago. It’s called Imaging division.

      • Cliff

        Yes, but they have separate managers and are still very very very concerned about cannibalizing one market from another. Even from within the one company. Managers and VPs sometimes have competing interests and territories.

  • Can Panasonic finally make auto ISO and some other feats work in manual mode?

    • Eno

      Auto ISO with minimum and maximum custom value selection, I hope!

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