2016 BCN awards in Japan: Canon wins in almost all categories

The 2016 BCN awards for the Japanese market are out (BCN collects sales data from approximately 2/3 of all Japanese retail stores). Canon still has a major market share in almost all categories (even in mirrorless - now at the #2 spot after pushing Sony to #3). Olympus is the #1 mirrorless camera, while Fuji never made it to the list. In the lens category, Sigma pushed Nikon from the #2 spot. Here are the details (click for larger view):

BCN award DSLR camera market share 2016

  1. Canon 63.3%
  2. Nikon 31.6%
  3. Ricoh 4.8%

BCN award mirrorless camera market share 2016

  1. Olympus 26.8
  2. Canon 18.5%
  3. Sony 17.9%

BCN award fixed lens camera market share 2016

  1. Canon 27.3%
  2. Nikon 22.1%
  3. Casio 19.3%

BCN award lenses market share 2016

  1. Canon 24%
  2. Sigma 14.3%
  3. Nikon 12.5%

BCN award action cameras market share 2016

  1. GoPro 51.2%
  2. Sony 15.5%
  3. Panasonic 13.7%
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  • MB

    So that is why Nikon entered action camera market … to be better than Canon in at least one category …

    • Adam Kozlowski

      Too bad Canon sucks in every major category… who buys into their marketing??? Their best sensors are years behind Sony (hence also behind Nikon, Fuji and Pentax).

      • Pheonixservant

        Obviously that doesn’t seem to matter. Otherwise they wouldn’t be gaining ground.

      • MB

        Yep … the life is cruel and people are stupid … they don’t understand how bad Canon is and keep buying it … they annoy us my precious …

        • BP2012

          No doubt about that. I said long time ago after sellng my original 5D that Canon is a marketing company and I don’t wan’t to be manipulated anymore.

  • SteveHood

    What I find interesting is the market share loss for Nikon in the lens category. Lenses is the cash cow for this industry and you don’t want to lose market share here. I wonder who is in the #4 and #5 slots (Tamron and ?) and if they are close to supplanting Nikon at #3.

    • What I find intersting is that Canon gain market share… in the DSLR category…

      • SteveHood

        Although this has been an ongoing trend, some of the gain this year may be related to the earthquake as Canon was not impacted.

        • Could be, but look at previous years – Canon’s trend is up while Nikon’s is down.

      • Adam Kozlowski

        I find it unbelievable. Canon’s mirrorless is junk, DSLRs have weak sensors… 1Dx2 IQ is way worse than A7R2… 5D4 as well…

        • Nice mantra, but it’s not changing any facts.

        • CHD

          ‘DSLR’s have weak sensors’….what a load of garbage. Are they on par with the Sony sensors??? No, they aren’t….but they are not ‘weak’ sensors either. The reality is that the differences in sensor performance in 2017 are mostly irrelevant. The Canon ecosystem is second to none, which is why they dominate the DSLR market.

          • CinderedMonkey

            Yet their mirrorless ecosystem is second to none…from the bottom. Yet they are now in 2nd place. Plus, other than their latest model, their other camera body offerings were…err….weak.

          • Andrei

            These days i was looking for a small camera next to my 7DII and i was considering the A6000. Great camera for a very good price.

            But couldn’t find any decent lens for it, apart from the overpriced 16-70. The 16-50 or 18-55 are weak.

            Probably i will stick with Fuji, their lenses are amazing, even the plastic 16-50.

            Or the M3. I would get the M5 in an instant if it would be cheaper. I need it for travel and landscapes, for everything else i have the 7D.

            So for me an M5 is better camera than a Sony A6300 or 6500 because i don’t need all those extra features but i can choose from a ton of cheap and high quality lenses and even use my telephoto lenses on it with native speed, without a 400$ third party adapter.
            That’s why people buy Canon.

          • CinderedMonkey

            Why buy a m5 if all you’re going to do is use large DSLR lenses on it? You are certainly not saving any space since it’s the lenses that take up all the space. A small camera is useless in saving space and weight if it doesn’t have a good collection of small lenses to go with it.

          • Andrei

            I have the 7DII and 100-400 II. Both amazing but the 7D is quite heavy.
            When i am going on a photo trip to shoot wildlife would be nice to have a second camera as a backup and a small mirrorless is much better than a second DSLR. Especially if the AF speed is there and i can share lenses with the 7D.

            A mirrorless 100-400 would not be any smaller, example is the Fuji 100-400 which is just as big as the Canon but mostly plastic.

            Or i can take my Tokina 11-20 and use on either bodies, depends which one i want to take out that day. I can have a walkaround lens in mirrorless mount and the less used wideangle can be shared between the two bodies.

          • CHD

            Well what Canon has going for it is name recognition due to a very strong DSLR and lens range. Some putz that knows nothing walks into a store to buy a cheaper camera (usually mirrorless) and hey…let’s buy a Canon.

  • Chaitanya

    Interesting to find Canon pushing Sony in Mirrorless market.

    • Yes, Canon definitely remains a leader in the market.

    • Pheonixservant

      The 2017 numbers should be really interesting considering the M5 was hardly available in 2016. If they can best Sony without it, what can they do with it.

  • man

    Canon still dominates the market.

  • reginald

    canon and arnold are numero uno.
    well deserved. canon makes the best overall still cameras.
    and everyone who focuses not on gimmicks and lab iso charts knows that.

    • Arnold?

    • Zos Xavius


    • SimenO

      And McDonalds serves the best overall food in the world.
      Michelin stars and nutrition charts are just gimmicks.

  • Gv

    This solely based on sales not quality. The number one auto maker is Toyota. Is it better than a BMW, no. Sales mean nothing only to the insecure.

    • duck

      Is a toyota better than a BMW? I think the answer depends on how you define “better”. Initiate cost, operational cost, dependability, environmental impact, options available, fuel requirement, serviceability… make a Toyota better for many people.

      • Gv

        Safety, Performance and luxury! what else is there
        Eco= i8, i3, 3 series hybrid. luxury & performance 2,3, 5, 6 and 7 series.
        Hi Performance M3, M4, M6
        Insane performance M5, M4GTS
        Number one Luxury, performance make in the world and worth every penny!

        • duck

          And guarantee to have something broken in the first 4 years. LOL

          • Gv

            On a Toyota for sure, BMW not likely, if you own one you know.

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