Nikon D850 presentation slides leaked online

The Chinese Nikon D850 presentation slides leaked online:

Nikon D850 presentation slides (part 1)

Nikon D850 presentation slides (part 2)

Translation of the leaked Nikon D850 slides

The Nikon D850 could be announced on August 16th

Nikon D850 specifications recap

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  • TinusVerdino

    Looks good. Will have to await the sensor performance.

  • Licheus

    So this thing is as far as traditional SLR camera can go. The true successor to the Nikon F6.

    Hope that means they’ll have to invest into the other direction in the future….

    • Les

      Nope. It’s just the current model, which will be replaced by an other one in four or five years.

      They should also offer other types of cameras, but, let’s face it, Nikon is really really good at making SLRs.

      • Licheus

        I mean, it’s Nikon’s first do-it-all professional DSLR, which is in a class of its own. Future improvements are likely to be the usual higher better faster thing (how much more do you need?), it’s also possible that we’d never see the risky beast’s successor at all. The numbers can go higher, but the concept is getting close to the evolutionary dead end.

  • Christopher Sinclair


    We confirmed 4K movie mode is there any more specs about the video features?

    Also Im seeing a lot of nightscape photos…..perhaps were gonna get sensor tracking like Pentax for long exposures?

    • JoeFunny30

      That would be great but it’s doubtful since it would involve IBIS

    • it should be under $4,000… should be

    • TinusVerdino

      It will be $3999

  • Ed

    How revolutionary!
    it looks like…like…every Nikon pentaprism DSLR since the D1 in 1999.

    Big friggin’ deal.

    • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

      • Ed

        They said the same thing about horses at the advent of horseless carriages…

        • Probably they did, like with a lot of other things.

          But does that mean that, in this case, the D850 won’t be a very competent camera against its rivals or that won’t sell well?

        • Indik

          This is exactly the workHORSE for many pro and high end enthusiasts. You are free to use any horse-less camera. I live for today, not for tomorrow – when something will be better for photos than a SLR I`ll get it that day.

    • badtorro

      Then i suppose it’s a good thing, that it doesnt matter how the camera looks, but instead what quality pictures it takes and how it achieves that.
      who cares about the esthetical design of any camera -,-

  • Caissa Martens

    its retro design, great,

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