New Profoto A1 speedlight leaked online

Profoto is preparing to announce their first speedlight that will be called A1. Here are the leaked specifications:

  • TTL & Manual control
  • Power : 76Ws
  • 1.2 Second recycle time
  • 360 full power flashes on a full battery
  • 80 minute battery charge time
  • 9 stop adjustable power (down to 1/256th)
  • Supports High Speed Sync
  • LED modelling light
  • Weight 560g
  • Price: €990 including VAT

The detailed leaked on the website of a French retail store:

Via DIYPhotography

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  • Maxou

    Has the circular design some advantage over rectangular one ?

    • Neopulse

      makes it more compatible with their light modifiers.


    A 76ws light for $1000, give me a break!

    • Aaron Feinbrerg

      i assume that’s expensive b/c everything profoto does is…but how far off i have no idea


        Well, B1 and their packs are nice, consider how much rental support you get.This one is a hard sell to me.

  • CG462

    I knew it would be expensive when I saw it was Profoto but come on, this is just silly.

    • FreeWorld

      $1000 for a 3rd party Speedlite is the absolute height of stupidity. Why would anyone buy this?

    • dredlew

      Just expensive for the sake of being expensive. The Chinese knockoffs (done in the same factory as the original) will take care of that.

  • rfs

    Why would one buy this over the AD200?

    • Dan

      Because you want 1/3 the power for 4x the price.

  • Graham Culleton

    I like it when company’s price like this, stops me lusting after their products. Best I can think of Profoto is this is a silly price, pre order, place holder kind of thing.

    Obvious it’s not a runner at that price.

  • silmasan

    Great, show them how it’s done! Simplify the menu and streamline the contr Price: €990 oh, nevermind.

  • I use Profoto at work. I’ve used Broncolor and other high-end units. Profoto are the best for my studio work.

  • Pol Santos

    Lol Maybe if it has a AF assist beam and can outpower a regular top end flash by 2. If not then just buy 2 top end flashes, or 3 depending on what you want.

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